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Found Wedding Ring at English Bay Beach… Flying Home to Owner

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call Friday and the young lady asked me what the chances are in finding a ring that was lost earlier in the week at English Bay Beach…She thinks it was lost there but wasn’t 100% sure of the location.

When I get calls like this I like to ask lots of questions and one was, why do you think it was lost at English Bay? She replied that she was in town on business and at lunch she went to the beach, ordered a hamburger and sat on a log enjoying a sunny day. After eating the hamburger she walked to the Watersedge and washed her hands, then went back to her hotel where she realized her ring was gone.

To me it made the most sense that the ring must have come off when she was washing her hands and I felt confident if she could put me in the right area we’d have a good chance of recovery. That being said it was lost for four days and there’s always a chance some other metal detectorist may have found it.

The other factor was that she was now back home in Ottawa, Eastern Canada, 4 hour flight away. Saturday morning I picked up my metal detector and headed to the beach, I took pictures of the area she believed she was sitting and she confirmed the location…You have to love the internet! Without it, people wouldn’t find TheRingFinders and no second chance!

Within a couple of minutes I found her wedding band! I get as excited as the people who lose it when I see it in my scoop. I quickly took a picture of the ring and text messaged her it was found.

I then raced over to FedEx and sent it back home to a very happy young lady.



img_4223 fullsizerender









I hope she sends me a picture of her and her smile so I can take my ugly mug off this

I love my job! You can watch the video of the search below.


Lost gold ring in backyard…South Surrey, BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when I got a call from a young lady who said that he daughter lost her ring that was given to her by her bother. She said that she googled and found TheRingFinders and thought that she would give it a chance.

I could tell she was a little sceptical but most people are until you find what they’ve lost then they become belivers!

She told me that they had a wedding party in their back yard and that’s where her 9 year old daughter was last seen with the ring.

I arrived at her place in the evening and it was dark but that is fine for me! I don’t mind working at night and sometimes its easier and not as hot.

She showed me where her daughter said that she’d lost the ring and after a couple of minutes and no ring I just expanded the search a little and bang! There was her ring sitting in the yellow grass and hard to see but my detector see’s it all…









IMG_3378 IMG_3379










I love making people believers in TheRingFinders and with all the amazing RingFinder members all around the world we are making people Smile!!!


I love my job! If you’ve lost something and need it found just look for a member nearest your location!


Video of the search below…








Found 4 Gold Rings at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m at work and the phone rings I was thinking maybe its a ring call…It was but not your normal ring call…The lady who is French Canada and visiting Vancouver with her family had a horrible experience at one of our local beaches…

She lost all 4 of her rings! How? She like others took them off to put suntan lotion on herself and her children, she put the rings on her towel. Hours later forgetting she did that she lifted up the towel and walked away.

Could you imagine the gut wrenching feeling she must’ve had when she looked down and saw no rings on her fingers!  As you could imagine she was devastated!

Her and her husband went right back to the area they had  spent the day and searched in the sand for over an hour but had no luck finding the 4 rings.

Not giving up, 2 days later she got online and found me on she couldn’t believer her eyes as she & her husband never thought there was such a service.

A phone call later and a late night search vpervided a successful recovery of all 4 rings! What an amazing feeling for me and an emotional one for her!






I love my Job! If you lost something special and need help finding it…Call a member of near you!












Watch the emotional rescue on the video below…


Lost Tiffany Silver Pendant UBC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The other day I received a call from a young lady by the name of Ciara that had lost a very special small Silver Tiffany Pendent in the shape of a bean. This bean was a symbol of love given to her by her mother.  Ciara is a rugby player for UBC (University British Columbia) and at practice she forgot to take her pendent off and during the workout it was ripped off her neck by accident.

She was very smart to make a mental note to the exact location it was ripped off her neck. This is fantastic as it makes the search much more easier when we can focus the search in a small area, specially when the item is so small.

I asked the type question that I always do to make sure I was in the right area and I had her put out some red cones to mark the search area.  After 10 minutes or so I bent down to check out a signal with my pin pointer and saw a little silver bean in the grass!

I put it in my hand and walked over to Ciara to ask her a few more questions and then held out the bean so she could see that I found it…I love when I can surprise people and she was surprised!!

