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Metal detector rental finds wedding ring lake ann minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

Ben called late Saturday evening to report a lost wedding ring while swimming at Lake Ann Beach in Chanhassen. By the time I received the message it was to late to call him back. The next morning I called and he he informed me of the location of the lost wedding ring. It was very important to get out to the beach ASAP as many detectorists hit this beach on weekends in search of lost items – The only problem with these detectorists is that they have no intention of giving the items back to the rightful owner. I headed out as soon as I got the information from Ben and 30 minutes later I had his ring in my scoop. We had beaten the “scavengers” as we like to call them; and recovered Ben’s ring and it is now back on his finger where it belongs – Congrats Ben!!!!!


Tungsten Carbine Wedding Band Lost at Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

Well it started with a very late night at work and I didn’t get to bed till 5 ish and around 7:15 am I awoke to my phone ringing…I picked up the phone and heard a young man’s voice ask if I was The Ring Finders guy, I said yes but I think I thought I was dreaming still. After a few seconds I realized this was a call for help. I jumped out of bed and gathered my equipment and was on my way to the beach to help find a young mans wedding ring that was made out of Tungsten Carbine.          It took me close to an hour to get there and when I met the young man he told me the story about how he lost his ring and I was sure that I’d find it for him. There was two couples that were at the beach parking lot and hanging out (8am) and helping him look for his ring. One couple made me a nice cup of coffee and told the young man to come back in the morning as he did (5am) to search for the ring. When he couldn’t find it he got online and found ”The Ring Finders” and made the call.   After he showed me the area where he’d searched for his wedding band I could see where he’d been looking in the sand as you could see his finger prints all over the sand. He told me that he was married for 4 years and that the ring was very special to him…It only took me a few minutes to find it for him and the smile was priceless! I love my job! Lost something and need it found?Call me ASAP You can watch the video of the search on the link below…

Lost Mens Palladium Wedding Band at Dewey Beach, Del. Found……….

from Lewes (Delaware, United States)
Contact: 1-302-245-8795

I received a call from a gentleman regarding a mens palladium wedding band that had been lost on the beach. The ring was lost in an area of the beach that still had a large puddle of water from the high tide cycle and had fallen off the clients finger while he was running around the beach playing with his nephews. I was directed to the area of the lost ring and after starting a grid search, I recovered the ring on my second pass. I learned that the ring was very special to the owner as he and his wife had designed the ring themselves.  Another happy client!!   














Lost Silver Pendent at the Equestrian Centre in Vancouver BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

I received a call yesterday from a young lady that lost her silver pendent at her Equestrian Centre and was hoping that I could help. Of course I would! I met her today and she showed me where she thought it might be,  it was a large area and after a few hours I started to think maybe someone found it before me.


Another hour of doing a grid search and I got a nice loud signal that I was looking for and my detector showed me it was silver…And there it was just inches under the gravel…



I was very happy to see her silver hand pendent because I could tell she was pretty upset that it was lost and the fact that it was taking me that long to find it made her nervous I’m sure…I couldn’t find the silver chain as it was very thing and dainty but that could have stayed on her clothes for a while longer before it made it to the ground.


Thanks for reading my blog!


I Love my job! Lost something? Call me ASAP!

Best in Treasure,

Chris Turner


Watch the video of the search…

Lost Wedding Ring in Tampa Bay Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Hello my name is Tom Jones and I am the president of the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club here in the Tampa Bay area. We have metal detecting experts that are ready to help you find what you thought was lost forever…Diamond engagement rings, gold & platinum wedding bands, lost at the beach, parks, lakes & yards.

We have found and returned many lost items and as a club we encourage our members to always return their finds when they can identify the owners. Please visit our web site at to see what we are all about.

If you have lost something that is sentimental and want it found please call me me and I’ll do my best to help you find what you thought was lost forever…

We work on a reward basis, you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford.

We look forward to finding your lost smile!


Lost Ring in Castro Valley, Califorina

from Castro Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-510-772-8159

Hello my name is James Badgett and I joined The Ring Finders Directory of metal detecting specialists to help people in Castro Valley and the surrounding area find their lost rings.  If you have lost something special and need it found please contact me ASAP and I’ll do my best to find what you thought wa lost forever.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you!


James Badgett

Lost Wedding Ring in Negril Jamaica

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Ya mon, no problem!!

June 21, 2012

My first morning in Jamaica and I was out on the beach at 5:30 am with my detector, searching the warm waters. This is the 1st time I have traveled outside of the USA with my detector. Very relaxing!! The water was very warm and I had the beach to myself, watching the sun rise.

