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Ring Lost at Huntington State Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Samantha had read a posting on social media about a ring that I found for a lady a couple weeks ago. She had no idea that she would need my services.
Saturday Samantha and her husband Steve went to Huntington State Beach. Before going into the water Steve put his wedding ring in the cup holder of his beach chair. The rest of the story is like many other lost ring stories. Ring in the sand then the hours of raking their fingers through the sand to no avail.
After giving up, returning home Samantha remembered the story about . She contacted me giving me perfect directions so I could start the search before they arrived. It was another easy search because I found the trash can that they were near and then I could see the finger marks through the sand. It still took about 20 minutes as they were about 10 feet from the actual location of the ring.
Text message them a photo of the ring and when they got to the beach I got to see the smiles and the gratitude they both had for the return of wedding band. Steve said, that last night he had thoughts about how he had worn the ring everyday for six and a half years and it was now gone.. We changed that part of the ring’s story. It was a pleasure to meet Samantha and Steve. This does not get old, I can’t wait till the next call.

Sunday .. 9-27-15


Metal Detector Rental ? To Find Your Lost Sentimental Jewelry

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136










Renting a metal detector is time consuming and will be frustrating if you have never used one. Especially near salt water or trashy parks were there are years of pull tabs and bottle caps to make things interesting.
Jessica called me asking me if I rent metal detectors and how my service works. She found my name on I replied by saying I want to help you find the lost ring. You the rest is up to you. Time is very important and I’m available anytime you are. Her husband Andrew had lost his platinum wedding band while throwing a football at the top of the high tide line Sunday about 6pm.
They were at Surfside Colony a private community near Sunset Beach in north Orange County, CA.. Jessica said that she could meet me to get me in the gate and show me the location. I told her that it works better if her husband, who had lost it, could be there to explain what had happened. Lately, I’m finding out that it makes the search much easier if the person who lost it gives me the details.
Andrew could meet me a couple hours later after he got off work. He brought his son Cole, so I gave them a short lesson about how the detector works on the walk to the beach front. The two high tides since he lost the ring had moved in several inches of sand over the top of the slope. I started the grid in the center of the 40×40 ft. location . There wasn’t much trash so the grid search was moving fast except for my explaining to them what I was doing. Then I got a fare sounding signal, after three scoops I lost hope that it was Andrew’s platinum ring mainly because it should have been a surface find. One more scoop and there was a beautiful platinum ring belonging to Andrew. You have to stay positive the ocean does strange things. In this case it had to deposit about 8 inches of new sand over the top of the slope onto the towel line in less than 24 hrs.
We took a few photos then I let Andrew and Cole swing my detector as we walked off the beach. I think we will have a new member joining this hobby of metal detecting. Again it was a pleasure to meet Andrew and Cole and help them find the lost.

September 14, 2015


Lost Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Friday Brittany and her friend spent her birthday at the beach. Her friend picked up a beach blanket not knowing she had laid her ring on the blanket. Ring in the sand, the search was on. It was a nice size silver ring that should be easy to find. Beach sand shows no mercy for people that lose their rings in the sand. After spending several hours sifting through the sand in a small area. They gave up returning home.
Brittany thought that another friend who owned a metal detector could help her, but she couldn’t contact him. Next she went to Google that was how she found . Finding my information, she called me. She told me this was a ring that she had for more than 13 years. Loosing her ring on her birthday did not make it a happy day. I could hear desperation in her voice. When she told me that it was next to lifeguard tower #7 at Huntington Beach, I went into panic mode. Then told her I would get there as soon as possible. She could not meet me until an hour later, but I could start. This beach is heavily hunted by other detectorists and the beach cleaning machines are the ruthless.
It’s the first day of Labor Day weekend and I was able to cover the area thoroughly before Brittany arrived..” No Ring “.. My phone rang, it was Brittany saying she was walking over to meet me. I looked for somebody with a maroon shirt walking my way. No lady in a maroon shirt in sight.. Here’s the lesson, I live here,  I know there are two lifeguard towers # 7.. One is on Huntington State Beach. The other is at Huntington City Beach. They are both south of Huntington Pier more than a mile apart. When she said Huntington Beach, so I assumed City beach.
This should have been a short story because when I drove to the correct tower #7. She was protecting the area. So it was a matter of a few minutes we had the ring. Unbelievable she told me. Another awesome smile with genuine gratitude for having here ring returned. Sometimes we say this is a game of inches. Today it was a game of more than a mile.. Just last week a State Lifeguard told me they often have this confusion with the tower numbers. For me, it was a lesson learned.

Saturday … September 5, 2015


Metal Detector Finds Gold Wedding Band .. Anahiem, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136


Joel was thinking about buying or renting a metal detector when he found my contact number on


Joel called me telling me his story. He had put his wedding band in his pocket while doing yard work. Before returning to the house he reached in his pocket and the ring was missing. That information help me after I arrived at his house. Many times the story gets vague as to where the ring may have fallen.
It was a large thick lawn, that was a golden brown color because of our drought here in California, a perfect hiding place for a yellow gold ring. In the corner there was a 15 x 25ft area of soft unplanted dirt. That was the easiest place to start. Joel and his three kids watched as I explained what I was doing. First find was a pull tab, second find was Joel’s ring. They didn’t believe me when I said, I found it. When I handed to him he responded with a big smile. Sometimes these searches are easy, other times they can drive you crazy, the other day I spent two hours walking more than a mile in a sandy river bed with no success. Lots of fresh air and exercise.

Another thought, I often have is:   How many lost valuables are hiding in backyards because people don’t know how to get an experienced metal detectorist to help?

Tuesday … September 1, 2015


Metal Detector Rental .. Lost Engagement Ring .. Huntington Beach

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136


Why rent or buy a metal detector .. When you can have an experienced person with the best equipment find your valuable.


Sunday, after returning home from the beach, Julie realized her new white gold engagement ring was missing from her finger. It could only be at the beach where she had taken it off to put on sunscreen. Her fiancé, John went to the local sporting goods store purchasing  a metal detector. They also brought tennis rackets to sift through the sand. The search went into the night until the beach closed at 10pm. That night was a sleepless night for Julie, so she went to her Huntington Beach Community Forum to share her dilemma.
Somewhere in her search for what to do to find her precious ring, Julie located That was how she contacted me. John and Julie were on the beach searching early Monday morning when they called me before 7am. When I arrived they were able to put me in the exact area. The ring was back on her finger within a few minutes. Tears of joy and giant smiles from both of them.
John said he must have gone over that same area more than a half a dozen times. He had found some bottle caps, but he was completely overwhelmed with the new device. There are several basics to understand about using a metal detector. I would never tell a person to just rent or buy a metal detector. Too many variables like, other trash metals, soil conditions, settings on the detector and much more. It takes a little practice to feel comfortable using it. In most cases you will not have that much time. Why worry for more time than you should?
Julie told me she had no idea that existed. I hear that all the time. Then asked her if she could put the word out to her friends. She posted on her Facebook forum the next thing we knew it received 1500- likes and over 200-comments. A reporter from the Orange County Register ask us to meet for an interview the next day.
My hope is that more people will know how to get their missing sentimental item found. We have members in many cities in the USA, Canada and other countries. Why worry or get upset with yourself for losing your valuable piece of jewelry. We are ready to help.. Important, Please call anytime 24/7.

The next couple days we did a newspaper and a television news interview…



Monday … August 31, 2015

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