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Ring Found on Large Property .. Corona, Calif.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

    imageJason called me Saturday evening from home in Corona, Calif. asking if I could help him. His friend had told him about TheRingFinders. He noticed his wedding ring missing after six hours of doing chores around his large property. Jason had spent a day and a half retracing all his activities in search of his wedding band. He lives on a large piece of property and had been doing a lot of work in almost every part of his yard. Almost everything he had been doing could have caused his ring to slip from his finger. He was taking down Christmas lighting decorations from his two story house, fences and trees. Dealing with hundreds of feet of cords coiling them up then putting them in storage boxes. He also took the Christmas tree from the house cutting off all the limbs to put them in large trash containers. On top of all that work he spend time cleaning his pool. All these activities were done without gloves and all these activities were the type of movements that would cause a ring to slip off a finger.

    During my 45 minute drive to Corona, my mind pictured a large property with a tough time consuming search. It’s more or less an adventure to go to an unknown location to search for a ring. Once getting to the location you need to ask as many questions as you can think of to narrow search area. The big decision is, “Where do you start ?” The last thing would be to empty all the trash from the containers and run the detector over the contents.

When I met Jason he took at least 15 minutes showing and explaining all the things he had done before noticing his ring missing. I can’t believe all the things he had been doing that morning he lost the ring. I put together a plan of attack to start in the backyard. My car was out front with my metal detector so I got my Minelab CTX 3030 set up. That’s when I changed my mind and began to tune up my detector in the front yard where Jason had taken decoration lights off a small tree. Guess what! Yes! White gold wedding band deep in the grass. 15 minutes to find it. This happens quite often at the beach, but not in situations where people notice the ring missing after hours sense that last remember seeing it. A little side note.. I’ve found several men’s wedding bands. Most the time the wife is more concerned about finding the ring. Most the time the wife calls. Sometimes the guys say they are in the dog house for losing the ring. In Jason’s case he was sincerely concerned about finding his ring. I got high fives and a big man hug. Thanks Jason for letting me help you..