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Lost Meteorite Ring in Vancouver BC…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This evening I was out with family having a nice dinner when a received a call from a young lady by the name of  Stephanie. She asked me if I could help her find her ring that she had lost the night before when she was waving goodbye to her girlfriend.

She said she felt the ring come flying off her finger and that she heard the ping of it hitting something. Well as you could imagin she searched for a few hours the next day with 4 other people that helped on the search. The ring wasn’t found and she was devastated! She thought of renting a metal detector and when she googled metal detector rentals she found me on The Ring Finders and called.

She went on to tell me that the ring was made out of a meteorite and her boyfriend gave it to her before he went back to Germany, he too has a ring very similar. I had a really good feeling I was going to find this ring, I just needed to take my time and search the area.  After 20 minutes I narrowed the area down to  the shrubs by a little garden, I was on my hands and knees with my Garretts pro-pointer,  I like to use the pro-pointer when I can’t get my metal detector loop close to the shrubs…I got a strong signal and I move the grass to see her beautiful ring, I then asked her a couple of questions in regards to where she was standing when she lost it and as she was telling me I waved my hand with the ring on it…Surprise!


The Smile tells the story…I love my job and how it makes people feel when I find what they have lost…I don’t think there’s a better job out there!


What a cool ring! Made from a meteorite (who knows how old) and landed on earth twice now,  I got to find it the second time it landed…Thank you for the kind reward and I will donate 15% to Children’s Hospital.



Here’s a word from Stephanie…

The story of how Christian and I met is just as out of this world as the ring he gave me. The meteorite it was made from touched down in Sweden in 1906, ( I have a certificate with the exact coordinates and a raw piece of it as well)
Due to the fact that he is not yet a Canadian citizen and he is a Geologist that works in the field we have spent many months apart from eachother.
I always admired the ring on his finger (made from a different meteorite) and the fact that he had one made for me and sent to Canada ….well…we all know the very real emotional attachment we have to these physical symbols of friendship, love, respect.
That being said, when that ring flew off my finger I was devastated. I was lucky enough to have complete strangers join in my search with the best of intentions,..So amazing!
The next day I went to work and came home to look for it myself. Something in me told me I wasn’t going to find it because I  was looking with emotional and frantic eyes.
I came upstairs and googled “metal detector rentals vancouver” and that’s how I found Chris.
He actually answered my call while in the middle of dinner with his family. I felt like a jerk with first world problems at that point..But after meeting Chris, I can’t tell you how he validated my situation.
He took me through the what’s and why’s of what he was going to do, and involved me in the process, which I think is so key in doing what he does. I mean, I felt all the emotions, sad..guilty… name it…But he arrived on the scene and I felt OK. He took the time out of his life to make someone feel OK.

He found my ring and made me smile….I joke with myself that I would buy a ring and lose it just to have that experience again…
Thank you Chris…

Stephanie Walker

Thanks for reading my blog and if you’d like to watch the video of the search just click below…

Lost Diamond Wedding Band, Steveston in Richmond BC…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I received a call from a young lady who told me the story about how she lost her ring one week ago at coffee shop called Waves in Steveston in Richmond. She said she had the ring on while she was having coffee, she was showing it to her two friends then she went outside, gave hugs and went to her car and that’s when she noticed it was gone!The sad thing was the ring was too big for her finger and she knew it but she wanted to show her friends. After coffee she was going to go to the jewelry store and have it resized to fit her finger. The ring was her late mother-in-law’s and you can imagine how heartbroken she was.Well after a few question we set a time to meet today and when I got to the coffee shop there wasn’t really much to search but what there was I was ready to give it 100%  It took a good 30 minutes and some detective work and after the second search in the same area the ring showed itself under a big shrub!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think the first search under that shrub it was caught in the grass blades and after shaking it the second time it fell to the ground below…What a great feeling for both of us when the ring showed itself!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think we were both surprised because we started thinking that it must have been picked up by someone who saw it on the sidewalk…I hate to give up on a search and I’m glad I didn’t. I love my job!Lost your ring…Call me ASAP!”Renting a metal detector is hard. We make finding your lost ring easy.”Watch the video of the search below…

How To Find A Lost Ring At Spanish Banks Dog Park, Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I went out on a ring search at Spanish Banks dog park in Vancouver. I talked to Patrick over the phone and he gave me the details in regards to where he believed the ring was lost and how to get there. He sent me a google earth picture of the location and that sure helped! But that being said you still have to ask the question or you could be out by a little and that’s all it takes when you’re looking for something so small.He told me that I was looking for a white gold ring with six small diamonds that he lost while throwing a ball for his dog. He told me soon after he realized his ring came off the whole group of people he was with doing exercises held hands and formed a long line (15 people across) and did a grid search of the area…trying to eyeball the ring. Unfortunately the ring was not found so Patrick went home and found a place to rent a metal detector and came back and searched for five hours with no luck…A little about metal detector rentals…Yes, you can rent a metal detector but in most cases if you’ve never used one it may be a little overwhelming with all the signals that you are getting. You’re renting a very inexpensive metal detector that is going to be beeping every foot or so.That’s why there’s ”The Ring Finders”…A metal detecting service with metal detecting experts using the best equipment to find what you thought was lost forever.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love hearing the stories of about the rings I find and how much it meant to the person to have it found, and all so about the person that gave them the ring and how happy they will be when they get the good news. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the ring on my 3rd grid line in about 15 minutes! I never get tired of finding peoples lost rings and seeing the smiles it brings to a person when you hand it back to them. I have personally found over 300 lost rings for people and I look forward to the next 1000!Thanks for reading my blogs! I love my job!If you have lost something cal me ASAP!Best Regards, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring FindersWatch Video of the search below…

Lost Diamond Wedding Band in Deep Cove, North Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last week I received a call from a young man that told me that his mother lost her wedding band in their back yard. He wanted to surprise her by having me find it before his mother & father got back home from holidays.Unfortunately by the time I got there it was getting dark and I found out that the most likely place the ring could be would be under their patio.I tried searching the first time and was covered with spiderwebs and spiders, although they don’t bother me it becomes a bit of a pain with out a hat and proper gear.I had to schedule a time to meet the following weekend in order to have a good shot at finding this ring. Today I met the family and was able to discuss the loss of the ring with Spencer’ mom.It made sense that the ring could be under the patio but before I went under there I needed to eliminate the other possible areas…Next door was a possibility  but after a quick search nothing showed up…We performed a reenactment of how she lost the ring and all signs pointed to under the patio.After crawling under the patio and moving some rocks I found the diamond ring…The search took me 1 hour and I shook off a few spiders from my clothes and found another smile…I love my job!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to her son Spencer who found The Ring Finders online Christie has the ring that was on her finger for 30 years and now for many more  years to come!If you have lost something call ASAP…View the search on the Video below…