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Lost Ring Recovered in Northern Minnesota.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

On July 9th, 2021 I received a text message from a person that had lost a ring on a beach and wanted to know if I could come and locate it for her.  She told me it was up in Northern Minnesota at her Parents cabin. I could tell that she was somewhat panicked by the loss of a very sentimental ring.  I tried to reassure her that It’s not going anywhere, and I would love to come and find it for her.  She said they were going to give it another look in the morning and she would get back to me.  The next day I received another text that she could not find it and I was given the address of where they were at.  After looking up the address on Google maps I headed North.  It was about 180 miles from where I was at and I loved every minute of the drive.  What a beautiful day for a drive up north.  I asked if it was ok if I brought my dog with for the ride and I was told by all means bring the dog.

About 3 hours later I arrived and was met by her mother and several yellow labs and a golden retriever in the driveway. My dog is a yellow lab as well and boy did those dogs hit it off.  Running and playing. It was nice because my dog doesn’t get a chance very often to run with dogs her own size much.  Before you know it they were in the water have a blast.  I was shown the beach where the ring was lost and it was about a 30’ x 40’area.  The ring was lost tossing a toy to one of the dogs. So a real direction was not known. It could have taken off in any direction, and maybe even backwards into the lake. I started to looking in the sand for the ring.  On my 3rd pass back and forth I got a strong hit for something metallic just under the sand. I brought my sand scoop with to help make things easier. I took a couple of scoops and missed whatever it was.  Then I had it in my scoop. A beautiful gold ring.  It took less then 5 minutes to locate it.  While the party that lost the ring was not around during the hunt she was quickly notified about the recovery and you just knew that everything was going to be OK. It was a honor going up and helping put the pieces of life back in order for one more person.  To top it off, my dog was able to have a few playmates for a short time and we were back on the road.  It was so nice meeting such a wonderful family, perfect summer day, and an absolute beautiful scenic drive to boot.  It doesn’t get much better then tha



Lost Cell Phone Found in Roseville Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Keith returned home from shopping and as he unloaded his vehicle he realized he had lost his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice until after he shoveled his driveway. He searched for a few hours before contacting Jason Roberge with The Ring Finders to ask for help using a metal detector. Jason agreed to help and was able to locate the lost cell phone within an hour of searching. And despite the frigid cold temperatures outside, and being buried in a foot of snow, the cell phone still powered up and worked just fine!

If you lost a ring or other valuable metal object, Jason will help you recover your lost item!

Two lost rings found in New Brighton, MN

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Jason Roberge, an experienced ring finder, received a call from Jamie who was in Minnesota for a work convention. She and some co-workers were outside participating in some team-building activities in a field near the meeting site. She had removed her precious rings before the event and placed them in a pocket. But, she later realized that the rings had slipped out of her pocket. Unfortunately, she had already flown back home and had no way of searching for herself.

Jamie contacted Jason, and he was happy to help look for the lost  rings. Most of the snow had melted from the day before, and Jason was able to find both lost rings rather quickly. The rings were shipped back to Jamie, and she was overly relieved and happy to have them back!


If you lost a ring in Minnesota and need help finding it, call Jason Roberge at The Ring Finders.


Lost Ring Found in Bloomington Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Garrett was working on installing some de-icing equipment on his roof when he shook his hand and felt his ring fly off his hand. “I could hear it bounce off the roof and hit the ground below, said Garrett, a resident of Bloomington, MN. He frantically searched the immediate area below. He even cut down a large shrub to better his efforts. Furthermore, after borrowing a metal detector from a friend, he was unsuccessful in finding the lost ring.

He contacted The Ring Finders, and Jason Roberge agreed to come out and help him with his search. Roberge was quickly able to find the ring in the snow and leaves below, and Garrett was thrilled to get his ring back. Garrett commented, “I spent the majority of the afternoon talking about how efficient and fast you were with locating the ring.”

If you have lost something valuable and you are located in Minnesota’s twin cities metro area, contact Ring Finder Jason Roberge to help you find your lost ring!

Lost Ring found in St. Francis, Minnesota

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

Ring with shinny rim.

Dad with both rings and both Kids.

