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How to Find a Lost Diamond Ring Thrown During a Fight

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Melissa’s stunning 2.5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with a halo of little diamonds encircling the center diamond held by a 14 karat white gold band encrusted with diamonds half way around the band.

Melissa and Dwight happy together once again and proudly showing off Melissa’s incredible diamond ring that member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph had miraculously recovered from Washington DC public property!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

How is one to find a lost diamond ring that was thrown after a fight?

The answer is simple: call a professional ring finder!

You too never thought one existed?

Well, they do exist and more and more people are turning for help on a special online metal detectorist directory website called THE RING FINDERS.

The online directory will help you locate a local ring finder in your geographical area.

I, Brian Rudolph, am a local ring finder and a proud member of THE RING FINDERS serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

Here is an example of someone who reached out to me after a ring was thrown following an argument.

Melissa and Dwight were drinking together outside on their apartment patio. Somehow their fun transitioned into an argument about something and things began to get quite heated between the engaged couple.

As is common with many other ring stories like this, Melissa decided to take off and throw her beautiful 2.5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with a halo of little diamonds encircling the center diamond held by a 14 karat white gold band encrusted with diamonds half way around the band. That action did not cool things down by any means. It was a tough night for both fiance’s.

When the young lady dialed down her emotions, she realized what mistake she made in throwing the ring and immediately she began searching for the MIA diamond engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Dwight was really upset about what took place because not only did Melissa throw something that was supposed to mean everything to her, but this was not the first time that his fiance had launched the special “promise jewel unto marriage”.

Ironically, I was told by the couple that a year earlier they had found my information on THE RING FINDERS website just after Melissa threw the same ring out into an Ocean City, Maryland hotel parking lot. They had gotten into a bad fight and Melissa’s very expensive piece of jewelry ended up lost in the public space below. Thankfully, Dwight eventually eyeballed the ring somewhere in the bushes and that nightmarish episode quickly came to an end.

When this second incident happened, the couple remembered THE RING FINDERS detectorist directory and my name happened to pop up once again.

Melissa stayed up all night searching for her ring and yet all of her efforts led to no avail. The next morning, she was back at it again, on her hands and knees out in a narrow patch of grass, scanning with her eyes with the hope that she would lock-in on that very sentimental keepsake. Still, the remorseful young lady found nothing but trash hidden below the grass blades and surrounding mud pockets.

Sometime during the early afternoon hours, while I was assisting another client with a ring search and recovery project, I received correspondence from Melissa crying out for help. The two of us talked on the phone and I assured her that if she still could not find her diamond ring by the end of the day, I would travel out to the couple’s Washington DC apartment building the next morning. She was extremely grateful for the assistance and for my words of encouragement knowing that she’s not the first to throw a ring (let alone multiple times).

Because Melissa was not able to find her most priceless material possession out there beyond her apartment complex, I headed out early the next morning to conduct my own search.

After my distraught client showed me where she was sitting when she threw the ring and took me to the narrow patch of grass where she had been searching, we had a time of prayer, asking the Lord to help me with this search and then I immediately started metal detecting.

Melissa told me that she remembered “tossing” the ring versus “throwing” the jewel in haste. However, I reminded her that when alcohol is involved, the one throwing the ring rarely is in touch with their emotions and even recollections of what actually took place. Adding anger and alcohol together makes for a very bad combination!

When I metal detected the strip of grass that was located alongside the apartment building (completely enclosed by a high fence around the parameter of the property), I found lots of miscellaneous pieces of metal such as: coins, beer pull tabs, aluminum foil, Christmas tree light bulbs and wire, and believe it or not… a couple of bullets! Unfortunately, there was no ring to be found in that location where Melissa was positive she launched it towards. I double checked my work just to make sure and then I was positive that the ring did not end up in that space unless someone happened to have found the keepsake after noticing Melissa searching for something herself.

I told my client where things stood at that point and she was completely mystified. Melissa was certain that the ring would have landed on that part of the property that I had just finished detecting. I asked her if she had looked on the other side of the property’s privacy fence where there was a concrete drive which led down into the parking garage below the complex. I was stunned to hear her response… she had not looked anywhere else but that one grassy section that I had just finished searching. This concerned me greatly because a car tire could have picked up the ring and carried it down the street or anyone walking around the entrance to the garage could have easily eyeballed the diamond ring! It was imperative that I search the public access road on the other side of the fence!

I told Melissa that it was quite possible that when she threw the ring, it might have traveled in a different direction and possibly landed much farther away from the distance she predicted. My client refuted the idea based on the fact that there was a fairly large tree in front of the balcony where Melissa threw the jewel and that the chances of the ring getting passed the branches were very slim. I did have to agree with her on that one point.

As soon as Melissa and I had our discussion, I requested that we immediately search the concrete drive and its surroundings. My client got very nervous at that point because I made her start thinking that perhaps she was negligent in not thinking to check outside the apartment complex property. We rushed down into her complex, took the stairs down to the garage level and headed out the large underground garage door that led to the area where we needed to search.