I found out that the silver bean was her good luck charm,  she felt it helped her on her tests and on the rugby field. I’m happy that she has it back! Good Luck on your rugby season!!!

IMG_9066image1 2










I love my job! If you need help finding your lost jewelry please call me ASAP!

Chris Turner 778-838-3463

Video of the search below…


Lost Bronze Bear Claw Pendent at 3rd Beach, Stanley Park…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at the beach with my Grandson and family when I got a call from a young lady asking for my help. She found me on The Ring Finders and went on to tell me that she had lost her bear claw pendent at the beach and she had a good idea where it was but just couldn’t find it.

I jumped in my car and headed for 3rd beach and it took me 30 minutes to get there because of traffic, I meet the young lady and her boyfriend and started my search…It took about 10 minutes and it showed up not far from where they thought it was lost. The couple wasn’t watching so I was able to surprise her…Caught on camera and quit funny!

I love the reactions of people when I find their lost items! The Ring Finders Members & I have the greatest job in the world! We get to make people Smile!



FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender







I love my Job! Lost your ring…Call…Chris Turner-778-838-3463

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Lost Ring Kits Beach Dog Park

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Early morning New Years day I received a call from a young lady who had lost her diamond engagement ring at Kits Beach Dog Park.

Needless to say she was very upset and wanted to know if I could get there as soon as possible as the tide was coming in. I was making breakfast for my wife when I got the call so I finished making her breakfast jumped in my car and got there within 40 minutes .

The tide had already come up about 3 feet from where they had possibly lost the ring so I knew that it might be in a couple of feet of water. The young lady was very upset and could hardly talk to me about what happened. After a brief discussion about the ring I found out she received it on Christmas Day so she just recently became engaged…Say no more!

I started my search and found a piece of melted aluminum along with a bottle cap and then the third signal only three minutes into the search I saw her beautiful diamond engagement ring in the bottom of my sand scoop.


image1 2


I love my job because of the smiles and happiness it brings to people, it’s amazing how much it means to someone especially when she just recently got engaged even more so when you had the ring for 30 or 40 years but like I say everybody ring has a story and this story had a happy ending! Thank you for the kind reward! As always 15% of your reward will go to Children’s Hospital.




Thank you for reading my blog…You can watch the video Below…

Detector Used: Whites Surfmaster PI Pro

Chris Turner


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Lost Silver Ring at Jericho Beach…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other night from a young lady about a lost silver ring that was in the shape of a pyramid. She told me she was at Jericho Beach at 1 am and dove off the swim dock and realized right away that her ring came off. This ring was special as it was given to her by her boyfriend and as you could imagine it was super sentimental.

The young lady went back to the beach the next morning at low tide to look for the ring but couldn’t find it. As she was walking off the beach she saw my pamphlet for The Ring Finders and she gave me a call… I took all the information over the phone where she believed the ring was lost as she she took a late night dive off the dock and that was all the info I need.

I arrived at the beach as the tide was going out and started my search, after 45 minutes I could not find the ring and I checked my email and realized I was at the wrong beach… I raced over to the beach where I should have started and I begun my search.

After only 15 minutes I got a nice strong signal close to the chain that held the dock in place, there it was just an inch or son under the sand…














What a nice ring and a nice smile!















I love my job! If you lost something and need it found call me ASAP


Watch the video of the search…




Metal Detecting for a Lost Wedding Band at Wreck Beach, Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day asking if I could help find a lost gold wedding band then I heard the words Wreck Beach…This is a famous nude beach and that’s OK but the tough thing about this beach is the hike up & down…I think it close to 490 steps from top to bottom…I’m waiting for knee surgery so this is the hardest beach for me to access…But that won’t stop me from helping someone!

I set a time to meet Juan at 5am to drive to the beach, when we got there the tide was going out and Juan showed me the area where he thought  the ring came off. I was excited to start the search and find his ring because I knew how important it was to him and the fact that he lost the ring on his 3rd anniversary…

I started my grid search and close to 4 hours later no ring…? Most times when I do a grid search and don’t find what I’m looking for it’s only because I’m not searching the right area.

