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Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Bob called me after finding my name in TheRingFinder website. He was attempting to rent or buy a metal detector to find his wife’s diamond wedding ring. His wife, Erin had been enjoying the day at Fisherman’s Cove with her friend. Taking off her rings and placing them in the cup holder of her beach chair while applying sunscreen. Not remembering that the rings were there, she picked up the chair and walked up to the house 100 yards away. That was when she realized what she had done.. Erin and her friend Melissa spent a couple hours sifting through the sand and were able to find one ring.
It was getting dark and the tide was rising. When I arrived. She was pretty sure that it was in the sand or possibly on the footpath to the house.. I took care of the sandy area nearest the water first trying not to hurry as that could cause me to miss the ring.. 15 minutes later I got that white gold tone and scooped up Erin’s beautiful ring.
Bob was elated, he got on the phone to call his wife with the good news. He told me she was so upset about loss that she had to stay home.. The phone call was well taken.. It was a awesome search. Bob called, text me the address, we both arrived at the location at the same time and after a few questions started the search and within a few minutes scooped up the ring.. I love to see  smiles like Bob has in this photo.. Another special moment to share with people I could help find something that means so much to them.

Lost Ring in Sand Playing Football .. Newport Beach, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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The sun was setting when I received a call from Gary’s wife. They had been visiting friends who live on the beachfront in Newport Beach. She told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the sand.
When I got the call, I was detecting in Laguna Beach. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to my vehicle and another 30 minutes to drive the 13 miles to their location.
Gary was there to explain how he had been playing football, when one of the kids grabbed his hand, pulling the ring off into the sand. The area was only 30×40 ft. square. Should have been an easy search, but after cross gridding three times. It was not looking good.
Gary walked up to me, saying he had to leave. I knew that the ring was not in the location that he had laid out. Asking him where else he had been, he pointed off to the right of the place where he thought it got pulled off his finger. It was getting cold but I would not leave till I covered the whole playing area.
I started a new grid pattern at the far side of the field. Two passes, then the magic sound of a gold ring in my ear phones proved to be the missing ring. Everybody was still in the house saying their good-byes, when I walked up to the house to give them the good news.
This was a classic search. Everybody was so positive that the ring had come off after his hand was grabbed. Actually it had fallen off more than 50 feet from that event. It’s my experience that kept me searching, when they had given up hope that I could find it. Again, I was still as surprised as they were.
A very nice family and you can see the smile on Gary’s face showing he was happy to have his ring recovered. He did apologize for putting me in the wrong place. I assured him this happens often, it’s part of the challenge.

Lost Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Friday Brittany and her friend spent her birthday at the beach. Her friend picked up a beach blanket not knowing she had laid her ring on the blanket. Ring in the sand, the search was on. It was a nice size silver ring that should be easy to find. Beach sand shows no mercy for people that lose their rings in the sand. After spending several hours sifting through the sand in a small area. They gave up returning home.
Brittany thought that another friend who owned a metal detector could help her, but she couldn’t contact him. Next she went to Google that was how she found . Finding my information, she called me. She told me this was a ring that she had for more than 13 years. Loosing her ring on her birthday did not make it a happy day. I could hear desperation in her voice. When she told me that it was next to lifeguard tower #7 at Huntington Beach, I went into panic mode. Then told her I would get there as soon as possible. She could not meet me until an hour later, but I could start. This beach is heavily hunted by other detectorists and the beach cleaning machines are the ruthless.
It’s the first day of Labor Day weekend and I was able to cover the area thoroughly before Brittany arrived..” No Ring “.. My phone rang, it was Brittany saying she was walking over to meet me. I looked for somebody with a maroon shirt walking my way. No lady in a maroon shirt in sight.. Here’s the lesson, I live here,  I know there are two lifeguard towers # 7.. One is on Huntington State Beach. The other is at Huntington City Beach. They are both south of Huntington Pier more than a mile apart. When she said Huntington Beach, so I assumed City beach.
This should have been a short story because when I drove to the correct tower #7. She was protecting the area. So it was a matter of a few minutes we had the ring. Unbelievable she told me. Another awesome smile with genuine gratitude for having here ring returned. Sometimes we say this is a game of inches. Today it was a game of more than a mile.. Just last week a State Lifeguard told me they often have this confusion with the tower numbers. For me, it was a lesson learned.

