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Ring Found .. Santa Monica Beach, Ca. .. Lost in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday June 17,2015

Olga and Hector are visiting Santa Monica, Beach from New York. Hector wanted to do a little work out on the gymnastics bars and rings on the beach. He gave Olga his small gold ring to hold for him. She slipped it on her finger for safe keeping. After a half hour she realized the ring was gone. It had to be somewhere in the sand where she had been watching Hector.
Olga found TheRingFinders.com after a Google search on her iPhone. I was an hour away and after hearing her story, told her this would probably be an easy search. It was important that she stayed in the location. This will help make it a quick recovery. I was able to get to her location with the cooperation of Los Angeles freeway traffic.
I called Olga as I walked to the beach recreation equipment. She came walking out of the crowd saying she recognized me carrying my metal detector equipment. She pointed out where it might be. With less than 10 swings of my detector coil I got that sweet gold tone. Hector’s ring in the sand scoop. They gave me big Hi Fives and thanked me with a real sincerity. They even had enough time to take the walk on the Santa Monica Pier which they had planned to do before losing the ring. This never gets boring. Every search is special.

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