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Lost Keys in Grass at Local Park .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found after Three Days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Rick, a detectorist friend of mine called me with a referral to help Joan find a set keys lost three days ago. When I talked to Joan on the phone it seemed like too much time had passed to locate the set of keys that had to be laying on the surface. It’s not possible to make that judgement without taking a look and discussing the details. One of my mottos is ” I will try anywhere “, so I met Joan at the park in the afternoon.
Three days before she had been walking her dog when she lost her car ($275 replacement value). She remembered where she had last seen it and when she realized it was missing. After trying to rake the grass and methodically walking the area for two days. She called asking for help.
We walked the area before I set up my detector to start a grid search. I purposely started a search outside the area she had raked and searched. I covered almost 50 x 75 yard area with no success.
When Joan returned I gave her the bad news. I showed her the exact area where the key could not be. We discussed options she could try to locate the keys as we walked back through an area 50 yards from where she thought she lost the keys. Then she lets out a scream of joy! There they are, laying right on top of the grass.. Anybody could have seen them if they passed within 20 feet.. It was great to be able to help Joan find her keys, but it shows how you have to stay positive and think outside the box.. Joan gave me the credit for helping her find her lost item.


Lost Keys in South Surrey…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Keys may not hold any sentimental value like a ring would, but they’re very valuable items these days!  One key alone could cost hundreds of dollars to replace for these newer vehicles and then the fob/alarm can be very expensive.

Heaven forbid you only had one key and now you have to get your ignition and door locks changed…That was not the case for this search, but it has happened.

I received a call from a young man that wanted me to search an old school field across the street from where he lived. He told me that the keys could have fell out of his pocket when he was cutting across the field over a week ago.

The school had been closed for some time now and the field was over grown with long grass…(A great place for keys to hide) He feared that someone may find the keys and because it had a trade mark symbol on them… The person who found them could walk up to his truck  open the door and drive away.

Well he showed me the area where he remembered cutting through the field and it took me 15 minutes of grid searching to locate them.











Even when I got a signal with my detector I couldn’t see the keys until I separated the grass. He was very happy to get them back and I met his lovely family,  his young daughter had a metal detector and searched for her dad’s keys a week earlier.

When I showed her where I found the keys her face lit up and she said that she was very close to that area when she was searching…I wish she could’ve found the keys for her dad as she told me she wanted so bad to find them…












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