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Lost Work Truck Keys San Clemente Beach, CA. Recovered by calling a metal detector expert

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*** Jessie had been at San Clemente, CA. with his family. They were sending the afternoon on the beach. After returning home he discovered that his work truck keys were no longer in his pocket. Panic set in, this could mean missing the next day at work and a lot of trouble getting replacement keys. 

Jessie contacted me asking for help. He wasn’t sure if the keys had been lost in the sand at the beach. He did remember playing with his daughter on the sloping dry sand. That was enough of a clue to warrant a search with a metal detector. At least I could tell him if the keys were not there, if I scanned the known spot where they had been.

I met Jessie after we set up a time and location. I gave him a short explanation of how the metal detector works assuring him if the keys were there, I should be able to find them. Sometimes the recovery could be quick but this search was getting discouraging as I was running out of space to search. Then. Boom!! a great signal that prove to be the elusive keys. Jessie was so happy and relieved that he didn’t have to lose a days work. Plus going through whatever process it was going to take replacing the keys. It was my pleasure to be available and help him.

Cartier Love Bracelet Lost in Grass at a Newport Coast Park, Newport Beach, CA.

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I received a call from Sosan asking for help to find a piece of jewelry lost in grass at a private park in Newport Coast, Newport Beach, CA. The call came an hour before sunset and they had been searching for hours. I was only 5 miles from the location, so we made arrangements to get me through the security gate and I was there soon after the original call.

I met Sosan’s husband who was able to tell me some of the details of the lost Cartier Love bracelet. It had been a large party at the park with a awesome venue. She had been in a specific area when she felt her two piece bracelet was loose. A few minutes later the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. The first half was easily found visually, soon after. The other half was another story. It was hiding in the deep grass and should have been close to the other piece. It was also amazing that such a large piece of jewelry could be completely hidden out of site in the deep grass.

I was also sure the large 18k (17 grams ) gold half of the Cartier Love Bracelet would be easy to find with my Metal Detector. You just never know, It did show up over 30 feet from where the other half was found. It was getting a bit testy when I had to expand my search area. Persistence paid off and we had a special celebration as the sunset. It was my pleasure to meet Sosan and her husband to help them find the sentimental piece of jewelry.

If you need help finding a lost metallic item or text  Stan 949-500-2136 .. I will try anywhere.

Lost Wedding Ring .. San Diego, CA .. Recovered and Returned

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Ring Found in Sand .. Breakers Beach , Coronado .. SanDiego, CA.

Sunday morning I was checking my email when I read Chris’s request for my help. He had lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball at the beach Friday evening. Saturday he called local metal detector rental more than four times and couldn’t get a reply. Later that night he found online, sending me an email at 1:30am Sunday.
I sent Chris a reply, asking him to call me. We set up to meet at 9:30 am outside the Naval Air Base and he sponsored me onto the base. After grid searching almost the whole volleyball court, the ring showed up in my scoop.
We were running out of search area, but the last minute find made it more exciting. Ring found 10:15 am. Chris was a very happy that he didn’t have to tell his wife of one year that he had lost the ring.


Ring Lost in the Sand .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found and Returned

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Dave sent me an email late Monday afternoon. I received it on my iphone and was able to contact him using the phone number he provided. He told me about the loss of his wedding ring on the beach in front of Annenberg Community Center which is a couple miles north of the Santa Monica Pier.
He said he had placed his ring in the pocket of his pants, leaving them on the dry sand while he went swimming. After the swim, he put his pants on and walked a couple hundred yards to his car in the parking lot. That was when he realized his ring was missing. He and his friends went back to search for the ring, but couldn’t find it.
I asked Dave if he could meet me at the location. He was across town visiting friends, making it difficult to meet me. After he told me the general area of the loss, I felt I could find the location to search without Dave. We didn’t know for sure that the ring was lost there as he had walked quite a distance across the sand before realizing the loss.
Just as the sun was setting an hour and a half after talking to Dave, I arrived at the beach parking. Walking straight to the lifeguard tower, I set up a grid search over the towel line just south of the tower. The stainless steel ring was found after about 20 minutes. It’s always a concern for me that the beach grooming machines can drag or pickup valuables if we don’t get to the location in a timely manner. Here,  at our beaches the beach cleaning machines always hit the first 30 feet of the towel line almost everyday.
Dave was able to meet me so I could return the ring. You can see he was happy by his smile on the photo I took after handing him his ring. It was a pleasure to meet him and return his special ring..


Lost Wedding Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

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Thursday  6-25-15

Paul works as a instructor for Hurley Surf Camp. His office is on the sand in Newport Beach, CA. Every week day they set up a large beach awnings in the dry sand, mostly in the same general location.
Wednesday after returning home Paul could not find his wedding band in his backpack. He keeps it in the back pack for safekeeping while teaching clients to surf. He was not sure but he thought it could have fallen out during the day when he got things from his backpack.
I was able to get to his location within 30 minutes. Paul was in the water but another instructor was able to show me the general area. After covering most of the location, I received a signal that was broken. TheTDI reading on my detector was close to a penny reading. I dug the signal figuring it may be two separate pieces of metal. No, just Paul’s nice 14k gold wedding band. It’s always good to remember the 14k gold is 60% pure and 40% alloy making the TDI readings different depending on the alloy and the size of the ring.
Paul was surprised and grateful. As I left the beach, I heard him telling other people on the beach about TheRingFinders.