How to find a Lost Ring at Jericho Beach...

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I’m having a good sleep and the phone started vibrating at 4:15 AM I checked it and saw a local number, I knew this would be a 911 call for a Lost Ring. The young man asked if I was the guy who finds lost rings, I said yes. He apologize for calling so early and explained that he’s been on the beach for four hours looking for his lost ring. He went on to tell me that he was throwing a stick and the ring came off, he could not find it with the help of his wife and others on the beach at around 11 PM. He took his wife back home and came back to the beach and started searching with a flashlight. Around 3:30 AM he went home and got onto the Internet and found TheRingFinders. After discussing the search for a few minutes a got dressed and jumped in my car and headed straight out to Jericho Beach in Vancouver. Normally this drive would take me over 45 minutes due to traffic but this morning it only took 30 minutes.

We met at the beach and the young man took me to the area where he remembered sitting, however, he would be off by about 20 yards. After close to an hour and 30 minutes a lot of nails, pull tabs, and bottle caps, I finally stumbled onto his ring, he was one happy camper!!! The reason it took so long was because he felt it was in a different area which made me focus harder in that area knowing when I did not find it there I had to expand my grid search because most people can’t put you in the exact spot even though they think it is. The young man didn’t want to be on my video and didn’t want to picture for the book of smiles, that is his choice and I have to honor that, so you’ll see a picture of me with my tired smile and the small platinum ring I found for this young man.


After this recovery, I headed out to search for a water main that was buried under 1 foot of earth, that search took me one minute to find.












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