I was having fun finding coins when a man called me over to the dry sand. He said that he knew where there was a gold ring. I asked him several questions. He said he lost it yesterday while playing catch in the water. He was about chest deep when he felt it fly off. I asked him where he was. He took me down to the beach bar and said “out there”. He said it was a yellow & white gold band with no inscription.

I told him I would look for him. He said that there was a problem. He was leaving the resort in 45 min to fly back to Wisconsin. Nothing like pressure!! I told him to leave his information at the desk so if I find it I could make sure it gets returned. He said he would.

I went out to the area he pointed to. First signal was a set of room keys. About 15 minutes later I had another signal. Two scoops later I had a white & yellow gold ring in my hand. Wow! I found it! I quickly left the water, ran back to my room to drop off my equipment and to grab a camera. My wife was still sleeping so she couldn’t come with me.

I was hurrying up to the resort lobby. I saw Matt walking down the path toward the beach, scanning the water. I can only guess the thoughts going through his head. Where did he go? Did he find it and leave? He then spotted me walking toward him.

He asked how I made out. I reached into my pocket and produced the ring. He said “No way!!” He couldn’t believe it! He said he was so happy he was ready to cry! He said that he wanted to give me a hug. I said I was wet and smelly. He didn’t care. He gave me a hug. He said that I needed to follow him to the lobby to meet his wife.

When she saw Matt walking toward her holding up his finger, she screamed “No way!!” She said to me that she needed to give me a hug. I told her that I am soaked and smelly, but she didn’t care. She gave me a hug. They told me they were there celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. We had a bystander snap a quick picture because their bus was there waiting to take them to the airport. We exchanged some basic information. They offered me a reward, but I declined. I was happy that they could end their vacation on a happy note.

They had a long travel day ahead of them. Both of them now wet and smelly!

Lost Gold Ring Stone Harbor NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Lost Family Heirloom!

On August 4th 2010 I answered an ad on Craig’s List for a missing ring in the surf at Stone Harbor. The ring was a family heir loom. dating back over 100 years. We exchanged a few emails and I said I would give it a try.

I arrived at the beach at 5:30 am the next morning. The tide was high and the water had dropped at least 10 degrees. Good thing I wore my wetsuit.

I started at the life guard stands working a grid pattern to the north. There were very few signals. about 50 feet out there was a drop off and moguls of sand. I was getting a bad feeling about not finding this one.

There was another gentleman hunting the dry & wet sand. He came over to me and told me about the missing ring. I told him I saw the ad on Craig’s List. He had spoken to the guys wife and got a slightly different story. This widened the search area. Not good. He said he searched last night and was trying again this morning. This explains the lack of signals. He explained he had to leave soon but would try again in the evening.

It was getting late, and people were arriving at the beach. It was almost 9 am and the life guards were bringing out their boats. I was ready to give up. I was almost 2 blocks away from my starting point and area the guy Tim said he lost the ring. I got a nice deep tone and was praying to Davey Jones that this was the ring. It was, a very large mans gold ring. Wahoooo!!! I put it in my pouch and left the beach.

When I got back to the beach house, I sent Tim an email saying I found the ring. The only this was the date on the inside of the ring was different than what he posted. Boy this could get Tim in big trouble.

We played phone tag for most of the day. When we did speak we arranged to meet in the evening so the ring could be reunited with its owner. Tim and his wife arrived around 7:30 pm. They are a very nice couple from Baltimore. We took some pictures and Tim gave me a very nice reward. He was so happy to have the ring back that his great grandfather, grandfather and father have worn. He will not be wearing it in the water anymore!!

Below is a note from Tim:

Dear Dave, August 7, 2010

You are truly amazing!!! Here’s my story for any of you naysayers out there………

I had been swimming in the late afternoon with my nephews in the ocean off of 103rd Street in Stone Harbor N.J.. It wasn’t until that evening when I looked down at my hand before dinner that I noticed my wedding ring was gone!!!! It wasn’t just my wedding ring, mind you, it was also an heirloom that had been in my family for over a hundred years. Originally, it was a signet ring that had been my great-grandfather’s, my grandfather’s, and my father’s. All of them had been named Lawrence P. Naylor (LPN Sr., Jr., and the III). When I was married I decided to have it double as my wedding ring because I didn’t want to wear two rings. My wife and I had our initials and our wedding date engraved on the inside. We had just had our twentieth anniversary last fall.

