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Lost Engagement Ring in Snow… Found in Langley,BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Dec.23 was our Christmas day with our Grandson and we were having a spectacular day playing with all the toys and watching how excited this little 4 1/2 year old was, it really really melted our hearts! Around 1 PM I received a phone call from a young lady who said that she needed my help finding a lost diamond engagement ring in the snow.

She went on to tell me that they were taking pictures of her engagement ring in the park and it fell into the snow and they couldn’t find it. Her fiancé bought a metal detector and search for approximately 3 hours with no luck. She went online and found and contacted me to see if I was able to help.

I was already booked to go to Pemberton for a search but called and postponed that search till the next day…Good thing I did, because they found their ring in the house and not the yard were they thought they lost the ring.(saved me 6 hours of drive time there and back) I asked my grandson if it was okay that papa could go out and help find a lost ring for a young lady, he said it’s okay Papa you go find the ring.( He wanted to stay home and play with all his toys) I jumped in my car and in 40 minutes I had arrived and met the young lady in the parking lot and we went for 10 minute walk through a beautiful forest to where they had lost the ring.

I got to the location where I met her fiancé and we discuss the search, it took about 20 minutes and I found a beautiful diamond ring!













The young lady went back to her car to get something so we packed up and headed towards the car, we met her halfway in the trail. I had asked her fiancé if we could pretend we didn’t find the ring and that we were going back to my car to get batteries for my metal detector.

Then we surprised her with the ring! She was so relieved! I have the greatest job in the world I get to make people smile.

If you’ve lost something and needed it found please contact a member of


Watch video of the search below…



Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Lost in Sand.. Newport Beach, CA. ..Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Newport Beach .. Lifeguard Tower 74 .. Adrian lost his Tungsten carbide wedding band .. A week before his second wedding anniversary. He placed it in a Baggie with his Celphone. Noticed it missing on the walk back to the car..

Adrian called me saying he was on the beach using a metal detector that the Newport Beach lifeguard had loaned him. His Tungsten Carbide wedding ring of had fallen out of a plastic baggy. He had put his phone and ring in the baggy for safe keeping.
Waking off the beach to his car he discovered his ring missing from the baggy. After 2 hours with a bounty hunter metal detector, he was totally frustrated. I think it is a nice gesture for the city to loan out metal detectors with sand scoop. The problem is, these are low end detectors and learning how to work a metal detector when you have a important valuable sentimental keepsake is a shot in the dark. I believe that people are mislead when they can’t find their important item. They walk away believing their keepsake is lost forever. ” Not True ” Get someone with experience. Example: You can’t jump in a car and drive it safely if you have ever driven a car.
It was a two hour grid search with a happy ending. It was getting dark and I was running out of search area with Arian giving me a look of giving up. The Tungsten Carbide ring just about blew out my ears when I finally past the coil over it hiding in the dry sand. Adrian heard that metal on metal clanking in my sand scoop. His attitude changed, when he told me with out seeing it, “That’s my ring”


Lost Wedding Ring .. Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Thursday, Devon and his family had gone for dinner at the Castaways Restaurant on the beach at Crystal Cove State Beach just north of Laguna Beach, CA.
After their meal, they spent sometime on the beach. Devon had been throwing a football to his six year old son. After sunset they walked a few blocks to where they had parked the car. That’s when he discovered he had lost his wedding ring. He wasn’t quite sure when or where, but he assumed it happened while throwing the football.
They went back trying to search with their fingers in the sand.. Returning home frustrated, Devon went on line searching metal detectors for rent or for sale. That’s when he found and contacted me. We met the next morning and he showed me the location. It was a 30 ft. Square area where he had stood in the center throwing in all directions. I decided to just start in the center and grid in a spiral. After a half hour it was not looking good. I was running out of search area. Devon stood back about 50 feet not to distract me, but I could see that he was loosing hope. Then the right sound and target ID number from my detector. One quick scoop and there was Devon’s ring. I held in the air and Devon’s face lit up with joy. Right away he called his wife to report the good news.
These searches, where the person doesn’t remember feeling the ring slip off their finger can go either way. It’s almost always a surprise when we find them.



Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Bob called me after finding my name in TheRingFinder website. He was attempting to rent or buy a metal detector to find his wife’s diamond wedding ring. His wife, Erin had been enjoying the day at Fisherman’s Cove with her friend. Taking off her rings and placing them in the cup holder of her beach chair while applying sunscreen. Not remembering that the rings were there, she picked up the chair and walked up to the house 100 yards away. That was when she realized what she had done.. Erin and her friend Melissa spent a couple hours sifting through the sand and were able to find one ring.
It was getting dark and the tide was rising. When I arrived. She was pretty sure that it was in the sand or possibly on the footpath to the house.. I took care of the sandy area nearest the water first trying not to hurry as that could cause me to miss the ring.. 15 minutes later I got that white gold tone and scooped up Erin’s beautiful ring.
Bob was elated, he got on the phone to call his wife with the good news. He told me she was so upset about loss that she had to stay home.. The phone call was well taken.. It was a awesome search. Bob called, text me the address, we both arrived at the location at the same time and after a few questions started the search and within a few minutes scooped up the ring.. I love to see  smiles like Bob has in this photo.. Another special moment to share with people I could help find something that means so much to them.

Ring Lost in the Sand .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Dave sent me an email late Monday afternoon. I received it on my iphone and was able to contact him using the phone number he provided. He told me about the loss of his wedding ring on the beach in front of Annenberg Community Center which is a couple miles north of the Santa Monica Pier.
He said he had placed his ring in the pocket of his pants, leaving them on the dry sand while he went swimming. After the swim, he put his pants on and walked a couple hundred yards to his car in the parking lot. That was when he realized his ring was missing. He and his friends went back to search for the ring, but couldn’t find it.
I asked Dave if he could meet me at the location. He was across town visiting friends, making it difficult to meet me. After he told me the general area of the loss, I felt I could find the location to search without Dave. We didn’t know for sure that the ring was lost there as he had walked quite a distance across the sand before realizing the loss.
Just as the sun was setting an hour and a half after talking to Dave, I arrived at the beach parking. Walking straight to the lifeguard tower, I set up a grid search over the towel line just south of the tower. The stainless steel ring was found after about 20 minutes. It’s always a concern for me that the beach grooming machines can drag or pickup valuables if we don’t get to the location in a timely manner. Here,  at our beaches the beach cleaning machines always hit the first 30 feet of the towel line almost everyday.
Dave was able to meet me so I could return the ring. You can see he was happy by his smile on the photo I took after handing him his ring. It was a pleasure to meet him and return his special ring..


Ring Lost at Trapeze School .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found Under Pier

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday night Philip had been attending a session at a Trapeze School of New York located on the Santa Monica Pier. They have a place to put their street shoes and valuables. Unfortunately, when Philip retrieved his ring from his shoe, where he had put it while training on the trapeze, he dropped his palladium wedding ring on the wooden pier. It bounced and rolled right through a crack in the planking dropping 25 feet to the dry sand below the pier.
The city beach maintenance department attempted the look for the ring the next day, thinking it may have landed one of the maintenance catwalks or hung up in the netting used to control pigeons nesting under the pier. After not finding the ring the city crew suggested Philip Google search online.
Philip contacted me explaining what happened and that he would not be available to meet me at the location, but he would be able talk to me on the phone if I had any other questions. I called him as I got close to where I thought he first described to me. He talked me into finding the location of the Trapeze school. They showed me where the ring had fallen through the pier. This pier is probably 300 ft wide and I had to take some reference points, hoping get near the exact location under the pier.
It was dark and spooky under the pier, definitely a place not to be at night. There was a lot of electrical interference with my metal detector, but I was able to tune most of that out with a few adjustments. Twenty minutes of searching was all it took to find the ring.
I sent Philip a photo of his ring and I was able to return the ring an hour later. It was great to see how happy he was to get his ring back where it belongs.

Ring Recovered .. Saturday  1-30-16

Equipment Used:  Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

image image image image

Lost Keys in Grass at Local Park .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found after Three Days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Rick, a detectorist friend of mine called me with a referral to help Joan find a set keys lost three days ago. When I talked to Joan on the phone it seemed like too much time had passed to locate the set of keys that had to be laying on the surface. It’s not possible to make that judgement without taking a look and discussing the details. One of my mottos is ” I will try anywhere “, so I met Joan at the park in the afternoon.
Three days before she had been walking her dog when she lost her car ($275 replacement value). She remembered where she had last seen it and when she realized it was missing. After trying to rake the grass and methodically walking the area for two days. She called asking for help.
We walked the area before I set up my detector to start a grid search. I purposely started a search outside the area she had raked and searched. I covered almost 50 x 75 yard area with no success.
When Joan returned I gave her the bad news. I showed her the exact area where the key could not be. We discussed options she could try to locate the keys as we walked back through an area 50 yards from where she thought she lost the keys. Then she lets out a scream of joy! There they are, laying right on top of the grass.. Anybody could have seen them if they passed within 20 feet.. It was great to be able to help Joan find her keys, but it shows how you have to stay positive and think outside the box.. Joan gave me the credit for helping her find her lost item.


