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Newlyweds Lose Diamond Wedding Rings at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found by Calling a Metal Detecting Specialist

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**** Conner and Brianna had been a Newport Beach when he reached for her hand and accidentally pulled off her diamond wedding ring set. The rings dropped into the dry sand. After searching by hand they could not even locate one of the rings.

Conner’s mother got online locating me by a referral after calling several places trying to get help with a metal detector.

Many people are still learning about I am a member of the international directory which has more than 450 independent detectorists in many cities worldwide.

Brianna and Conner are newlyweds and have only been married for three weeks. This was truly frustrating and it seemed impossible that both rings had disappeared so easily. 

I showed up on the beach shortly after the call. When I met the couple they had the area secured. I always feel confident that we can find the lost article if the people do not leave the location. Sometimes it’s more difficult to get back to the spot where the loss occurred than it is to find the ring with the metal detector.

The rings showed up about 2 feet apart about 4” in the sand. It was a quick recovery because they didn’t waste time trying to buy or rent a metal detector to find the rings. Trying to learn how to use a metal detector to find a valuable sentimental keepsake is not the way to go. Call an experienced metal detector specialist from  ..

“I FIND JEWELRY”  call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need  help ..  949-500-2136… ”I WILL TRY ANYWHERE ”

Lost Ring In Mission Viejo, CA. Yard .. Found with Metal Detector in Grass

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****Christine’s husband called me shortly after feeling his ring slip off his finger in his front yard. He had found my contact information online while searching for a place to purchase or rent a metal detector.

I told him I was available to help him find his ring if someone could meet me at the location.. 

His wife Christine was able to meet me an hour later. She showed me a location where her husband had shook his hand while taking the trash out to curb. 

She said it was a dark colored platinum wedding band. After about 30 minutes scanning the rose garden and the lawn I got a signal that turned out to be the missing wedding band in the grass. Like many other searches this was not a platinum ring, it was a tungsten carbide ring. Sometimes people tell you it’s silver and it turns out to be platinum or white gold. I always search in all metal mode when possible. You can’t depend on discrimination settings on the metal detector.

Not all searches are this easy, this ring was completely out of sight and couldn’t have been found without a metal detector. 



Huntington State Beach Peace Officer’s Badge .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Huntington State Beach.. Peace Officer Badge


I received a call from a Huntington State Beach Peace Officer. He found me on TheRingFinders website. These officers are permanent year round employees that patrol the state beach, usually in a vehicle. They are also certified lifeguards sometimes having to perform rescues.
Two days before,  one of their officers had to leave his vehicle removing his uniform to go into the surf for a rescue. In the process, he believes his badge fell into the sand. After searching his vehicle, not finding it he called me.
We met an hour after the call and he walked me out to the general location. Our hope was to find the badge. If we couldn’t find it, we could eliminate this area. It was a 40 x 40ft. location and the badge showed up after about 20minutes. I was careful while using the scoop. I didn’t want to damage the nice looking badge. It was another special day and I was glad to help the patrol officers as they have always been friendly and helpful to me. I know that in the future they can recommend our group.

Sunday  August 8,2015


Wedding Band Found in Sand .. Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Tuesday .. 8-18-15
Ben and his family were vacationing in Huntington Beach, CA. They’re from Las Vegas, NV. where it is hot this time of year. His wife and his two young daughters went out to the beach while Ben was surfing. Ben had forgot to remove his wedding band before venturing out into the water. He took it off his finger to slip it inside the sleeve of his wetsuit.
Returning to the beach blanket with his family, he removed his wetsuit. It wasn’t until some time had passed that he remembered his ring. Now he was sure if it was lost in the sand or the ocean.
They spent two hours sifting through the sand with their fingers. He then found me on .. He said he google searched ” lost ring ” if I remember right. I was 8 miles away so it was easy to meet him and the family within a half hours’ time.
I told Ben to keep an eye on the location as there could be a chance that another detectorist could come across his ring before I got there. All worked out well because the White Gold wedding band was right there in the dry sand. It had not been lost in the ocean which can be found but the process can be more of a challenge.
Everyone was happy, especially Ben’s wife. I like to joke around claiming, I save marriages. I know it does calm things down. It was a great day with an awesome sunset.


Platinum Ring Flys off Finger Swatting at Bees … Found One Year after Loss

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Sunday .. August 8, 2015

Two  men’s wedding rings found and returned in Irvine, Calif. two separate locations, same day, three blocks from each other.

