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Lost and Found Rings, Third Beach, Stanley Park…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
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Murphy’s Law, who is this Murphy? I’m in the ferry lineup to go see my grandson very early in the morning on Saturday when I get a phone call from a young lady who needs my help finding her lost rings that she lost at the beach the day before. Unfortunately, there is no way of turning back to help her so I told her that as soon as I get back Sunday evening I would go straight to the beach to search for her rings.

I know three days is a long time for people not to find the rings as there’s a lot of new detectorist’s out there now, that being said, it is a game of inches and I know the approximate area of the rings, so my chances are most likely better.

The young lady, Yoshi, told me that she couldn’t meet up that evening because she had to work, she sent me pictures and told me the exact location where she was sitting. I was totally fine with that as I know the beach pretty well.

When I arrived at the park I could not use their paid parking as it was closed, because of COVID-19. I drove further down the road and did find a spot and had to walk about 15 minutes to the beach. I figured it was a good thing because less people would’ve hunted that beach because of the inconvenience of parking.

I got to the beach just before dark went to the location she had sent pictures of and started my grade within minutes I found her two beautiful rings that were just inches in the sand, and lost for three days. I was so excited they were still there and more excited to send Yoshi a picture of her rings. We set up a time to meet the next morning.










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Watch the video of the search below…


Recovered Lost Gold Wedding Band Issaquah WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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Tom posted to the community that he had lost his wedding ring in a populated area. After seeing his post I quickly reached out to him offering my recovery assistance. He had just lost his yellow gold men’s wedding band the day prior while training for a marathon. He was running down a public sidewalk and knew the location his ring fell off. At that moment he search the concrete sidewalk and roadway but couldn’t see his ring. Later that day he returned with his kids and spent about three hours looking with no success.

After we connected and shared some details the search was set. Later that afternoon I arrived and we got straight to the hunt. 

I was happy to have been able to connect with Tom quickly as he published a lot of details online of the location of where he lost his ring. Typically we recommend not to publish detailed location information of your lost items to public post. This is to disable the “sharks” of any opportunity in finding your lost treasures behind your back without any thought of ever returning your lost property. 

Instead its highly encouraged that you contact a local trusted recovery specialist with a proven track record directly from directory listings. You can review their portfolio of success to have peace of mind you’re working with an experienced recovery specialist best qualified to work your specific case. Having this open forum of success stories online and a stack of published YouTube success stories has made the process much easier for many individuals to see first hand the good honest works we provide to our communities on a daily basis.

It all worked out for a very pleasant recovery process. Tom was very happy and appreciative of the search efforts provided and best of all he quickly got his wedding ring of nineteen years returned to his finger where it belongs!

Watch this video to see the full story unfold of this happy recovery.


Jeff Morgan



Lost Gold Ring in West Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
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I received a call from a young lady the other day asking if I could help her find a lost ring that was a gift from her mom & dad and daughter, many years ago. After asking a few questions I came to realize she wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was lost where she thought it was…in the garden.

To her it made sense because she put the rings on just before she went out for lunch then at the last second she  jumped in the garden to do a few things, she didn’t realize until later she was missing one ring. After searching the car and then searching her house she thought of renting a metal detector and that’s when she found TheRingFinders.

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting expert to come out and help you find your lost item…It will save you countless hours and ensure you that the ring is there or not there. I always wonder how many people have rented a metal detector and didn’t find their ring and just gave up? Its not as easy as we make it look, we know our detectors and importantly the environment we are searching and the questions that will help us get close to what we are looking for.

In this search I couldn’t use my metal detector because of the thick over growth of flowers & plants and the fact that there was wire hold the flowers up. OK bring out the handheld pin pointer and get on my hands and knees and start the slow search!

Not long after searching the first area, Bingo! I was lucky to find her beautiful ring in the second location!











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