Saturday … September 5, 2015


Wedding Ring Lost on the Beach at Huntington Beach, CA…Found.

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)
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I was sitting at my computer last night when at about 10:30 PM I received a text from Bram, first apologizing for contacting me so late, and then asking for help finding his ring that had been lost earlier in the day. I called him immediately to discuss what had happened, and when he told me, with an air of desperation in his voice, I realized action needed to be taken right away. The beach he lost his ring on is a beach that is cleaned so well by the city, that it is a wonder that anything might be found on it by a metal detectorist. They use mechanical rakes, sifters, and even a disc to turn the sand to bring up things that might have moved too far down for the sifters to pick up. I told him if he wanted to meet me, I would be there in about an hour.

Bram was initially worried, and for good reason, about the 10:00 PM curfew on the beach, but I told him we should try, and if the officers approach us just to explain why we were there, and then leave it up to them to decide what to do. I met him at about 11:30 PM, and as we were getting ready to walk out to the area the city police were kicking people off of the beach right in front of us. Well we went onto the beach as soon as the police left, and were warned by the people who were kicked off that the police would be back.

He told me how he had taken off the ring to give to his wife for safekeeping, so she put it in her shorts pocket. She at sometime took the shorts off, and they got shaken around where they suspected the ring was lost. We got to the area of the search, and Bram tried to remember the exact area, but it was difficult in the dark, and so much time had elapsed from the time of the loss, about 12 hours. I began my search, digging up a lot of foil, a few pennies, but no ring. I got hits on some quarters and dimes, but did not dig them because I wanted to get a good search in, and I was looking for a gold ring which would sound a whole lot different, also I was worried that the police would come back and I wanted to make the best use of the time we had. Bram then got on the phone to his wife to make sure we were in the right area, and she directed him to an area about 60 feet South of where we were searching. All the while the police were going up and down the beach with lights on telling people to leave.

We moved to the new location, and I began a new grid, and continued to find foil and pennies, and got hits on more quarters and dimes. After about 20 minutes, I heard that sound I was looking for, an almost musical tone. I dug it, and in my scoop I could feel a ring in the darkness. I turned on my headlamp, and saw that I had found what we were looking for. I showed Bram, and he seemed so relieved. He said his wife would be very relieved, and I figured she was probably feeling very bad because she was the last one to have the ring in her possession, and probably took all the weight of the loss on her shoulders. It was now about 1:00 AM, and in an hour and a half on the beach, the police never approached us to tell us to leave, an act of kindness, or divine intervention, either way I was happy to have found the ring. I was so happy to return the symbol of Bram and his wife’s unity, a ring they probably thought was lost forever, and to see his smile. I slept well when I got back, and I know they did also.

Bram’s wife sent the following email to include in this blog:

Dear Mr. Smith,

This is Maureen, Bram’s wife. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your help.
I really wished I was there last night to look for the ring and give you a big hug to thank you when you found it.
When Bram asked about his ring at dinner, I was shocked and had totally forgot about it. We rushed back to hotel room and found no ring in my short pocket. My heart sank looking around that small pocket and the bag where he put the short, and I was just crying.
Bram went to the beach around 9:30 looking for it while I have to get kids ready to bed and put them to bed. Knowing its lost on the beach I thought it’s lost forever. When he told me about you and he’s going to meet you, I didn’t want to put my hopes to high, I didn’t even want to read your blog knowing that would bring my hopes high. I kept telling myself to accept it and try to move on.
When Bram and you were on the beach, I decided to read your blog, what you did and do is amazing. I kept praying that God’s will to be done, whether it to be found or give me peace in my heart if it isn’t found. The time you made and all the effort, patience, and skills is the extension of God’s hand.
The ring is just material thing but the value and vow and commitment put into it made it irreplaceable. That ring is custom ordered because I want it look just like my parents wedding band.
I really appreciate the time, patience, and passion. I am forever grateful.

Love in Christ,

If you lose your ring or other metal item of value, call as soon as possible. I will work hard to help you find what you thought might never be found again. I search,  Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Venice Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County, and Ventura County.