Over a year and a half ago I received a call from Irene. Her husband Stacy had been out for a run, he stopped for a minute and was attacked by a couple bees. When he swatted at them, his platinum wedding band flew off his finger. It seemed to go into some low ground cover foliage or into larger landscape bushes in the background. I suspected that the ring may be in the ground cover, but it was 3 ft. wide 30 to 40 ft long and more than 12″ deep with thick undergrowth. I could not find the ring.
It was city property that would probably be cultivated within the next few months. Irene called me later that summer saying she had noticed gardeners working the area.
I was out of town so I asked Rick Rolsheim, a friend of mine, search for the ring. It was not ready to be found.
Last Sunday, after finding a wedding ring for Brandon at a baseball stadium in Irvine, I kept thinking about Stacy’s lost ring only a couple blocks away from where I was now.
On my way home after finding Brandon’s ring, I drove by where the bee ring was lost and I could see some changes to landscape. So I gave it one more try. This time the ground cover had less foliage. It may have been because we have a drought in California. They have not been watering the plant very often. I could only use a pinpointer, but I proceeded 3 inches at a time. I worked about 8ft by 3ft. Then, “Bingo” the ring was found.
I still had Stacy’s wife’s cell number. Gave her a call and I could hear how surprised she was. Stacy was able to pick it up within 30 minutes. He had already replaced the lost ring, but he told me this one was more important as it was the one that Irene had given him on their wedding day.. Sorry for the long story. It did happen to be a long search. Lost 5/18/14 .. Found 8/9/15


Lost White Gold Wedding Band .. Venice Beach, CA. .. Recovered

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Saturday Aug. 1, 2015

Kristy called me about 7pm from Venice Beach. She had lost he wedding ring believing it was in the sand at the beach. I was more than an hour and a half from her location. It would be dark before I got where she was. I asked for the details of how she lost it, before wasting her time waiting for me.
Kristy and her husband had spent the day with their two children at the beach. She put her two wedding rings in a pocket of her backpack. She believed that one of the rings may have fallen out sometime while getting things out of her backpack. She didn’t realize it was missing until she got back to the car. Returning to the lifeguard station near where they had been, the lifeguard on duty told her about TheRingFinders.
After I heard her story I told her there was a good possibility that the ring could be there. If she could wait to show me where they were sitting it could be an easy find.
Arriving at 8:30pm, we met in the Rose St.parking lot. Her husband had to stay with the kids who were sleeping in the car. Starting the search grid of about a 30 x 20 ft area. I drug my scoop down each side. I was looking for a small white gold wedding band. These can be tricky as they often sound like tin foil. The ring didn’t show up after covering that whole spot. Then Kristy told me that it could have fallen out at the nearby park. I told her to wait while I started to cross grid. I expanded 10ft outside the original box. The second pass north/south “Bam” a huge tinfoil sound. Wedding band in the scoop. I actually found it on the drag marker wher I had started my first pass. It’s game of inches as Chris Turner often says. A grateful lady smiling has her wedding back where it belongs. The family outing turned out to be a long day, but instead of a bad memory. Kristy and her family will remember this day as a good day at the beach. So will I . I hope I never get tired of seeing miracles.

Tungsten Carbide Ring found in grass .. Cypress, CA.

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Thursday 7-09-15

Troy called me in the late afternoon. He wanted to know if a metal detector would be able to find a tungsten carbide ring. My answer was yes, then I asked him if he planned on renting or buying a metal detector? I explained to him if he hasn’t operated a metal detector, there are many factors to overcome to have a successful search. Parks and yards can have a metallic trash and/ or electrical interference, especially bothersome with the more inexpensive metal detectors. I told him I could help him find his ring and made him a offer he could not refuse. When I arrived Troy showed me an area where he thought it had fallen out of his pocket. He had spent several hours searching on his hands and knees. He also raked the area hoping to pull it up. It was a small area with thick deep grass. Starting my grid during the first five feet, I received quite a few false signals mixed with deeper good metallic signals. My detector does give me approximate depth reading and a number that gives me a general idea of the type of metal it has detected. After a few minutes Troy approached me to tell me that the ring was actually thrown not dropped. I thanked him, assuring him that this happens more than he would ever believe. It did change my search plan, because the ring could have hit a tree or sidewalk bouncing in a odd direction. I spent about 20 minutes searching outside the area he thought it might be hiding. My next plan was to change my search coil to a 6″ instead of my 11″ coil. Then retrace my search area where there was more trash and electrical interference. Before I made the change, I did a couple quick swings over that spot. Mixed in with several signals I could see a 12-29 reading at 2″ deep. It just flashed on my detector screen for a second. When I put my pinpointer into the grass I got a good signal, but I had to strain my eyes to see the black/gray ring deep in the grass. Troy’s wife was near, so I called her over show her how well it was hidden. Troy was surprised and told me that he had not believed that I could find it with a metal detector. Another successful day for TheRingFinders.

