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Looking to rent/hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you thought was lost forever. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists on The Ring Finders Directory, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.

We specialize in finding lost rings, watches, pendants (all jewelry) also cell phone & keys. Lost at beaches, parks, lakes and yards. Check your town & city for a metal detecting specialist near you.

Your Ring has a story attached to it… that story ends when you lose it! You now have a chance to continue that story by hiring a metal detecting specialist to find your lost ring!

Please Note: Beaches and public area jobs are high priority…(time is critical) the sooner a metal detecting specialist can search for your lost item the better your chances of recovery.

Our goal here at The Ring Finders is to offer you a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever.

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  • Would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing help finding lost jewelry...
    testimonial for Woodrow Engle (2022)


    “Woodrow is AWESOME, very responsive, prompt, and professional. He’s also a really good guy! Came out the day we contacted him (New Year’s day no less!) and was able to find my wedding band in less than 15 minutes! Would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing help finding lost jewelry. Can’t thank him enough!”

  • A new year miracle...
    testimonial for Luke Schlining (2022)


    Luke was a metal-detecting ninja! Can’t say thank you enough for the help! A new year miracle.

  • thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, prayers...
    testimonial for Brian Rudolph (2021)


    Brian, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, prayers and instant willingness to help two strangers find their lost wedding band all in the name of love!

    Katie Adamsky

    Palmyra, Pennsylvania

  • will be recommending his services to any of my family and friends...
    testimonial for Tim Blank (2021)


    Tim is the man! He did in less than a minute what I had spent hours trying to do. I honestly cried tears of joy when he found my wedding ring. I’m so thankful I found him, and will be recommending his services to any of my family and friends that could need them.

  • Chris is an amazing man and I am tearing up a little thinking about the kindness he showed while searching for my ring...
    testimonial for Chris Turner (2021)


    Chris was amazing. He contacted us very soon after we reached out to him. He came out to meet us as soon as he could. His level of care and attention to finding something so small was one of the kindest things I have ever witnessed.

    He works on a completely donation basis and only asked that we cover his gas if he was unable to recover the ring.

    He worked diligently for over an hour, carefully searching the area in a grid pattern until he eventually found what we were looking for.

    Chris is an amazing man and I am tearing up a little thinking about the kindness he showed while searching for my ring. It wasn't fancy or expensive but he knew that the meaning behind this ring is what meant the world to me.

    I feel as if I could never repay him for the kindness he showed in helping me recover this important part of my life. I will be forever in his debt.


    Thank you again Chris and if there's ever anything I can do to help you out, please don't hesitate to ask!

    . : CAM : .

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  • Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Ulua Lagoon Beach Ko Olina… FOUND!!!

    This Ring Find began when I got a text from Emily from Ewa Beach last evening who earlier that day lost her Wedding & Engagement Rings at Ulua Lagoon Beach. Her Father In Law shook out a beach chair of the sand and unbeknownst to him the rings were in a cup holder on the […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band, Dunedin, Fl. …Found!!!

      Steve Thomas Dunedin Ring Finder Lost a ring or other metal valuable in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843)995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!   Mike was playing football with his […]

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  • Gold Wedding Band Found: Hanauma Bay

    This began with a request from Carol to ask if I could help in finding a matching wedding band.  She had taken off the ring and rolled it up in a towel to keep it safe.  After exiting the water she had forgotten the ring was in the towel and when she grabbed to to […]

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  • Wedding Ring Found: Kaimana Beach

    It began late one evening with a text from Michelle to my cell asking if I could help find a ring for her.  I responded to the text about a 1/2 hour later but never heard anything back.  Kaimana Beach is not a large beach but it is in a fairly dense population  zone and […]

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  • Keys, car fob and work fob lost shoveling snow in Mississauga, ON

    Preeti was out with Family and neighbours shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. She had her car key fob, work fob and house keys on a lanyard in her side coat pocket! After moving her vehicle a couple of times then finishing snow shoveling she realized the keys and lanyard were no longer in her pocket! […]

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  • Lost White Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring at Kaimana Beach…FOUND!!!

    This ring find began when I got a text from Talaya who lives in my neighborhood Kaimuki. While hanging out at Kaimana Beach Sunday with her husband and daughter, Talaya took off her ring to apply sunscreen and set it on a beach chair. She got distracted at the beach and didn’t discover her ring […]

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  • Ring Lost Swimming at Whangarei – Found with Scuba

    Ella and her friends were swimming at the head of one of the Marsden Cove canals at One Tree Point, near Whangarei and as she moved out into the deeper dredged area, she felt her sentimental rose gold and diamond ring slip off her finger. Long story short, five days later I found myself kitting […]

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  • Lost Gold Wedding Band in Pottstown, Pennsylvania…Found

    BRIAN RUDOLPH, LOST ITEM RECOVERY SPECIALIST (LAND, WATER, SAND, SNOW, LEAVES, HOUSES & VEHICLES) WILL FIND YOUR LOST KEEPSAKE! CALL ASAP (301) 466-8644! I received this text message from a guy named John who lived in Pottstown, Pennsylvania:  “Hi, I lost my wedding band in my Subaru Outback. Do you possibly have any suggestions???” It turned […]

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  • Heirloom Engagement Ring Lost In Car While Using Hand Sanitizer Newcastle WA

        SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194 Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost heirloom platinum diamond engagement ring from a car. Like share and subscribe… November 2021 Martina called asking for help. She explained that she was in her friends car sitting in the front passenger seat. She had […]

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  • Tungsten wedding band found in yard in Reading, PA

    I received a text from Madi asking if I could be a hero and find her husbands wedding ring. He lost it on Christmas day while playing football with his brother at his parents house. Madi and Ryan live in Maryland and would not be able to meet me on the day of the search. […]

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