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San Diego how to find a Lost ring in Lake

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I received a call from Marissa regarding a Ring that was lost in a man made lake during a wedding the day before.
Uh-Oh! After a few questions & concerns we decided the best time to perform a search was 7:30am the next morning.She was able to get permission while I signed some insurance wavers needed because this specific location was a privately owned Lakeside Wedding estate at a remote area of Fallbrook Ca.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost ring, I met Marissa and the Owner who had lent his precious heirloom Platinum/Gold band for the Wedding ceremony.They showed me where it was last seen falling into the abyssal lake along the edge amongst a solid boulder retaining wall. Fortunately I brought a tape measure & the depth was only chest to shoulder deep so I geared up my equipment then down into the murky mucky water I went seeking into fish poop and clam shells…!
Along with a first chilling morning in San Diego shakingly cold,,The biggest obstacle I had on this type of search is the area where the ring had flown off too had contained many large boulders from the edge of the water retreating out nearly 4 feet.

I began searching and was able too clear the targets in this short 6’X6’ zone with the first machine I used,A Whites Dual field waterproof Metal Detector.I did find 1 Quarter,2 dimes along with a bit of trash but no ring! So I switched Detectors with another pulse induction machine that is NOT hard wired & I Previously modified it for diving along with a small coil to get between nooks and crannies for these few calls.

“I do detect ambiguity in this section of the act” This search is still active⚠️…
Though, I may fail from giving up!

I quickly began the second grid search while hearing multiple signals of Non ferrous Metals in between and around the boulders using the tip of my 6 inch coil?! I then began scooping and scooping in Zero visibility water while dumping the piles out with help from the owner of the ring. After being certain I was chasing my tale on all these many potential targets lodged between the boulders, I decided to check the piles of black muck I scooped up and dumped up above..The first pile I swung over I could hear a conductive non ferrous metal when I unveiled it to be only just a penny. The second pile was the sound of a holy nickel….But it was only,,,,, Actually…..

I couldn’t help but cheer and smile with them. This kind of excitement is thrilling plus the story behind this lost Heirloom ring will Live forever & ever again.

What I’ve learned on many types of calls has kept me ahead in better preparation for providing the best equipment and know how on How to find your lost ring.

((Who ya gonna call)) ?

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Lost Wedding Band in an Iowa Lake – Recovered

from Waverly (Iowa, United States)
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Monday I had an Email from Michelle who resides in North Carolina. Seems a couple weeks prior, her and her family were visiting family here in Iowa and were staying at an uncles cabin on a lake. The story you have heard many time on this site, she removed her ring to put sunscreen on the kids and put the ring in her pocket. Later she went to sit on the bench at the end of the dock and her phone and ring fell out. The phone landed on the dock but the ring was gone. I was missing a couple key pieces of equipment like submersable headphones and a sand scoop to properly do this job. I had no reason to buy them prior. Since she knew where they fell out I figured I stood a good chance of finding them but of course I did not tell her that so she did not get her hopes up. I told her I could do it and agreed to do it the next Saturday since it was suppose to be 90 deg and Humid. She said that her in-laws and Her Husbands uncle would be there and were having a family gathering that day. I promptly ordered the Headphones and scoop so I would have them for the weekend and asked my wife and son if they wanted to go for a road trip which they were excited to do.

Saturday came and I neglected to watch the forecast and we took off for the 3 hour drive. When we got there is was raining and shy 70 deg. We made small talk with the uncle for a while under the garage lean-to and watched it rain for a bit but then I said there was no time like the present so I went to the lake and got in. It was not bad once you got in. The water had dropped about 2 foot in the last couple weeks so it was only about 3 foot deep The bottom was a mix of Silt, rock up to 2-3″ and sand. First thing I had to do was figure out how to use the detector when I could not see the bottom or the coil. I finally figured out that I could pinpoint and then use my foot to mark the spot to dig. I had just sent my waterproof hand held pinpointed in for repair so I was without that which might have made things a bit easier. Now digging was another learning experience since I have not used a sand scoop before so it took a little while to figure out that I had to dig deeper than I was and with the big rock I had to really give it some effort. At one point I had my son Jordan come in with me and we tried some different strategies without really any luck. After a little over an hour I loosened the setting up on my metal detector and it was raining pretty hard at this point that I could hardly see. We decided we should take a break and warm up but I had hit upon a strong signal that I wanted to try. I gave it a big dig and came up with a aluminum Rivet Washer so I now figured I had the right technique. I hit on another strong signal and I took a big scoop and nothing. I tried and hit it again so I took another big scoop and I pulled it up and  I exclaimed excitedly “Jordan, there it is”. So we washed the dirt and rocks off and there she was in the bottom of the scoop. I told Jordan that when we get out to tell everyone watching, which was like 20 people now. that we were going to take a break and warm up. So he gets out first and started walking to the garage and they met him half way and asked if we found anything and like a champ said no. I got out and I had to walk back to the deck and get my shirt and sandals and I come walking up and the MIL and FIL met me and I asked if anyone even knew what the Ring looked like. The MIL started to describe it and then I held up my hand and asked if it looked like this. Her scream could of awoke the dead and the FIL could not believe we had found it. I learned later that they were skeptics and were telling Michelle that it was gone and there was no way that it could be found but Michelle told them that she had to at least try so she had a piece of mind . They are now believers and there were some very joyous people. It was a good Family outing that ended well for everyone.



