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Platinum Ring Flys off Finger Swatting at Bees … Found One Year after Loss

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday .. August 8, 2015

Two ┬ámen’s wedding rings found and returned in Irvine, Calif. two separate locations, same day, three blocks from each other.

Over a year and a half ago I received a call from Irene. Her husband Stacy had been out for a run, he stopped for a minute and was attacked by a couple bees. When he swatted at them, his platinum wedding band flew off his finger. It seemed to go into some low ground cover foliage or into larger landscape bushes in the background. I suspected that the ring may be in the ground cover, but it was 3 ft. wide 30 to 40 ft long and more than 12″ deep with thick undergrowth. I could not find the ring.
It was city property that would probably be cultivated within the next few months. Irene called me later that summer saying she had noticed gardeners working the area.
I was out of town so I asked Rick Rolsheim, a friend of mine, search for the ring. It was not ready to be found.
Last Sunday, after finding a wedding ring for Brandon at a baseball stadium in Irvine, I kept thinking about Stacy’s lost ring only a couple blocks away from where I was now.
On my way home after finding Brandon’s ring, I drove by where the bee ring was lost and I could see some changes to landscape. So I gave it one more try. This time the ground cover had less foliage. It may have been because we have a drought in California. They have not been watering the plant very often. I could only use a pinpointer, but I proceeded 3 inches at a time. I worked about 8ft by 3ft. Then, “Bingo” the ring was found.
I still had Stacy’s wife’s cell number. Gave her a call and I could hear how surprised she was. Stacy was able to pick it up within 30 minutes. He had already replaced the lost ring, but he told me this one was more important as it was the one that Irene had given him on their wedding day.. Sorry for the long story. It did happen to be a long search. Lost 5/18/14 .. Found 8/9/15