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Lost – Men’s Gold Cartier wedding band – Daytona Beach, FL – FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

Mother’s Day was a perfect day and my wife, Myrna, and I topped it off with a bike ride to our community pool.  When we returned, I was putting away the bikes when I got the call from Yanaia.  She said that they were at the beach and lost a ring.  I could sense the distress in the tone of her voice.  I hopped into the car and headed her way.

When I arrived, the beach was packed, and Yan was waving me down.  I found out that her husband, Eddy, was the one who lost the ring…a heavy gold Cartier wedding band.  I thought to myself, “this should be easy!”

Eddy was standing in the middle of a tidal pool that was roughly 20ft in diameter.  He was holding a metal stick to mark where he thought he lost the ring, and his expression was very worried.

I fired up the Manticore and began the search.  I swepted over the middle spot of the tidal pool where it was obvious, they had been digging.  Nothing.  I expanded the search in a spiral outward until I had covered the entire tidal pool.  Nothing but a penny, a trash item, and a very small screw.

I began to grid off around the water and toward the beach, going into the surf somewhat.  I stopped and prayed.  This search should not be this difficult!  As I expanded toward the driving lanes, I got a great hit and suspected success.  I heard the tell-tale jangle in the scoop and saw gold!

As I handed the ring to Eddy, his expression changed in an instant from desperation to exuberance.  I was the recipient of hugs from Yanaia and Ariana.  Cheers from Jose, Joshua, and people all around!  The item that was lost was found.


Lost – Men’s Gold Wedding Ring – DeLand Florida – FOUND!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

On Tuesday, April 16th I got text from Samantha.  She said that her husband Ian, had lost his men’s gold wedding band a few months ago.  She continued, that he had been working in the yard and it flew off his finger while he was weeding.

Although it took a little over a week before we had a time when we all could meet, I knew it would still be there.  Rings you lose in your back yard stay there, as a rule.

I arrived and Ian and Samantha led me to the area where the ring had been lost.  I fired up the Minelab Manticore and began a cursive sweep of the area.  I got a great hit right where they said the ring had been lost.  I ignored that hit and covered the rest of the area just to see if there were others.  There were not.

I fired up my pinpointer and put it on the spot the detector had indicated.  As I pushed the pinpointer under a clump of grass, I saw the gold ring reveal itself.  My prayer was answered.    I held the ring up and Ian said, “You found it!”

Happy family!  The ring that had been lost for a few months was back on the hand of the owner!


Find your lost ring on Miami Beach with a metal detector

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

Don’t let your lost jewelry ruin your vacation, call me, Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service and can come out and find your lost item real quick whether its in the water, sand or grass.  If you lose something try to mark the area or remember a landmark like a lifeguard tower or a building.  That way when I get there you can put me as close as possible as to where you lost it.  In the photos above, she placed her ring on a towel and moved locations.  Once she realized her ring was missing, she dropped on her hands and knees looking for it, but with no luck.  Luckily one of the hotel members knew of my service and was able to give her my contact info.  I was able to drive out and find it for her in no time and not have her vacation ruined.  Check out my other successful recoveries on my homepage.

Lost – Men’s Gold Wedding Ring, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida – FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

Wednesday evening, I got a call from a fellow ringfinder.  He asked if I could handle a call for him.  I said, of course!  I called Charles and asked him where and when he lost it and set a time for us to meet before low tide the next day.  I brought my friend Brian who is just getting into metal detecting.

Charles took us down to the beach and showed us the section of beach where he had lost the ring, but the tide was still high, and the wave action was much greater than we expected.  Nevertheless, Brian and I started grid searching the area.  I started about waist-high in the water.  Brian started from the high tide line.

I had an obligation that I had to attend to, so I left the search area for a while.  About an hour after that Brian had exhausted the search area.  He decided to go back over some of the high tide out of the water area.  His first target was iron.  Next a solid hit on his Deus II.  It was the ring.  Great work Brian!

There was dancing on the beach as the happy couple recovered their precious ring.

