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Lost Custom Platinum Wedding Ring .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

An irreplaceable ring lost in the sand. A custom platinum wedding band that had a diamonds  from Gregory’s great grandmother, his grandmother and one from his mother’s rings.
The phone call from Gregory’s wife Mallory came to me about 5pm. She told me that her husband lost his platinum wedding band while doing a photo shoot at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. He would be there for another hour and a half. I just told her I was on my way. I could get the details from her husband.
The most important parts of the search is to get there ASAP and to talk to the person who lost the ring. Arriving at Victoria Beach descending about 200 steps, I met Greg who was busy helping with the photo shoot. We talked for a few seconds, enough to find out that he had played some volleyball before beginning the photo shoot. He did not know when his ring fell of his finger. This was where he had been the most active.. There were other places he had been but I would first eliminate the volleyball court.
I had finished the one side of the volleyball court when Greg returned. Telling him,  I was sure it was not there. I asked for more details of what he had done involving activity that would cause the ring to slip from his finger. He told me that he had to chase the ball from outside the court and he would throw it back from there. Twenty feet outside the court was a drainage ditch with a 2 ft. embankment. I needed to swing my detector over that area before going to the other side of the court.  It was getting dark and the tide was beginning to backup into the ditch. I started to swing my detector alongside of the embankment when I got a great signal. Took a scoop at the very top edge and there was Greg’s ring. It was another surprise find for me. I didn’t expect it to be in the edge of the cut. When that 2ft. cut collapsed with the rising tide or somebody stepping on the edge it could have been buried the ring out of the detection range.
Even though it was getting dark Greg’s wife Mallory had come to give her support, so she also got to be here to celebrate the recovery. We took some photos for this story. Then we headed up the 200 stairs to our vehicles. Telling lost ring recovery stories as we walked. They were so happy that the ring was found before the celebrated their first wedding anniversary next month. Very nice couple and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Ring Recovered 9-8-15

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Platinum Ring lost playing Volleyball … Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Friday .. January 30, 2015

Peter is on vacation with his wife and two small children visiting friends here in Newport Beach. Yesterday afternoon he put his platinum wedding ring in a shirt pocket with his cell phone and closed it with a zipper.  Later his wife asked him for the cell phone and he gave it to her forgetting to close the zipper. They walked over to the volleyball court about 150 yards away to have a serious game of volley ball. It wasn’t till a couple hours later that Peter remembered his ring and when he checked his pocket the zipper was open. The ring was not there. He and his friends searched into the night with no success. Returning to the house, he and his friends went to the internet searching for a metal detector to rent. Several calls and they were directed to check out He called this morning and I was able to meet him and his friends within an hour.

Peter told me all that had happened prior to realizing he had lost his ring. I did not want to think about the 150 yards of sand where he first unzipped his pocket to pull out his cell phone. He had thought enough to bring his wife’s ring, which was a match to his lost ring. I took a sample ID reading with my detector and it gave me A 12-23 reading. That will save me a little time, because that number should be what I’m looking for. Platinum is heavy and it may have stayed in his unzipped pocket till he got more active playing volleyball. I decided to start right under the volleyball net, because I had read somewhere on one of the metal detecting forums that most losses occur at the net ( I don’t always believe everything I read on the internet, but I could have started anywhere). Another good guess. I went 6 or 8 feet and there was a good signal in my earphones and the right ID number 12-24.  Before scooping the target I called Peter over and showed him the numbers that showed up on my CTX 3030 screen. It was Peter’s ring and he and his friends all celebrated the find. It is not unusual to find a ring in the first few minutes, but this was a possible 2 or 3 hour search. We spent a little time to show his son how the metal detector works. His son kept burying the ring and I would locate it so he could hear the sound. Then his son would dig the ring. It was hard to tell Peter’s son that we couldn’t  play hide and find the ring all day. Another ring returned, helping to make their vacation one to remember.