Wedding Set recovered at Sea Girt Beach NJ

Got a message from Michael asking for help in locating his wife’s Loree wedding set. I called as soon as I got the message and told him i’d be there in 20 minutes if he’d wait, he agreed and I met them at the beach. While out enjoying the 4th of July on the beach with his family, Loree took off her rings and put them in the side pocket of her beach bag so she could take her son down to the water to swim. During the day the bag got knocked over and the rings fell out without her knowing. Leaving the beach she remembered her rings and they were gone. She was devastated. They took me to where they were sitting and I found 1 of them right away but couldn’t find the other in the same area. I searched some more and about 5 feet from the first one I found the other. She couldn’t stop crying for joy when she got her rings back on her hand where they belonged. A great Happy Ending.

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