Lost ring in Lake Harris, Florida…..Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
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Dawn and her son, Tristen, were swimming at their favorite spot on Lake Harris and enjoying the cool water and digging clams. They would feel in the sand with their toes and when they found a clam they would dig it up and put it in their bucket. Now and then they would find old bottles and an assortment of junk. Some of the items were down right dangerous to be stepping on, especially in the water, and this made Dawn and Tristen tread very lightly. One of the clams was buried rather deeply in the sand and as Dawn tried to dig it up she actually felt her ring slip off of her finger. She frantically dug down into the sand trying to feel for it and after numerous failed attempts she gave up. This special ring was her son’s birthstone ring and Dawn had been wearing it for at least 8 years and now it was gone. Dawn’s heart was broken and she felt she would never see her ring again and that thought led her to do an internet search on “How to find a lost ring in the water”!
Dawn found one of my stories on and sent me an email that morning. As she waited for my response she decided to just give me a call. I could tell by her voice how anxious she was to get her lost ring back, so I made arrangements to meet her later on that afternoon. If she was fairly sure of the exact location in the water and where she was standing when she lost her ring–then I told her that her lost ring was still there waiting to be found and that gave her some much needed HOPE!
Two hours later I met Dawn and Tristen at their special swimming location and as I waded into the cool water it was obvious why they loved this spot so much. The large cypress trees provided the perfect shade from the warm Florida sun and the sandy bottom felt so soft under my scuba boots. My first signal was the top of an old beer can and along with the aluminum target were various pieces of glass. Then my second signal was another piece of aluminum accompanied by more glass! I soon realized that this peaceful looking place could be very dangerous and I needed to be real careful. It took a total of maybe 10 minutes and there in my floating sifter, surrounded by pieces of glass and clam shells was Dawn’s beautiful ring! She was shocked that I had found it so soon but oh so thrilled to have her lost ring found.
Maybe you know where you have lost something that you would really like to have found and returned? If so, send me an email or better yet, give me a call ASAP! I am here to help!
Mike McInroe—honored to be a member of

Lost ring in lake…Casselberry, Florida…Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
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Tanae was relaxing on the dock with her two boys, enjoying the warm sun and the beautiful lake view, when all of a sudden her youngest son bumped into her. Normally this would not have been a big deal, but Tanae was fiddling with her ring and the innocent bump was enough to cause her to drop her ring. And as most docks are constructed of wooden lumber there are always spaces between the boards and invariably when something falls it will find one of those tiny cracks!
Tanae could not believe what had just happened and a feeling of panic gripped her heart. She tried getting into the water and feeling around but soon realized it was too deep and the bottom was very soft and full of mud and debris.
In her desperate need to get her ring back, Tanae searched the internet for someone to help and that lead her to web site. She contacted me and we made arrangements to meet at the park. I tried to reassure Tanae that I would do my best to find her lost ring. I loaded up my van with my wetsuit, Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector, scoop, towels and other gear and headed to the park. Thankfully it was a very warm, sunny day and even though the water was cold I was prepared to get wet. I arrived at the park and checked out the dock and water as I waited for Tanae. Not knowing which end of the small dock to search under I decided to check the depth with my pvc pole and realized that the bottom dropped off very quickly.
So when Tanae arrived and showed me the corner of the dock where she was sitting I was very thankful that it was towards the shallower end. I entered the cold water and swung the detector over the bottom close to the corner post. And there were plenty of signals—probably nails and screws and sinkers and such. (I should have taken my magnet on a rope to clear the area out first!) So I set about the task of scooping out the bottom debris and looking through each load—and on the fourth scoop–there was Tanae’s ring!
What an honor it has been to help this young mother get her sentimental lost ring back!
Lost your ring? Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe, proud member of