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Covell Beach, Centerville, MA Engagement Ring Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 3, 2023: Labor Day weekend was one of the best beach going days of the year and many were taking advantage of the calm seas and warm weather. So temping was the gentle water that Stephanie could not refuse a swim at high tide. OOPS…her engagement ring just slipped from her finger into the waters of Nantucket sound. As it always happens, several beach goers helped in the search to no avail. It was then time to call in TheRingFindrers.

I received the cal and within the hour I was suited up and ready for the search. A quick talk with Stephanie about the time of loss. I now knew what she was doing, were she was, how deep etc. About two hours had passed since the loss when Stephanie went to the spot she lost her ring. OK, I told her to stay there and I would search my way out to her. On the second pass in front of the beach full of onlookers I got a perfect signal from my detector, took one quick scoop and shook out the sand. There in the bucket was a brilliant sparkle, I had the ring.

Steve, Stephanie’s fiancee, was there looking into the scoop. I did not let him remove it as Stephanie was the one that “Lost” the ring, Steve had given it her once, so it was Stephanie’s responsibility to retrieve it from the scoop. A few shells hid the ring form Stephanie’s view. That did not last long and before the ring was pulled out of the scoop and put back on the waiting hand.

Lots of congratulations, Thank Yous, and big smiles were waiting our return to the dry sand. Pictures, stories all followed not only in the immediate area but along my way to the parking until I left the ever so happy couple, their family and friend to their fleeting summer time hours on the soft sandy beach.

The third time is the charm – ring found at Yarmouth, MA beach

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

My caller ID showed a deceased neighbors name. I had to answer as I thought it was his son and it was. Peter, the caller, was calling, but why? As it turned out he did not realized he had called me but rather just some one that could help find his lost wedding band. Yes King Neptune had grabbed another ring.

This one I was determined not to let it stay in Davy Jones’s locker for long. The first 4 hour search was a bust, I went the wrong way from the grassy point. The next day my, three hour search, I made sure I was in the correct place and right where I made a mark in the sand and some 50 feet from shore up pops a wedding band. I left the beach, went home without stopping for a coffee and called Peter. Dang if it was NOT his ring, I should have looked with a loop to carefully read the inscription. The next day was gale winds blowing which gave me time to rethink the past two hunts. I re-read my notes, checked the tide heights again did some simple calculations and formatted a plan for my next day’s search. The third hunt would cover an area that would have been at waist deep, the depth the ring was lost in. Again lines were drawn in the sand to guide my search. They were not used as in my first pass between the lines I found ring Peter’s ring. I was retrieved in the water directly in front of the center line I had drawn in my eighth hour of searching.

The next morning Peter showed up at my house, with his sons for the ring return and pictures. I have to believe Peter’s father was looking over both of us during the loss and retrieval. Why else?

Fast Return of Lost Wedding Band to Owner from Craigville to Boston, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

I Can’t Say It Enough “How To Find a Lost Ring on Cape Cod, MA”

Do one of two things, drop coins, pull tabs or bottle caps were you lost the ring. OR as Garrett did, make a detailed sketch of the loss area, with all points that could be used as locator ID points. And write down some description of item, time of day, water height on your body (if you were in the water) THEN: get in touch and choose a detectorist in your area. OR as Garrett’s did, make contact through a metal detector dealer in the local area, in this case, the dealer contacted me.
With information in hand I hit the water and withing 3 minutes the search was over! As I was going to Connecticut the next day and passing within 2 blocks of Garrett’s house I offered to return his ring then. Perfect! A delightful conversation and a beautifully written Thank You Note. The pleasure was all mine. I enjoy every minute of my hobby. Thanks to all that have allowed me to help.