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Lost Wedding Ring .. Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Thursday, Devon and his family had gone for dinner at the Castaways Restaurant on the beach at Crystal Cove State Beach just north of Laguna Beach, CA.
After their meal, they spent sometime on the beach. Devon had been throwing a football to his six year old son. After sunset they walked a few blocks to where they had parked the car. That’s when he discovered he had lost his wedding ring. He wasn’t quite sure when or where, but he assumed it happened while throwing the football.
They went back trying to search with their fingers in the sand.. Returning home frustrated, Devon went on line searching metal detectors for rent or for sale. That’s when he found and contacted me. We met the next morning and he showed me the location. It was a 30 ft. Square area where he had stood in the center throwing in all directions. I decided to just start in the center and grid in a spiral. After a half hour it was not looking good. I was running out of search area. Devon stood back about 50 feet not to distract me, but I could see that he was loosing hope. Then the right sound and target ID number from my detector. One quick scoop and there was Devon’s ring. I held in the air and Devon’s face lit up with joy. Right away he called his wife to report the good news.
These searches, where the person doesn’t remember feeling the ring slip off their finger can go either way. It’s almost always a surprise when we find them.