I had to pack it up for the day because the tide was coming in and my knee was getting sore! I hate that feeling when you don’t find what you’re looking for to see the look of the face of the people you’re trying to help.  I would come back in a couple of days and do another search in a different area as  I knew his ring was out there some where… I know if I don’t find what I’m looking for it’s only because it’s not where the person thinks it should be.

I came back 2 days later and continued my grid search,  after 1 hour as the tide was going out I got a sweet signal and dug down about 8 inches and saw the beautiful white gold wedding band in my sand scoop!











It’s the greatest feeling when you see the ring in the scoop because you know how much happiness it will bring that person.













I love my job! I have found over 300 lost rings and every ring has an amazing story attached to it…Now the story gets to continue.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Best, Chris Turner


You can watch the video of the search below…

Metal Detecting for a lost Diamond Wedding Band in Vancouver, BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last night I got a call from a young man by the name of Aim who lost his diamond wedding band . He told me he lost it in a small section of grass in front of his brothers place, he and his bothers and friends along with his sister-in-law spent a few hours searching for the ring, but no luck. This worried me because it was such a small section of grass with a good chance of eyeballing the ring… Why didn’t anybody see it? I l learned that they had raked the whole section from one side to the other hoping they could rake the ring forward into sight. The biggest fear factor in this search was that there was only 10% grass and 90% concrete… If the ring bounced off the grass and onto the concrete, it could’ve ended up on the road…he may never see his ring again or it would be flat like a pancake. The other problem was his wife had no idea he lost the ring as she was back in Toronto, so Aim needed his ring found! That’s when he went online and found The Ring Finders, he was looking to rent a metal detector but thought he’d have an expert take a look. It was a good thing he did as there were lot’s of interference due to overhead eleictrical wires  just above the search area. This always makes the search more difficult, so after 20 minutes of searching with my metal detector I used my light source and walk the area just to see if I can catch the glint of gold & diamonds. I then decided to use my handheld pin pointer, I started to grid search the grass on my hands and knees…This was a good thing!  Aim wasn’t looking and I found the ring just inches away from the sidewalk. I think it must have been racked close to the sidewalk and covered by grass.





What a beautiful looking ring! I was able to surprise Aim by turning on my video camera and asking a few more question…the ring was in my hand and he saw it and the smiles started!






I truly have the greatest job in the world!  I love every single search I do and helping people!  The last two days I’ve had three searches and I was unsuccessful for two of the three searches…Nice to get back on the finding track!

Good Luck on your music career Mr. Aim!

Thanks for reading my blog! Lost your ring… Call ASAP!


Best, Chris Turner

Video of the search below…

Lost Diamond Ring at Wreck Beach, Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Late last night I got a text message asking for help to find a lost diamond ring at Wreck Beach. I called the young man back and we discussed the search. I told him that I would have to find someone to help him as I didn’t think I could do the search as I have torn the ligaments in my right knee. I started texting a few people that I know who Treasure Hunt the beaches to see if anyone would be interested in doing this search.

My friend Roberto got back to me and said that he would contact a couple of his friends that most likely would be interested in doing the search. When I woke up in the morning I did not see a reply from anyone so I decided to give it a shot myself. I knew it was going to be tough because of the stairs on the way down and back up.

The young man had a good idea where he lost his ring and felt it wouldn’t take long to find it,  psychologically it helped me as I knew I wouldn’t spend a lot of time walking the soft sand with my bad knee. When I met the young man down at the beach the first thing he said was everything looks different… I knew he might have a hard time locating the exact area where he lost his ring…it happens a lot, if people don’t make exact references to the location the ring was lost it could take a while.

Fortunately he remembered something that was set up… he called it a microwave tower, we saw a young man near where he remembered losing the ring and he remembered seeing the microwave tower on the beach a few days back and shared the location with us… that was all it took as I found the ring in 10 minutes.



What a beautiful looking ring with 20 diamonds that showed up in my scoop! This was a nice surprise! when you’re not 100% sure of location it was lost in,  it could take minutes to many hours to find what you’re looking for!





I love my job and the smiles that come with the recoveries! I also got a kiss on the check for finding it…That tells you how much this ring meant to him! Thanks for reading my blogs, till the next search…


Watch video of the search…