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Duke’s Deck Drop Gold Wedding Band Tacoma, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost white gold wedding band dropped from Duke’s patio into the Puget Sound below.

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June 2022 Josh called asking for support in retrieving his dropped wedding band. He was having a meal with his family and friends at Duke’s Seafood. They were sitting outside on patio enjoying the view when his wedding band slipped off his finger rolled down his leg and fell through the cracks of the deck. It then plunked into the sea water below.

After our initial phone conversation Josh was able to visit the restaurant and make some small marks on the patio. This allowed me to come in days later to work the mission while he was busy at work. This is something I often arrange as everyone keeps very busy these days. We tend to find a way to get all the necessary information to enable us to realize a recovery.

Having the exact spot marked and documented afforded me a lot of saved time during the dive search. Good information and intel often lead to best results. We appreciate Josh for reaching out for assistance ands willingness in dropping by the site to do this extra step. Ultimately it resulted in an efficient recovery and him getting his precious wedding band back from the sea! 

Watch the video to see the recovery of Josh’s dropped wedding band from the depths of Puget Sound.

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