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Lost Ring In Mission Viejo, CA. Yard .. Found with Metal Detector in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

















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****Christine’s husband called me shortly after feeling his ring slip off his finger in his front yard. He had found my contact information online while searching for a place to purchase or rent a metal detector.

I told him I was available to help him find his ring if someone could meet me at the location.. 

His wife Christine was able to meet me an hour later. She showed me a location where her husband had shook his hand while taking the trash out to curb. 

She said it was a dark colored platinum wedding band. After about 30 minutes scanning the rose garden and the lawn I got a signal that turned out to be the missing wedding band in the grass. Like many other searches this was not a platinum ring, it was a tungsten carbide ring. Sometimes people tell you it’s silver and it turns out to be platinum or white gold. I always search in all metal mode when possible. You can’t depend on discrimination settings on the metal detector.

Not all searches are this easy, this ring was completely out of sight and couldn’t have been found without a metal detector. 



Lost Wedding Ring Found in the Grass in Burlington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Another happy reunion of a beautiful wedding band and a very sentimental owner!

Today at work I got a call from a woman who had lost her wedding band. One of her co-workers referred her to me. So, after work I hurried home, let my dogs out, and hit the Interstate for Burlington. She had lost it in a very busy area, so I wanted to get there quick before the wrong person found it. I went prepared to do an after dark search if necessary,

She told me that she had lost it either during an exercise class on a lawn behind her office or afterwards when she went for a short run in the streets nearby. I was sure hoping it was in that lawn, but was prepared to go search the streets as well.

She said her insurance would replace it, but she really wanted to find her own original ring instead of getting a replacement ring. She and a bunch of friends and co-workers looked real hard for it. She even got the services of a police dog who was trained to find objects that had been handled by someone. I felt bad for the dog and owner that they hadn’t found it.

After a very short search (thanks to her good directions) I found it on the lawn, pushed deep into the thick grass where no-one would have been able to find it without a metal detector. She was so happy! I felt real good, too.


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