The two of us looked long and hard for my client’s huge diamond ring but it didn’t turn up anywhere out there. I checked every square inch of the concrete drive, including an alleyway and in the middle of one of the city streets that intersected with the alley. I was really concerned that a tire may have picked up the ring and carried it down the street. Still, I came up empty-handed.

At about this time, the fiance was getting very nervous and a bit more emotional as she regretted not thinking to look for the ring in the public environments. I’ll never forget the pressure that she placed upon me when Melissa said in a voice of desperation, “You do understand that if you don’t end up finding my ring, Dwight is completely done with me. Finished.” This young lady meant the “B” word… Breakup. After a second incident of throwing the “betrothal gift” and the potential of losing something this expensive, Melissa’s fiance was not going to fight for the relationship anymore if the ring was not recovered. I was heartbroken for her at this point and I prayed more to God on behalf of my client as I searched and searched to find the “true victim of circumstances”.

When I concluded that the jewel was not on the concrete drive leading down to the underground garage, nor in the alleyway or on the main street a block away (just in case a tire picked it up and took it down a ways), I was about to call it quits. By this point, Melissa was back at her place hanging out on the apartment patio with Dwight. She pretty much lost all hope at this late hour in the game. And frankly, I had almost lost any hope, as well.

I kept looking over to where the couple was and measured in mind the great distance it was between where Melissa threw the ring and where I was standing in the middle of the drive leading to the underground garage. It was a good 60 foot distance or so. That’s not a lot of space when dealing with a ring throw. However, there was that tree involved which was dead smacked in front of where the couple sat! The ring’s velocity would have greatly slowed down when striking even a leaf from that tree that was in the way. Still, I searched on and rechecked my work.

My last task with this project before having to conclude that either a tire took the poor ring down the street or someone passing by (a groundskeeper, homeless person or just any random pedestrian) picked up the keepsake, was to metal detect and “eye scan” a 1 foot strip of grass that was parallel with a property privacy fence located on the opposite side of the concrete underground garage driveway. Because the fence was made of steel, I believe I used a very small detector coil (6 inches) to attempt to get less interference coming from the massive structure of metal that easily would have “masked” the ring signal if it was in fact hidden in that very narrow section.

Well, I am delighted to share that as I was mostly done searching the very thin 1 foot wide strip of grass, I got a potential signal on my machine. I looked down to investigate the target and lo and behold…I FOUND IT! I saw the ring in the grass! A huge diamond was staring right back at me as I leaned down to retrieve it while it was still resting amongst some rocks, mud, weeds and a random green colored bread pizza wrapper! I couldn’t believe it! The whole moment was so surreal! I truly was in a state of complete unbelief! Few times I end up in shock, but this happened to be one of them! I was so happy for my clients! Especially for Melissa! And let me say, her diamond ring was absolutely exquisite! Little diamonds danced around each side of the band as the center stone showed off it’s brilliance and size! There was even a halo of little diamonds encircling the 2.5 carat solitaire! Very impressive!

Apparently, somehow, some way…the ring cleared the tree that was in front of the couple, then traveled over a stretch of grass, over a property fence, then flew over most of the pavement of the underground garage drive, bounced off of the concrete driveway and landed onto the tiny thin patch of dirt, weeds and grass that was located along the property privacy fence line allocated to the far wing of the same apartment complex! Truly Unbelievable! How that ring could have gone that far and then bounce off the concrete and onto that narrow strip was completely beyond my comprehension!

When I finally revealed to the couple the gorgeous ring that I was able to miraculously recover from that completely unexpected environment, they both went crazy! There is no other word to describe the moment! There were hugs and tears and great elation that came from the hearts and mouths of my clients! It was truly a great moment for all of us! We all gave thanks to the Lord for answering our earlier prayer together by helping me with the search and successful recovery of Melissa’s stunning diamond engagement ring!

So, in conclusion, I once again highlight the question that I first asked at the beginning of this article:

How is one to find a lost diamond ring that was thrown after a fight?

The Simple Answer: Go to THE RING FINDERS website and search for a ring finder closest to you so that they can recover for you what I was able to return to my clients… not just the engagement ring…but also…apparently their future together!


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How to Find a Lost Ring Thrown in a Yard…Bel Air, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Niesh’s Spectacular Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sparkling Once Again!

Peter’s Decision to Contact THE RING FINDERS Ultimately Returns Smiles to the Couple’s Faces!


If you want to find a lost ring that was thrown by you or a loved one during a time of stress, check out THE RING FINDERS website and contact a local RING FINDER metal detectorist in your area! That’s what Peter did and he got his wife’s engagement ring / wedding band back on her finger in nearly minutes!