Diamond Wedding Band Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Saturday .. 8-22-15

Alex and his family are from Hesperia, CA. where it has been very hot all week. They were spending their day off at Newport Beach. This beach will be busy as it has been very hot inland. He set up his set up his beach awning early, in front of lifeguard tower #24. When the lifeguard came on duty, Alex was asked to move his awning so the lifeguard emergency vehicles could have access to the beach. Half way through the day his wife, Mireya realized her wedding ring was not on her finger.. She believed it may have come off while applying sunscreen, but she had been in the water also.
Alex emailed me at 7:10pm. I replied with an email at 8:00pm.
He called me at 9:30pm. I went straight to the beach to begin my grid search at 10pm.. Starting the grid search from the lifeguard tower towards the beach. It took about an hour to do the dry sand about 200 ft to the north. Then I went to the low tide zone hoping that the ring had been lost in the water, No success.
About to give up, I returned to the dry sand heading for my car. Seeing my starting point. Maybe I should try a couple more grids lines to the south… Late in the night and tired, I tried one more time … Yes !!! There it was 3ft over from where I started, two hours before. It always helps to have the person that lost the ring present, but Alex and Mireya live 90 miles away. It also helps that the person who lost the item is present to tell you what they remember. All my directions came from Alex on the phone. I should have ask to talk to Mireya.
They picked up the ring Sunday. Every ring has a story, this will always be part of this rings story. You can see the smiles on their faces, a happy reunion with a symbol of their wedding day. It was a pleasure to meet them.




BMW Key Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Thursday .. 6-18-15

I was just leaving my home to search for a ring lost near the Balboa Pier, when Tim called. He said that he was at The Wedge searching for his BMW car key. The Wedge is a popular body surfing beach about a mile south of the Balboa Pier. I told him that I would be right there, figuring it would be a simple recovery.
When I got there, Tim was shuffling his feet through the sand as he had been doing for 4 or 5 hours including the night before. He told me that he had placed his key that had a metal fob under his shoes when he went into to the water last night.
After an hour, I had cross gridded the area with no luck. I had set my detector in what I thought was all metal, but could not get a signal. I gave up till I could get my PI detector. Returning the next day with my Whites PI Surfmaster, I found the Key with a huge triangle shaped metallic bottle opener.
My other machine has a factory set Relic and Beach settings. I could not get a signal in open screen mode. The large metallic fob was masking the signal. I’ve had time to check this again and I did get a null which I may have missed, it’s a lesson to be learned with my CTX 3030. I will remember this in the future.
I called Tim and he was surprised that I went back to give it a second try.. We will meet up in a few days to return his key.


Wedding Ring Found and Returned .. Newport Beach, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Thursday .. June 18, 2015

Jenifer and her children were visiting her mother. They all went to Balboa Beach for the day. She took her wedding ring off putting it into the cup holder of her beach chair to put sunscreen on the kids. Later that afternoon they picked up their beach things to eat at a nearby restaurant. That’s when she realized that her ring was lost, most likely back where they were on the beach. They returned spending several hours searching by hand. Everybody was upset even the kids. They gave up the search believing the the ring was lost foreveer.
Returning home in the San Diego area, three days after the loss Jenifer’s mother called her, telling her that a police officer friend told her about Jenifer found me in the directory calling me to ask if I could help her. She was 60 miles away so it would be difficult for her to meet me at the location. She was able to tell me where she was sitting.  I know that part of the beach well and exactly where she had been. She sent me 4 photos that had been taken that day which really helped me zero in. Everything was good except they beach was full of people laid out with all their beach gear. I spent a couple hours searching the open areas. Then I went back to the car waiting two hours for people to leave.
It was close to 6 pm and people were not leaving where I needed to search. Then I saw another detectorist working a grid towards this spot. I grabbed my detector, heading towards the location I needed to work. One of the places that was now clear, earlier had a tent, a plastic kids swim pool and all sorts toys spread over a 20ft x 20ft area. Fifteen feet in a straight line and the sweet sound of gold in my earphones. Jenifer’s beautiful wedding ring ended up I my scoop.
I sent her a surprise text picture of her ring. Jenifer returned a call to me and I told her about how I found the ring. She told me that she had given up hope. Also, yesterday was their wedding anniversary she was felt terrible about not having her ring. Now, she can’t believe that it has been found.
We talked about how to get it back to her. Her mother could meet me as she lived closer to me. That would have to take place Sunday. I wanted return it directly to Jenifer as soon possible. We met Friday at a location half way between where we live. My bonus was to be able to return the ring to its owner. Jenifer was truly grateful. It was a pleasure to meet her. This is one of the ring search and returns that I will always remember.

image image

Lost White Gold Wedding Band .. Huntington Beach .. Volleyball Court

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Sunday .. May 31, 2015 .. 10:30pm

Karl called me from the airport where he was waiting for his fight back to his home in Phoenix, AZ. He told me he had lost his wedding band while watching his daughter participate in a volleyball tournament. He texted me the location. It was one of 28 volleyball courts. I drove 5 miles, found his ring and was able to text him a photo of his ring just as he was shutting down his smart phone for the departure of his flight. The next morning I returned the ring to his wife, Kristen who will be returning to Phoenix later. Below is Karl’s side of the story.