Ring Found .. Santa Monica Beach, Ca. .. Lost in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday June 17,2015

Olga and Hector are visiting Santa Monica, Beach from New York. Hector wanted to do a little work out on the gymnastics bars and rings on the beach. He gave Olga his small gold ring to hold for him. She slipped it on her finger for safe keeping. After a half hour she realized the ring was gone. It had to be somewhere in the sand where she had been watching Hector.
Olga found after a Google search on her iPhone. I was an hour away and after hearing her story, told her this would probably be an easy search. It was important that she stayed in the location. This will help make it a quick recovery. I was able to get to her location with the cooperation of Los Angeles freeway traffic.
I called Olga as I walked to the beach recreation equipment. She came walking out of the crowd saying she recognized me carrying my metal detector equipment. She pointed out where it might be. With less than 10 swings of my detector coil I got that sweet gold tone. Hector’s ring in the sand scoop. They gave me big Hi Fives and thanked me with a real sincerity. They even had enough time to take the walk on the Santa Monica Pier which they had planned to do before losing the ring. This never gets boring. Every search is special.

image image

Ring Found on Large Property .. Corona, Calif.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

    imageJason called me Saturday evening from home in Corona, Calif. asking if I could help him. His friend had told him about TheRingFinders. He noticed his wedding ring missing after six hours of doing chores around his large property. Jason had spent a day and a half retracing all his activities in search of his wedding band. He lives on a large piece of property and had been doing a lot of work in almost every part of his yard. Almost everything he had been doing could have caused his ring to slip from his finger. He was taking down Christmas lighting decorations from his two story house, fences and trees. Dealing with hundreds of feet of cords coiling them up then putting them in storage boxes. He also took the Christmas tree from the house cutting off all the limbs to put them in large trash containers. On top of all that work he spend time cleaning his pool. All these activities were done without gloves and all these activities were the type of movements that would cause a ring to slip off a finger.

    During my 45 minute drive to Corona, my mind pictured a large property with a tough time consuming search. It’s more or less an adventure to go to an unknown location to search for a ring. Once getting to the location you need to ask as many questions as you can think of to narrow search area. The big decision is, “Where do you start ?” The last thing would be to empty all the trash from the containers and run the detector over the contents.

When I met Jason he took at least 15 minutes showing and explaining all the things he had done before noticing his ring missing. I can’t believe all the things he had been doing that morning he lost the ring. I put together a plan of attack to start in the backyard. My car was out front with my metal detector so I got my Minelab CTX 3030 set up. That’s when I changed my mind and began to tune up my detector in the front yard where Jason had taken decoration lights off a small tree. Guess what! Yes! White gold wedding band deep in the grass. 15 minutes to find it. This happens quite often at the beach, but not in situations where people notice the ring missing after hours sense that last remember seeing it. A little side note.. I’ve found several men’s wedding bands. Most the time the wife is more concerned about finding the ring. Most the time the wife calls. Sometimes the guys say they are in the dog house for losing the ring. In Jason’s case he was sincerely concerned about finding his ring. I got high fives and a big man hug. Thanks Jason for letting me help you..



Ring Thrown off Balcony .. Recovered .. Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Tuesday  12-23-14

I had two calls within 20 minutes Tuesday morning. Both lost rings were lost as a result of arguments with spouses and the rings were thrown. It happens more often than people like to admit. I choose to search for the one that was lost in a public area first but  had no success in locating that ring. I’m sure it was found by somebody as it was a wide open area with hardly any hiding places.

Nikki’s mother called me about the ring and neckless that Nikki had thrown off a second floor apartment. They had searched for two days finding the neckless, but the ring was still waiting to be found. Nikki was embarrassed about her actions, but helpful with her description of how she threw the ring. The neckless did fall just in front of a large boxwood shrub. Then there was a 7 foot fence separating her garden area from her neighbor’s yard. The large shrub was going to be a challenge that I wasn’t wanting to tackle.  I decided to try the neighbors yard first, because it was more detector friendly. We could eliminate that area first, although it seemed like it would be pretty far to throw a small ring. First problem was the neighbor was not home and the gate was latched from the inside. Nikki called them and was given permission to search the yard. I found a ladder that helped give me access to open the gate. It only took a few minutes to find the ring. She was very happy to have it back on her finger, but still remorseful for losing her temper. It was a ring that had belonged her spouse’s grandmother and very sentimental to both of them.

Nikki, Thank you for the reward and especially the jar of homemade salsa..