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Lost Car Keys in the Sand Found for Beachfront Tenant .. Newport Beach. CA.

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* ** When detecting on the beach it’s always disheartening to find a set of car keys that someone has lost in the sand. It makes me think of how much trouble the person had go through to get home and how expensive it was to replace the keys. I suggest that everyone put contact information on their keys and phones. I always turn keys to the lifeguards. Probably the best chance to get them back to the rightful owner.

I was approached by Norma while detecting at Newport Beach, CA.  She was frustrated because she had to check out if her beachfront rental before noon. (it was 11:45). That morning Norma had gone out for a little meditation session while watching the waves. She believed it was possible the keys we’re lost in that location.

We had one problem, she couldn’t get me on the exact location. I’m used to that situation because many beaches do not have good reference points. All sand looks the same. I like to remind myself,  don’t get excited when someone can’t remember exactly where they were sitting. I picked a location to start the process of elimination. Ten minutes later my metal detector hit a strong signal that turned out to be Nora’s keys. Another happy person that I was able to help because I was in the right place at the right time.


I WILL TRY ANYWHERE ”   CALL for information and help. Metal detectors are the perfect tool to finding jewelry and other valued metallic item. It does take a quality detector with an experienced professional conducting the search.

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Lost Platinum Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. … Found by a Ringfinder with a Metal Detector

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….. I received a call from a guy named Ridge asking for assistance to help him find his platinum wedding band. Yesterday, he had been at Victoria Beach one of many coves in Laguna Beach, CA. When he got home he realized his platinum wedding ring was missing. He thought that it had either come off in the surf or when he brushed the sand off his towel as he was leaving the beach.

He was on his way the next morning to search the dry sand where he had shook off his towel, although the most probable area his loss was the surf where he was most active.

Even though it was high tide and it would not be productive to search the water, I agreed to meet him where I could eliminate the dry sand area. At the same time I could get the location for a return search at the next low tide.

When we walked to the spot where Ridge had shook out his towel, I asked him if he had done any activity on the dry sand that might cause the ring to slip off his finger. He said that the only thing he can think of was brushing off his towel. He pointed up a little higher on the sloping sand. 

I turned on my metal detector making a few adjustments before walking up the embankment. I began a few swings of my detector telling Ridge I need to do a warm up before getting to the zone he was sitting. Boom! I got a signal right away,  10 ft. from where I was to start my search. Yes! The heavy platinum ring was there in my scoop when I retrieved the signal from the sand.

Both of us were surprised as the odds that the ring was lost in the ocean were much higher than it being in the dry sand. It was another time that it paid off just to search the location that was available while we had the time to eliminate part of several places the ring could have been lost. Also, he was a very happy guy, because he had really all but given up hope that a small ring could be found in a mass of sand. I hope I never get tired of helping people find their sentimental keepsakes.


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Lost Family Hierloom Wedding Ring .. Balboa Pier, .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

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Greg had taken his heirloom white gold wedding band off to put on sunscreen. When he and his wife got back to their car he realized his ring had to be in the sand. They could not find it with their fingers.
It was very sentimental as it had been his father’s wedding ring, passed down to Greg. Again, came up when Greg googled metal detecting services.
Parking was a little troublesome, even though I have a annual Newport Beach parking pass. I’ve lived on the beach most my life, it’s always part of the price you pay to live near tourist destinations.
Greg met me, we walked a hundred yards to where he believed they had been. It was an easy find because he put me on the exact location. It was a matter of turning on the detector and swinging it a couple times. One ring hiding under about 5″ of sand.
Every search is unique. You can’t tell what you’re going to have to do or how long you may have to search. Sometimes people have very little idea where the loss occurred. At least I can offer to eliminate an area that might hide a valued keepsake. Allowing the person to direct their energy towards other areas the item could be..


Quad Platinum Diamond Rings Lost .. Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

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I was returning a ring to Silvia near Los Angeles international airport when Janie called. She had dropped her rings in the sand while watching a junior lifeguard graduating ceremony on the beach near the Balboa Pier, Newport,CA. I asked her a couple questions and she told me the three platinum diamond rings had been on a towel when she had been rushed to move about 20ft.
I told her to guard the location. I’d be there within an hour. Janie told me the beached was packed with people, she thought it would be a few hours before I could swing a metal detector. I just assured her that the rings should be safe in the sand but don’t tell people what was lost. Definitely don’t leave if you’re able to stay.
I arrived and was able to double grid search the area she believed the rings to be. Nothing showed up, she told me she believed that somebody may have picked them up. I believed that maybe one ring should still be in the sand. There were so many people at this event that these rings were stepped on pushing them out of sight. I had to tell her that the rings were not in the area she believed them to be. I would come back in about an hour to do a larger area after all the people left the beach. Janie was very upset and the only thing I could tell her was I will try again.
I returned to a very empty beach. After a half hour searching 30 feet away from the original location the first small platinum ring showed up in my scoop. Then a few feet from there two more rings. Just out of habit I swung my search coil over the whole area again. Boom, baby!! The big one, I now know why Janie was so distraught. It was a beautiful ring. She told me 3 platinum rings but there were 4 rings total. It was a surprise to me because I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. I probably wouldn’t have left the area of the loss, usually it’s no big deal to standby for an hour or two for people to leave. I did start to believe that it may have been possible for somebody to have picked the rings off the towel before she had to move. It gets to be a mental game sometimes, very easy to get negative and give up. I try not to let my head run away with negative thoughts. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of Janie.. Just believe me, she was very happy to have here sentimental keepsakes back where they belong.

Lost Custom Platinum Wedding Ring .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

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An irreplaceable ring lost in the sand. A custom platinum wedding band that had a diamonds  from Gregory’s great grandmother, his grandmother and one from his mother’s rings.
The phone call from Gregory’s wife Mallory came to me about 5pm. She told me that her husband lost his platinum wedding band while doing a photo shoot at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. He would be there for another hour and a half. I just told her I was on my way. I could get the details from her husband.
The most important parts of the search is to get there ASAP and to talk to the person who lost the ring. Arriving at Victoria Beach descending about 200 steps, I met Greg who was busy helping with the photo shoot. We talked for a few seconds, enough to find out that he had played some volleyball before beginning the photo shoot. He did not know when his ring fell of his finger. This was where he had been the most active.. There were other places he had been but I would first eliminate the volleyball court.
I had finished the one side of the volleyball court when Greg returned. Telling him,  I was sure it was not there. I asked for more details of what he had done involving activity that would cause the ring to slip from his finger. He told me that he had to chase the ball from outside the court and he would throw it back from there. Twenty feet outside the court was a drainage ditch with a 2 ft. embankment. I needed to swing my detector over that area before going to the other side of the court.  It was getting dark and the tide was beginning to backup into the ditch. I started to swing my detector alongside of the embankment when I got a great signal. Took a scoop at the very top edge and there was Greg’s ring. It was another surprise find for me. I didn’t expect it to be in the edge of the cut. When that 2ft. cut collapsed with the rising tide or somebody stepping on the edge it could have been buried the ring out of the detection range.
Even though it was getting dark Greg’s wife Mallory had come to give her support, so she also got to be here to celebrate the recovery. We took some photos for this story. Then we headed up the 200 stairs to our vehicles. Telling lost ring recovery stories as we walked. They were so happy that the ring was found before the celebrated their first wedding anniversary next month. Very nice couple and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Ring Recovered 9-8-15

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