Thanks again for finding my ring. I was attending my daughter’s beach volleyball tournament at Huntington Beach. During the game, an errant volleyball headed into the crowd towards me. I instinctively shot my left hand up into the air in an attempt to deflect the ball, and as I did, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. My wife and I looked around for it frantically, knowing that with each person walking by and kicking up sand, our chances of finding it were dwindling. After searching for about a half an hour, and seeing person after person kicking up sand and surely burying my ring, we resigned ourselves to having lost it for good.

Later that day, upon returning to our hotel and preparing to leave Los Angeles, I got on the internet and conducted a Google search for folks with metal detectors in the Huntington Beach area. I found Stan Ross on and I called him from the airport as I was awaiting my flight. Stan was on the case in no time, and he kept me apprised of his status as he scanned the beach and I got ready to get on my flight. Then, just before departing, Stan texted me with a triumphant pic of my ring. He had found it! My wife and I were ecstatic! Luckily, my wife and kids had already planned to stay an extra day at the beach, so they were able to meet Stan and get my ring back. We’re very grateful for Stan’s services, and we give him our absolute highest recommendations. Thanks again Stan.
image image

Lost White Gold Wedding Band.. Corona Del Mar, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Monday .. 5/25/15 .. 6:15pm

Kristin called me after somebody at Corona Del Mar Beach told her about TheRingFinders website. It was the end of Memorial Day, she and her husband were going to enjoy the evening with a fire at the beach. When they arrived Kristin cleaned a little of the trash out of the fire pit, taking the trash to a garbage can 15 ft away. After throwing the trash in the can she walked back to the fire pit. She took a second to shake the sand off here hands. That’s where she thought her ring flew off her finger. Her and her husband thought it could be anywhere within a 20 foot radius of the fire pit.
As usual they had a lot of help from other people on the beach. This could be disastrous for a small ring like Kristin described.
I was able to get to her location within 20 minutes. After asking a few questions I started to worry that the ring could be hiding in the fire pit or the trash can. My experience has been that shaking her hands might be where it was lost. I started there first and I got a great gold signal from the thin white gold ring surrounded with small diamonds.
Smiles and hugs with all the other beach goers congratulating Kristin. It was definitely a community affair. I stayed around for a few minutes telling everybody about and passing out cards. Summer is here, I hope we can help more people find their lost valuables.

Ring found in sand … Hyatt Regency Hotel … Huntington Beach, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Tuesday  February 3, 2015

Jim is staying at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel on a business conference. He is visiting from Denver. When he called me at 5:45pm , it was moments after he had dropped his tungsten wedding ring in the sand while brushing sand off his pants. He had a pretty good idea of the location. He and his two friends even put the location on their smart phone with GPS co-ordinates. It was only seven miles from my location to where Jim was, but he told me he had a meeting to attend in one hour. I told him I was in my car with my detecting equipment and it was important that I have a few minutes with him before his meeting.

The traffic was not too bad coming from Newport Beach. The trip only took 15 minutes. It was also nice, not to pay $15 for parking. I have a yearly parking passes for most beaches around the Orange County area.  Calling Jim as I pulled up, he saw my car and waved me over to the location on the beach. It was a little nerve racking because of the up coming meeting. I set up a grid right away, starting at the center of a 50 foot square area. Walking straight through the center rotating in a spiral. It’s not good push myself, because that’s inviting mistakes that can be time consuming. After the first pass I turned to start the second pass, the first two targets that I retrieved turned out to be trash metal, but the third was Jim’s ring. We rushed to take photos for this blog.. Jim called home to report the good news to his wife. They still had time to make it to his business meeting. He did have a big smile but my camera would only let me take one photo. We did have a nice sunset in the background. It was a pleasure to meet Jim and his friends, but it was sort of like.. “Wam Bam, Thank You Stan”