I received a text from a very frustrated young man who spent a couple days searching with a metal detector for his wife’s lost engagement and wedding band (which were welded together) out in their backyard. Finally, when he gave up, Peter went online looking for additional help and eventually he came across THE RING FINDERS directory. He asked if I could be of assistance and I told Peter that I was more than excited to help him find Niesh’s missing ring.

Like many couples experience, Peter and Niesh had a heated moment between the two of them. At some point during the night of their conflict, Niesh took off her engagement ring / wedding band and placed it on her dresser. Out of anger, Peter took the sentimental 14 Karat White Gold, 3.5 Carat Diamond keepsake, opened the french doors to his rear deck located on the second floor of their house and chucked the beloved piece of jewelry as far as he could out onto the backyard lawn.

Over 50% of all of my ring searches have to do with rings that were lost due to a “throw” or “toss” during a couple’s argument. If you are reading this article and you had a similar situation, please do not feel condemnation for what took place. This is very common and there’s hope for you in recovering your lost ring, pendant or other keepsake. You must not waste time, emotions and physical energy…immediately call THE RING FINDERS to help you!

As I talked to Peter on the phone, I gathered all of the facts regarding the lost ring. Just like with an investigation, you have to ask all of the right questions before you can start to crack the case! We set up a time for me to come out the next morning to do my search. I assured the distraught young man that he would get his wife’s ring back to her and that he did not have to worry about a thing.

Early the next morning, around 6:30am, I started driving the hour and fifteen minute journey to the search site. I couldn’t wait to find the missing ring that Peter, his wife and several others could not recover from the backyard. People were walking all over the lawn searching for the jewel, and in addition to that, the metal detector that Peter acquired couldn’t do the job either in pulling the ring from the grass.

Once I arrived, my client took me to his backyard and shortly thereafter I started the hunt! Peter pointed out the approximate direction where he believed he saw the ring fly towards the ground. I explained to him that it is always helpful to get as much information as possible. However, because I find lost items in the complete opposite directions of where my clients thought their possessions had ended up, I leave all possibilities open on the table! I warned Peter not to worry if he saw me metal detecting in a totally unlikely area from where he thought he saw the ring fly. He agreed with a smile. All he wanted was to get his wife’s ring back and forget about what happened a couple days earlier.

My strategy entailed grid searching from the far left side of the property all the way to the right end of the estate. There was probably an acre of property back there, but I was only concerned with about 35 yards square to search. Rings can easily fly 100 ft or more depending on the circumstances so I had much territory to cover.

I finished the first grid line in about three or four minutes. Then, I returned back in the opposite direction to complete the second line. As I was completing the third line, my detector gave me the perfect target signal which lined up with the description of Peter’s wife’s ring. Because THE RING FINDERS’ detectorists (like myself) are experts in recovering rings, we know how to set up our detectors correctly and to discriminate out any unwanted signals. This was one signal that I was excited to receive in my headphones! Though the target was located on the far side of the lawn (opposite in the direction of where Peter believed he saw the band fly), I was almost certain that I had discovered Niesh’s ring. Before I even had a chance to kneel down to the ground to investigate the signal, my eyes had already locked on to the most beautiful and gorgeous looking piece of circular metal surrounded by diamonds everywhere! I found the missing ring! I couldn’t wait to break the news to Peter! He would finally be relieved of all of his worries and frustrations! That was the whole reason why he invited me into this important search to begin with! And I certainly delivered what he was looking for!

Moments later, I surprised Peter with the precious keepsake! He was certainly blown away by my successful efforts! The man could not believe that I had found the ring in less than 5 minutes of searching. Also, he was equally surprised that I found the band on the far opposite side of the lawn! He thought that it landed somewhere on the left side, but I found it much farther over to the right end of the lawn. This confirmed what I told him before regarding how I find things in the opposite directions of where people think their possessions had ended up!

Peter was wearing a face mask (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) so I couldn’t see his facial expressions when I surprised him with the ring. However, the way he excitedly moved about following the great news I shared, certainly showed me how he couldn’t believe that the nightmare was finally over! Now that I had found the very piece of jewelry that he presented to his wife when he asked her to marry her, and the same ring that he put on her finger on their wedding day, Peter could breathe easy again! He was so happy and extremely grateful for my recovery efforts!

As soon as I packed up my gear, I said goodbye to Peter and made my way down the road. The young man who was wise enough to call a professional ring finder, excitedly returned into his house with the ring that he so desperately sought after. He walked straight upstairs to the bedroom, woke up his sleeping wife, and with the warmest smile of love on his face, Peter presented his bride Niesh with the happiest surprise of her week! The young lady’s “other” special gem had finally returned home to her!




By far one of the most professional people that I’ve ever come across. Took my worry and made it his worry, in turn, he found my wife’s ring. I’m beyond words, when describing the happiness that I feel. I am grateful, appreciative and thankful for finding you Brian. Thank you snd I pray for the best in any and all of your endeavors!


Peter and Niesh

Bel Air, Maryland


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