Lost Ring Ormond Beach FL – Ladies custom made, Tacori Diamond Wedding Set – FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

Late Friday evening, I got a text from Michelle.  She explained that she was visiting the Daytona area and was enjoying the beach when she put a wedding set and a third ring in a side pocket of beach chair.  When she went to pack up, they forgot the rings.  They went back to the beach to search for the rings but could not find them.

Since it was almost 10pm, I asked Michelle if I should come down now.  Instead, we decided to meet first thing on Saturday.

I met Michelle and Tyson, her husband of 17 years, at the Ormond beach access.  We covered about a quarter mile to the scene of the loss in the dark about an hour before sunrise.

They showed me the area that their chair had been set up and the path they used leaving the beach.  I fired up the XP Deus machine and got a great hit on the slope going down to the water.  It was the wedding band!

We knew we were in the right place and continued to search.  Tyson had a detector and searched also.  Not long after the first hit Tyson had one that he wanted me to check out.  This time it was above the slope on the dune.  It was the engagement ring… A handcrafted, Tacori ring with a beautiful princess diamond, flanked by triangular cut blue sapphires.  Michelle was thrilled!

The third ring was lost to the waves or traveled further, but they had the most important of the three rings back.  Happy couple!!

Lost – Gold and Silver earring – Kill Devil Hills (OBX), NC – FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

On Friday, I got a FB message from Lisa.  She explained that her mother-in-law had lost a gold and silver earring and was wondering if I could help.  I said of course. I asked her to call me and during the conversation we set a time to meet.

On the way I said a prayer for God to give me favor.   When I arrived, I met Lisa and Robin.  Robin said she had been sitting on the steps of their beautiful waterfront home and her cat came up to her.  She went on to say the cat had batted at her sparkly gold and silver earring.  Just then, it went flying and she heard a ding as it hit something.   She tried to find the earring but had no success.

The steps were flanked by bushes right up to the railing and the ground was cover with leaves.  Due to the tight conditions, I was only able to cover a small area with my metal detector.  As I expected, near a home, I found nails, pennies, and roof flashing.

I squeezed through the bushes and began searching with my pinpointer. (An electronic device like they scan you with in airport). Again, I found several trash items.  Next, I checked right under the stair stringers.  Bingo!  It was a good hit, and a shuffling of leaves revealed a bright, sparkling earring.

I hid the earring in my hand and went to find Robin.  I asked her if she could explain again how she lost it.  As she began the story, I raised the earring to eye level.  As she caught sight of it, she shouted, “You found it!!  Happiness.

Lost – Men’s Gold Wedding Ring, Southern Shores, Outer Banks, OBX, NC – FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

On Sunday, I got a FB message from Linda.  She explained that her husband, Steve, had lost his wedding ring while doing some work on their property in Southern Shores.  I gave her a call and we arranged for me to come over the following day.  It seemed like it would be an easy hunt.

The next day when I arrived, I met Linda and Steve.  They took me a spot near the garage where Steve had been cutting and stacking firewood.  The area was covered with leaves and a few pallets of wood.  When I fired up the XP Deus II, all I heard was noise.  I quickly found out the area I was searching had underground power lines and electromagnetic interference (EMI) which made it nearly impossible to search.

I tried the standard noise canceling and frequency changes, but nothing worked.  I spent about an hour searching and found the usual cans, trash, and yard debris.  I left disappointed and not knowing if I could ever find the lost ring.

A few days later, I hijacked my wife’s gold wedding ring, I found an area in my yard with similar EMI and made some changes to my program to be able to filter out the interference.  VOILA, it worked!

On Thursday, I called Linda and told her that I’d like to come out tomorrow and try again…she agreed.  When I arrived, I activated the changes and began the search.  Shortly thereafter, I got a great hit…it was a piece of foil.  A short time later, another hit.  I removed some leaves and found the ring buried in less than an inch of dirt!

I took the ring to the house and presented it to Steve.  The ring that had been so dear to the couple for 44 years was home!

