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White Gold Ring Lost in Volleyball Court at Manhattan Beach…Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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When Charles called, he told me he had lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball at the beach the day before. He was at work, and would be unable to meet me at the spot, so I asked if he would send me a map of the area showing where to search, and I would go immediately to try and insure a successful recovery. He was able to send everything, so I was on my way.

I got there, and noticed that the beach cleaning machines had gone over one side of one of the two courts in the area, which caused a bit of worry. I began searching going over the untouched side of the court, then began on the side where the machine went through. There was about 6-7 feet of sand that was not cleaned, and in that narrow bit of sand I found Charles’ ring. I sent him a picture, and let him know that I would drive it to him, because his business was close. He was very happy to have it back again.

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Vacationers Lost Wedding Ring in Surf at Hermosa Beach, CA. ..Found and Returned Three Days Later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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*** Julian and her husband had been vacationing in Hermosa Beach, CA. The fourth day of their stay at a hotel on the beachfront, they were throwing a football in ankle deep water in the surf when Julian’s wedding ring slipped off her finger. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand. The three days of there vacation were not good. 

The morning that they were leaving to drive back to their home in Arizona, Julian called me asking for help. She didn’t really feel it was possible to recover a ring that had been washing around in the surf for three days. I told her if they could stay long enough for me to get a general location, we have a good chance to find the ring. 

I met them an hour later as they were loading their vehicle with their luggage. They walked me out to the ocean , directly in front of the hotel, pointing out the location. It was low tide which was an advantage as I was thinking I might have to wait a half a day for the best low tide. I didn’t want to get their hopes up, but I had a positive feeling that I could find the ring, even if I had to try for a couple days.

I went back to my car to get my equipment as they left me to proceed with the search. After about five 40 feet grid passes. I only received one good signal through my headphones. That was all I needed. Julian’s beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring in my scoop. Three days after being through five or six high tides with a strong surf the ring was approximately 6” deep but still shallow enough to give me a decent signal in my water proof metal detector.

I called them with the good news, thinking they were on the road but close enough that they could pick up the ring. ( I could mail it ) After recovering rings for awhile, I understand that the owners never feel comfortable until the ring is back on their finger. I keep hearing how much they missed not having the ring where it had been for so many years.

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Lost Ring in the Sand at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found by Member of The Ring Finders

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Call as soon as possible, especially if the loss occurred in a public area.

…. Ryan contacted me asking for help to find a ring that was lost in the sand at Newport Beach, CA. I was very close to the location so it was easy to meet him while he and his friend were still at the location.

When I got to the place where Ryan and his friend had set up their towels, he told me they had been tossing shells out towards the sand when his ring slipped off his finger disappearing into the sand. After two hours of searching he had lost hope of ever seeing it again.

These are the easy searches. Mainly because he felt the ring slip off and he knew the exact area of the loss. It’s just a mater of turning on the detector and swinging it over the place where the ring was hiding in the sand. Usually the ring doesn’t get deep enough that a metal detector can’t find it. It still took a few minutes to find this missing ring because it wasn’t straight ahead in the direction they had tossed the shells. The ring showed up almost 90 degrees to the right and only 8 feet from where he sat while tossing shells.

A very nice young guy and it was great to see his smile and sincere grateful attitude when I handed him his ring. Being able to help people find things that are sentimental to them, never gets old. Can’t wait for my next call.


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Wedding Ring Lost at Winery .. Temecula, CA. .. Found in Landscaping

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mathias text me to ask if I would be available for a ring search in Temecula, CA. I answered, explaining we need to discuss details and get permission if it’s private property.. He was able to get permission for the next morning from the winery. His wife Brittany would be there to meet me to show me possible locations where her two white gold wedding rings may have come off her fingers.
Brittany had last remembered seeing her rings the morning they went to the winery. She discovered her two wedding rings missing that afternoon as they were leaving. They had walked all over the the property and she couldn’t recall anything she might have done to cause the rings to slip from her finger.
They reported the loss to the management but nobody had found any rings. After thinking about the events of the day Brittany remembered swinging her arms as she talked. We went to the area where that had happened. I was able to find the wedding band but the engagement ring was not in the same grassy landscaping. The rest of the area was asphalt and hard packed dirt walkways. Another point was that the larger of the rings was the probably the first to fall off. It could have fallen off her finger anywhere before this location. With not many places for a ring to hide, it may have been picked up by one of the many tourists that visit this popular winery.
It had been four days sense the loss of the rings. After going over the grassy landscaping four times with two different metal detectors I felt confident that the second ring was not in that grass.
Brittany thanked me for finding the one ring and realized that we had found what we can call a needle in a hay stack.
It would have been easier if she felt it slip from her finger and if we could have got to search the area sooner. With the information they first gave me, it didn’t seem likely to find any ring. This was one time I as glad that I say, “I will Try Anywhere”


