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Lost White Gold Engagement Ring in Deer Lake….Found!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Swimming around, splashing and having fun Christina was enjoying  a summer time swim in Deer Lake. As the family dog inched closer to the edge of the dock, Christina started splashing at the dog to entice the dog to jump in. Watching the water droplets fly into the air Christina saw her engagement ring fly off of her finger and quickly sink into the deep dark water below. Panicking, Christina screamed for help. Her fiance Braeden heard her cries and ran out quickly to find out the cause. Dismayed by the news of the lost ring Braeden, Christina and  the friends and family that were there started to brainstorm on how to recover the ring. The water was 20ish feet deep, so they thought they might be able to drop a magnet down to retrieve the ring. After testing the magnet out on other rings that were present they found out gold is not magnetic. Braeden then knew what he had to do, ask Google a question. How to find a ring in a lake. BAM…The Ring Finders website showed up with the answer. Call Luke Schlining the Ring Finder 509 263-8995 the story read. I was just walking back to my car after celebrating a birthday party for some neighbor kids when I got a call. “Can you you find a ring in a lake”? Braeden asked. My answer was a resounding yes and we discussed the details of the search. I got all my gear ready and headed out to Deer Lake. After diving down to 20 feet I could see and fill a that i was in a thermocline . The water was an ice cold 32 degree  and viscis  . The visibility was ok until the silt got stirred up. Oh yeah and my waterproof metal detector started to flood with water. I however, didn’t find this out until I arrived home. I knew for a fact that my metal detector was the reason I didn’t find the ring. I did tell Christina and Braeden I would fill my tanks and be back the next weekend. So here we are the next weekend. I found myself suiting up to go diving again at Deer Lake. Christina and Braeden were there anxiously waiting. I had another waterproof metal detector with me this time a vibratector. So I knew I would be getting a lot of signals. After about a dozen nails later I transitioned to the left of my buoy and there in the silt was Christina’s ring. The amazement of seeing her ring was overwhelming.  I worked really hard to find that ring so it felt great to have it in my hand. I surfaced with the ring and told the couple man its clear down there, so clear I found your ring. Braeden had a huge smile on his face as I handed him the ring.  As I exited the water and packed up my gear, I got to talk to Braeden and Christina about their engagement and proposal. They both were very happy with lots of praise and thank you’s. I had a blast finding this ring thank you guys for trusting in the Ring Finders.