Following being contacted I went out to St. Francis MN. to help a young couple recover a lost wedding ring in tall marsh grass.  Doing some fall cleanup pulling weeds and cutting grass. It was during dumping the clippings in the into the compost pile that he noticed his ring was missing.  His ring fit a little loose and wanted to get to get it resized. After loosing the ring, not thinking it could be found he purchased a new smaller ring.  Meanwhile his wife contacted me and I mentioned that I could come out yet that night. I mentioned that I really don’t need much light, the detector will work just fine in the dark.  I have a headlight that is very bright that I use while working at night.  The area that the ring was last known was pointed out and the new identical ring was tested with the metal detector.  It took about 10-15 minutes to locate the ring. To tell you the truth the headlight played as much of a roll in locating the ring as the metal detector did.  I caught a good tone and the rim of the ring sparkled. I caught a glimmer at the same time the tone came over my headset.  It was nestled down under some tall bent- over grass.   If I were out during the day light I don’t know that I would have spotted it as well as I did.  I think it would have been hidden in the shadows. It was so nice to find it so quickly.  After some long searches its nice to get a couple that are quick.

When I went back up to the house I told them that the grass was a lot longer than I had anticipated. I could see his shoulders drop, you could see the disappointment. I then put my hand out with the ring and you could again see a complete turn of excitement and jubilation.  You found it… It never gets old showing the found rings. With his young kids in his arms he slipped it on a finger for a quick photo.  A story that will be able to be told with a happy ending.


Lost Ring Recovered Western Wisconsin.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

I received an email wondering if I could go up to a western Wisconsin lake and see if I could recover a lost ring. It was about 14o miles away. Wanting to ensure a successful recovery on the first trip we waited until both could meet on site to confirm the location of where it was lost.  The water in the lake is getting very cold around 36 degrees F. so waders were going to have to be used.  I was told that the ring came off while uncovering a boat. The ring slipped off and went into the lake near the end of the dock in about 4 feet of water. The lake levels can be lowered for the winter by conservation officials and was down about a foot from summer levels. This putting the search area in around 3 -4 feet of water.   This was about the maximum depth  that I could go before water would come over the waders and my hand would be submerged holding on to the metal detector.  I also use an aluminum scoop to recover targets to prevent from having to get wet this time of year. The search area was about a 15′ x 10′ area. Several attempts were made at finding the ring by the owner and friends and neighbor. They tried snorkeling, raking and tried a metal detector with no luck. I have in the past had searchers looking for lost items using rakes end up moving the rings to a new location, which expands the search area.   I started out with my primary search. A primary search is an initial search in the area of the highest degree of likelihood. It is usually just seeing how many targets are out in the location and if anything just screams hear I am.  The lost ring was platinum with some diamonds.  So you look for somewhat shallow targets, anything deeper then 4″ is kind of ruled out.  The bottom of lakes if real sandy might get pushed down by searchers stepping on it but in this case there was a hardpan layer about 2″ below the bottom sand so it was going to be shallow. I did pick up several targets that were in the range of the ring but turned out to be pop tops/ pull tabs, bottle caps and other misc. junk targets. After searching for 15 – 20 minutes I got a hit on pretty good signal but not jumping out, I had set my scoop down on the dock which was about 6-8′ away. When hitting that target I did not want to take my eye off the target location but I needed to go grab the scoop. Its not hard to loose the target by waves pushing you or currents in rivers. I identified a small white pebble on the bottom that I could come back to. I grabbed the scoop and found the white stone. took a scoop and missed the target, took and second scoop and I had whatever it was in my scoop. BAM there it was… The ring,  what a great feeling seeing the ring in your scoop.  It never gets old.  Now to reunite the owner to the ring.  When I walked back up the hill to the cabin, I mentioned to owner that was standing out on the deck – “boy a lot of junk targets out there”. He said yes he was afraid of that. When I extended my hand out with the ring, it took him by surprise. You found it. You could just see the emotion run across his face. The ring had such deep sentimental value that when reunited you can feel that everything is back in it place and the relief that you are complete again.  It’s so great to see that relief happen right before your eyes.

Never gets old.   

Lost Wedding Ring Litchfield Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Shannon was out in the water about 15 feet off her dock when a football toss kn

ocked her Wedding Ring off her finger into the water. the water is about 10 feet deep in this area and there is no visibility at all. Her husband Matt dove down several times to retrieve the ring but to no avail. Shannon contacted me and told me that her 13th wedding anniversary was this coming Monday. So, we planned on our search for that day. She put me exactly were the ring had fallen into the water and 5 minutes later…..the ring was back on her finger. Happy anniversary Shannon And Matt!!! Glad we could help out.

Lost Wedding Ring Prior Lake Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Ellen was sitting out on her dock bench when her wedding ring slipped off her hand into the water.  Her Husband tried to find it, though it is a tough task with poor visibility in the water and the ring is easily hidden by the muck at the bottom of the lake. Ellen called the ring finders and it was a quick find. Only a few minutes. Glad we could help!