Gold and Diamond Pendant Lost in House .. Calabasas, CA. .. Found in Carpet

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday afternoon I received a call from Marie who had lost a small gold and diamond heirloom pendant inside a house. She had been visiting friends in Calabasas, CA. when the pendant slipped off the chain while attempting to put on her necklace. The small pendant fell somewhere in the room which had a very thick carpet. Everybody in the family tried to find it with no success.
When Maria contacted me, I explained that it is difficult to use my normal metal detector inside a home. I have small hand held detectors that may work, depending on the location. Sometimes there are electrical noises like alarm systems or computer system equipment that interfere with metal detectors. Listening to her story, she may have also lost it outside the house, so we had to give it a try.
Maria didn’t want to bother her hosts anymore this day, asking me if I could come Monday. It was about noon Monday when I met her friend’s husband, Dave at the residence . He walked me into the room where the loss occurred. He had disassembled the bed removing the mattress and had moved the dresser to the other side of the room.
Two years ago I bought a UniProbe detecting unit just for situations like this. As a backup I chose to use my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer.
Working on my hands and knees I covered about an 8’x 8′ area before I got a signal. There deep in the thick carpet was Maria’s very sentimental pendant. Dave was elated and couldn’t believe that it was found in a place that so many had looked. I was also impressed by how well my UniProbe pinpointer unit worked with such a small piece of gold. I did not get to meet Maria but I was the first person to tell her by phone that her priceless keepsake was found.


Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mike emailed me in the morning after finding my contact information on TheRingFinders.com. He included his phone number which I used to reply to his request for help. After hearing his story, I explained how the metal detector works and with the information that he gave me, I should be able to find the ring..
The day before, Mike had been doing some gardening in his backyard. He actually felt his gold wedding ring fly off his finger. There were lots of dead leaves and soft soil in the area he thought it may be. He spent some time that evening searching the garden and the grass in front of the planter with no success.
We met the next day after he got home from work. Seeing the small search area I put a 6 inch coil on my CTX metal detector to begin the search. Unable to get a signal in the planter, I was about to use my pin pointer to search in the plants and against the wall. Before shutting the detector off, I passed it over the grass in front of the planter. “Boom” gold ring tone from my detector with a 12-13 ID number. The ring was well hidden in a depression in the lawn. Mike told me he had raked his fingers through the grass several times before calling me. He did call the gardener that morning telling him not to do the backyard that day, which could have been the difference of this being a successful search or a failed search. It was an easy search, but after seeing how well the ring was hidden, I doubt that it would have been recovered without a metal detector..imageimage

Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Bob called me after finding my name in TheRingFinder website. He was attempting to rent or buy a metal detector to find his wife’s diamond wedding ring. His wife, Erin had been enjoying the day at Fisherman’s Cove with her friend. Taking off her rings and placing them in the cup holder of her beach chair while applying sunscreen. Not remembering that the rings were there, she picked up the chair and walked up to the house 100 yards away. That was when she realized what she had done.. Erin and her friend Melissa spent a couple hours sifting through the sand and were able to find one ring.
It was getting dark and the tide was rising. When I arrived. She was pretty sure that it was in the sand or possibly on the footpath to the house.. I took care of the sandy area nearest the water first trying not to hurry as that could cause me to miss the ring.. 15 minutes later I got that white gold tone and scooped up Erin’s beautiful ring.
Bob was elated, he got on the phone to call his wife with the good news. He told me she was so upset about loss that she had to stay home.. The phone call was well taken.. It was a awesome search. Bob called, text me the address, we both arrived at the location at the same time and after a few questions started the search and within a few minutes scooped up the ring.. I love to see  smiles like Bob has in this photo.. Another special moment to share with people I could help find something that means so much to them.