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Diamond Rings Lost in Los Angeles Yard… Found and Returned

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Martha called me to see if I was available to do a search for her wedding band and engagement ring. They had been thrown during an argument (which is not uncommon), and believed to have fallen somewhere in her yard. I let her know I would be there that day to do the search for her.

When I got there Martha showed me the backyard which was mostly swimming pool with a rather small patch of dirt and grass at the other end. She said they had searched the pool, and also spent a lot of time searching the dirt which was soft, and could have hidden the rings, so I went to work. I searched the area with no luck. I then went over the area again in case I had missed something; nothing again. I told her the rings were not in her yard, so we may need to go and ask the neighbor behind her for permission to search her yard, which she agreed to do. We got to the neighbor’s door, and Martha spoke with her (the neighbor only spoke Spanish). Then the craziest thing happened. The neighbor told Martha she found the rings, and threw them away in her trash can! I couldn’t believe it, and felt like yelling out, ARE YOU CRAZY, but kept my cool in order to gain favor with this lady. Anyway she led us to her trash can, and after pulling out about 5 or 6 bags of trash there were 2 rings; one was Martha’s wedding band, the other was a ring the lady happened to also find; a cheap stainless ring. We still needed to find the engagement ring, so we asked if we could search the rest of her yard, which she agreed to. I began on the grass, and then searched the flower beds; nothing again. The lady told Martha she was getting impatient with us there, and was hinting to have us leave, but Martha pressed a little more. It was then the lady looked into a bucket on her patio (that was covered), and saw the engagement ring. The ring had bounced under the covered patio into the bucket; amazing! Anyway, sometimes our process is a process of elimination, and being able to tell a person where their ring isn’t, instead of where it is, in order to proceed to look elsewhere for a successful recovery. Needless to say Martha was very relieved and happy to have her rings back.


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Lost Tungsten Carbide Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Mohammad had challenged his brother to a running race across the sand to the water. He twisted his ankle in the soft sand falling down. At that moment he felt his ring slip off his finger. After the loss they spent several hours trying to find it with their fingers.
His friend Sama, found my number on line, calling me to ask if I could help them. I had just finished finding a ring in San Clemente. It would take me about 40 minutes to get to their location. She agreed to wait even though it was getting dark.
The area where the ring was lost was in dry sand in mid beach. The most important thing was, Mohammad had the location very well marked, 40 paces from the cement walk way and 20 paces from the trash can. The perfect search conditions, most times people get confused and can’t get back to the spot. It wasn’t long till I had the ring and both Mohammad and Sama were on their way home.. It would be nice if all searches were like this. This was also another time I had to hear, ” I didn’t know TheRingFinders directory existed”. Thanks to the Internet, Sama was able to find TheRingFinders when she Google searched, how to find a ring in the sand..





Ring Lost at Trapeze School .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found Under Pier

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday night Philip had been attending a session at a Trapeze School of New York located on the Santa Monica Pier. They have a place to put their street shoes and valuables. Unfortunately, when Philip retrieved his ring from his shoe, where he had put it while training on the trapeze, he dropped his palladium wedding ring on the wooden pier. It bounced and rolled right through a crack in the planking dropping 25 feet to the dry sand below the pier.
The city beach maintenance department attempted the look for the ring the next day, thinking it may have landed one of the maintenance catwalks or hung up in the netting used to control pigeons nesting under the pier. After not finding the ring the city crew suggested Philip Google search online.
Philip contacted me explaining what happened and that he would not be available to meet me at the location, but he would be able talk to me on the phone if I had any other questions. I called him as I got close to where I thought he first described to me. He talked me into finding the location of the Trapeze school. They showed me where the ring had fallen through the pier. This pier is probably 300 ft wide and I had to take some reference points, hoping get near the exact location under the pier.
It was dark and spooky under the pier, definitely a place not to be at night. There was a lot of electrical interference with my metal detector, but I was able to tune most of that out with a few adjustments. Twenty minutes of searching was all it took to find the ring.
I sent Philip a photo of his ring and I was able to return the ring an hour later. It was great to see how happy he was to get his ring back where it belongs.

Ring Recovered .. Saturday  1-30-16

Equipment Used:  Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

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