Well, I was despondent to say the least. I knew it had fallen off in the water. Just for the record, I had always worn it in the ocean, but the water had been unusually cold and I recently lost a little weight so I assumed it slipped off while I was rough-housing with the kids. At any rate, it was in the surf, probably fifty or more feet out, and I was sure it was gone for good. We did go to the beach that evening before dark, but the water wasn’t clear beyond six inches or so. Except for a few shells, there was nothing. I had heard those stories about rings washing up the next day with the tide but didn’t hold out much hope.

The next morning, after spending about half an hour searching the shore we decided to mention it to the lifeguards who were just coming on duty. One of them suggested the “lost and found” section on Craigslist. Yeah, I knew it would be a waste of time but figured I could sleep a little better knowing I had tried everything. I posted a note about a lost ring in Stone Harbor. It seemed to be within minutes that I got a response from a guy whose address was I was curious, and desperate, so I went ahead and opened his response. He seemed genuinely concerned and asked for any specifics such as when, and exactly where I was when the ring came off, so he could consider the tides etc. He said he wasn’t sure he could get there right away, but he would try. This guy was serious, he even had a website. After a few back-and-forths, I thanked him for his interest and crossed my fingers. I knew it was going to be a waste of his time, but I really did appreciate the fact that he, and a few others by the way, who had also seen the Craigslist ad, showed real interest. One respondent said she would try, but it might be a few weeks at best until she could get down to Stone Harbor. This was all around noon on the day after the evening when I realized the ring was gone. We went swimming later that afternoon and noticed a real northward under-tow around our feet. Now I knew the ring was Poseidon’s forever!

The next day, around noon, I checked my e-mail. I still can’t believe what it said!!!! Dave had found my ring, more or less right where I had said it should be, in chest-deep water!!! He had shown up at about 5:00 in the morning and spent three hours searching before he found it. I will never be able to truly comprehend how he actually did it. Yes he did have a fancy, totally submersible detector, but he was looking in an area of about forty Olympic swimming pools, with surf and current to boot! Yeah, life would have gone on without that ring, but Dave saved me from a lot of regret over the years. Thanks a million! -Tim Naylor

Lost Wedding Ring, Stratford NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Jan 6th 2003 I received the following email:

I am in a horrible jam. I lost my wedding band between my house and my car….I looked for hours and I can’t seem to find it. I wonder if someone from your group could possibly help me find it…. I can’t offer much but I would be happy to give 50 bucks. I know this is not much but we just got married and still kind of hard to make ends meet. I live in Stratford NJ ….if you could possible help me or maybe point me to somehow could….

I contacted this person and planned to meet the next day. Around 930 am in 20 degree F temp and snow on the ground we met. I knew he didn’t trust me because he wanted to follow me all around. I asked the usual questions, when, where and how do you think you lost it. He said he was late for work and ran out of the house. He said he felt the ring coming off his finger while he was running from his house to his car, so he closed his fist to keep the ring on. When he got to the car the ring was gone. He said it was white gold. He showed me his path of travel. I told him I would do a grid pattern of the whole front yard. I search up & down finding everything under the sun except the ring. He was questioning all of the target registering on my XLT. I was trying to explain the different targets, like this is probably a penny at 6 inches. I could see the skepticism in his face. No ring in that direction, so I said I will do the same thing going back and forth. Still no ring. I told him I would try a different coil. He said he had to go make a few phone calls.

So I went to my car to switch coils from my 6 inch to the 10 inch coil. At this point I was there for about an hour and even though I had gloves on my hands were frozen. So I was attaching the new coil when I looked down and saw the ring sitting there so nice and pretty. It was sitting less than 2 inches from a sewer pipe (no wonder my XLT didn’t find it). So I picked it up and put it on my finger. I knocked on the door and held my finger up. You would not believe the look on his face!! I showed him where I found it, there was still a depression in the snow where it was located. I explained why the machine didn’t find it. I had a smile on my face the rest of the day.

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Seabright Beach NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Private Beach!


I just wanted to formally thank you for the great job you did finding my platinum wedding band. The ring was lost on 100 sq yds of beach for 6 weeks but thanks to your persistence you were able to find it in only an hour.

Losing that ring was a difficult experience due to it’s cost and intrinsic value but thanks to the professionalism you showed during our correspondence and the search process, I knew that I was in good hands. I’m attaching the photo that we took right after the ring was found.

Thanks again for your help.

Good luck in your future treasure hunts!

Troy Kelley

Little Silver, NJ