Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Lost in Sand.. Newport Beach, CA. ..Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Newport Beach .. Lifeguard Tower 74 .. Adrian lost his Tungsten carbide wedding band .. A week before his second wedding anniversary. He placed it in a Baggie with his Celphone. Noticed it missing on the walk back to the car..

Adrian called me saying he was on the beach using a metal detector that the Newport Beach lifeguard had loaned him. His Tungsten Carbide wedding ring of had fallen out of a plastic baggy. He had put his phone and ring in the baggy for safe keeping.
Waking off the beach to his car he discovered his ring missing from the baggy. After 2 hours with a bounty hunter metal detector, he was totally frustrated. I think it is a nice gesture for the city to loan out metal detectors with sand scoop. The problem is, these are low end detectors and learning how to work a metal detector when you have a important valuable sentimental keepsake is a shot in the dark. I believe that people are mislead when they can’t find their important item. They walk away believing their keepsake is lost forever. ” Not True ” Get someone with experience. Example: You can’t jump in a car and drive it safely if you have ever driven a car.
It was a two hour grid search with a happy ending. It was getting dark and I was running out of search area with Arian giving me a look of giving up. The Tungsten Carbide ring just about blew out my ears when I finally past the coil over it hiding in the dry sand. Adrian heard that metal on metal clanking in my sand scoop. His attitude changed, when he told me with out seeing it, “That’s my ring”


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  1. Nick Richards says:

    Hi Stan. Congrats on a successful search.
    I have a tungsten ring to find underwater this week if the sea conditions permit. I use a Minelab Excalibur II but no one I have asked can tell me where in the Excalibu’s “vocal range” tungsten carbide falls. It’s in a heavily fished area so lead sinkers are everywhere. Do you use an Excalibur or do you know anyone who does who might be able to tell me what I should be listening for?
    Many thanks
    Nick TRF Australia

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