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Lost Ring Kits Beach…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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This afternoon I received a call from a young lady who’s husband lost his ring in shallow water while paddleboarding at kits beach. She told me her husband was still in the water with others searching for the ring. I told her to tell him to relax and that I’d be there in 45 minutes,  I assured her I would find the ring if it was there.

The most important thing I told her was to mark the location where he belived it came off his finger. So many times people panic and forget to make mental notes of the approximate location the ring came off which makes it very difficult as we are looking for something very small in the ocean.

When I arrived and met Sam we talked a little bit and he showed me where the ring came off his finger. I grab my gear and headed into the water and after 15 minutes I tightened up my grid search and ask more questions, there’s a lot of iron pieces, pull tabs, and bottle caps in this area. I knew I would find his ring and I was listening for a very loud short signal in about 25 minutes I got that signal and pulled out Sam’s beautiful white gold wedding band. Sam was spot on with the location the only thing was that the tide went out by the time I got there and the ring was found close to shore.

I’ll never get tired of what I do, I absolutely love finding people smiles and seeing the reactions when I find their ring and put it back in their hand. I also get to meet some amazing great people and Sam is one of them, I have the best job in the world! Thanks for the virtual hug Sam and the kind reward, historical times this COVID-19.










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Watch the video of the search below…