Diamond Ring Lost While Gardening .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Irene had been gardening Wednesday morning when she noticed her diamond wedding ring missing from her finger. The last she remembered seeing it was the day before, so it could have also been lost in the backyard where she had done another cleanup project.
Irene had worn this ring for over 30 years, a gift from her husband, who had recently passed away. She was very distraught, so she called her daughter, Karen to help her. They spent several hours checking the house and everyplace that it could be visible by eye. Because Irene had spent so much time in the gardens they both felt it had to be in the freshly tilled soil.
Karen went to the internet to explore chances of getting a metal detector expert. She found and my contact information. I was able to meet them within a hour.
We spent a few minutes discussing the what actions might have caused the loss of the ring and explaining how the metal detector works. Then we walked to all the places Irene had been outside sense yesterday, gardens in front, along the side of the house and a lawn in the backyard. I now could get my detector and set up it up for the search.
As we walked back along the side of the house to get my detector, Irene spotted her ring in plain site on the side walk. All three of us walked over it at least once. They thought that it may have been hiding behind a box of leaves that she had moved off the sidewalk.
It doesn’t matter how we found the ring. What’s most important is that the ring is back where it belongs.
Another thing to remember is, that it’s not always about using the metal detector. Many searches will just prove that the lost article is not in that location. When a ring can’t be found with my detector. I always tell the people to check their washing machine and clothes dryer, pockets, purses, etc.

Ring Found 11-3-15       No equipment used, found visually


Lost Custom Platinum Wedding Ring .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

An irreplaceable ring lost in the sand. A custom platinum wedding band that had a diamonds  from Gregory’s great grandmother, his grandmother and one from his mother’s rings.
The phone call from Gregory’s wife Mallory came to me about 5pm. She told me that her husband lost his platinum wedding band while doing a photo shoot at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. He would be there for another hour and a half. I just told her I was on my way. I could get the details from her husband.
The most important parts of the search is to get there ASAP and to talk to the person who lost the ring. Arriving at Victoria Beach descending about 200 steps, I met Greg who was busy helping with the photo shoot. We talked for a few seconds, enough to find out that he had played some volleyball before beginning the photo shoot. He did not know when his ring fell of his finger. This was where he had been the most active.. There were other places he had been but I would first eliminate the volleyball court.
I had finished the one side of the volleyball court when Greg returned. Telling him,  I was sure it was not there. I asked for more details of what he had done involving activity that would cause the ring to slip from his finger. He told me that he had to chase the ball from outside the court and he would throw it back from there. Twenty feet outside the court was a drainage ditch with a 2 ft. embankment. I needed to swing my detector over that area before going to the other side of the court.  It was getting dark and the tide was beginning to backup into the ditch. I started to swing my detector alongside of the embankment when I got a great signal. Took a scoop at the very top edge and there was Greg’s ring. It was another surprise find for me. I didn’t expect it to be in the edge of the cut. When that 2ft. cut collapsed with the rising tide or somebody stepping on the edge it could have been buried the ring out of the detection range.
Even though it was getting dark Greg’s wife Mallory had come to give her support, so she also got to be here to celebrate the recovery. We took some photos for this story. Then we headed up the 200 stairs to our vehicles. Telling lost ring recovery stories as we walked. They were so happy that the ring was found before the celebrated their first wedding anniversary next month. Very nice couple and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Ring Recovered 9-8-15

image image

Grandmother’s Gold Bracelet Lost in Wilderness Park .. Mission Viejo, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Krissy was doing a photo shoot with her kids at a wilderness park in the back hills of Mission Viejo, CA. Sunday 9-27-15. After returning home she realized her bracelet that had been passed down to her by her grandmother was missing.
She looked back through her photos noting it was on her wrist while doing the photo shoot. It was too late to return to the park. So she went to her Facebook friends for ideas of how to search for the bracelet. Many suggestions, one was to contact me at They printed up flyers and her husband Ariel went to the park at 5 am in the morning. He posted the flyers and searched with a flash light for several hours with no luck.
Krissy called me and I set up a meeting with her and Ariel to show me general area. We discussed the activities of the day that may have caused the bracelet’s loss.
It was a matter of setting up a game plan. It would take time to grid this area, so I told them it wasn’t necessary to stay. It would take time to thoroughly grid this location properly. They had their daily chores to take care of and I would call them if I found the bracelet. After an hour I heard a quick little blip of a sound in my earphones, looking down I saw the petite gold bracelet hiding amongst leaves and twigs in soft dirt.
A text with the photo of the find was followed with a call from Krissy who was in tears. She was ecstatic. We met an hour later to return this sentimental keepsake to Krissy. I could tell how  much this bracelet ment to her after she told me that the bracelet was passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then her.  It was another special moment for me to be able to help Krissy and Ariel.

Monday   September 28, 2015