Lost – 3 Pc Diamond Wedding Band Set, Corolla, OBX, NC – FOUND!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

Around 10:30 on Friday I got a text from a Karen.  She said that she had lost her wedding and anniversary bands on the beach yesterday.  I gave Karen a call and let her know that I would head out right away, but it would take about 30 minutes depending on the traffic in Duck.

When I arrived Karen took me to the beach where I met Chris her husband and they filled me in on the area that they thought they had lost the rings.  It was an area about 20 by 10 yards away from the water, so I thought there would be a great chance that they were still there.  After about 4 passes with the XP Deus II; no luck.

As I normally do, I started asking more questions about if they had gone to the water and the path, they had taken leaving.  She had not gone to the water with the rings on, so I concentrated on the path to the steps which passed through the area of another group.

As I came near the group with seven or eight aluminum chairs, I got a great hit!  It was the first ring.  Karen began to cry.  The second ring was nearby.  But the gold one was still missing.  I covered the entire area to the steps.  On the way back, I prayed.

With nothing else to do and standing on ground that I had already covered, the neighbor group volunteered to move, and I agreed that it would be the next best step.  As they were moving, I looked down.  In the sand was the outline of the edge of a gold ring!!!  Could it be?  It was.  I picked up the ring and shouted, “Stop moving, there’s no need to move!”  When I did, I could hear Karen behind me and the left chuckling.  She had her three rings back!

Lost – Lady’s White Gold Diamond Wedding Band, Outer Banks, OBX, NC – FOUND!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

I couldn’t sleep well Thursday night.  Around 2 a.m. I got up and looked at my phone.  Someone had mentioned me on Facebook.  It was on a lost ring post.  DIAMOND WEDDING BAND LOST.  It even named the town and access point.  I sent a text to the number listed to call me.   No call.

I decided to get up early and go down to the access to see if I could find it.  At around 6 I called the owner but got not answer.  Trying to find a ring on a beach with no information is a daunting task.

I covered all the obvious areas, close to the water, near the steps entering the beach, areas that showed lots of activity and I even found an area that looked like someone had been searching by sweeping their feet.  Just then a man approached me waving his arms and saying, “excuse me.”

“My wife lost her diamond wedding band last night.”  I asked, “Christina?”  He looked and me very strangely and I said her name was in a Facebook post.

He led me over to the area where they had searched by sweeping their feet.  I started with a long sweep parallel to the beach.  On the second sweep, I got a great hit.  I knew it was the ring.  As I handed it to Christina, she began to cry.  Her ring of 20 years was back where it belonged…on her finger!


Lost – Men’s White Gold Wedding Band, Corolla, OBX, NC – FOUND!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

On Tuesday, I got a call at about 10:31am…I did not get it.  Around noon, I called the number back…no answer.  Finally, at 12:30, Tyler called me.  He said that he lost his white gold wedding band on the beach.  I asked him if he thought it was in the water; he said no, he didn’t think so.

I arrived on the scene in Corolla a few hours later.  Tyler was not sure when he lost the ring.  He gave me a general area involving tossing a football near a stump in the water.  The search area was about 30 yards long and just past a stump that was rapidly disappearing in the rising tide.  I fired up the Deus ii and started at the water and worked up toward the parking area.

After I was convinced that I had covered the area, I began working the water.  I was not prepared for a water search but went out about thigh-high.  Nothing!  The tide was rising too fast so we decided to come back tomorrow at low tide which would be around 12:30pm.

I arrived this time in swim shorts.  The beach had grown by at least 30 yards toward the water!  I started large sweeps to cover all the territory that I needed to.  I took a minute to pray!

I continued and after just a few passes my hat slipped down.  I stopped to adjust it and set my coil down on an area of sand that I had gone by.  I got a bit signal as I lower the coil.  When I had finished with my hat, I investigated the hit.  Scoop one was nothing.  Scoop two and I saw the ring shining in the sand.

I put the ring in my cupped hand and called Tyler over.  I asked him if he would go over where he lost the ring again.  As he did, I raised my left hand up with the ring, showing it to his wife Caroline and then bringing into his view.  Happiness!