White gold wedding band found in Denver's Washington Park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

I was attending the GPAA’s Gold and Treasure show when I received a call from Mike. He was in one of the local parks preparing to play volleyball when he decided to take off his white gold wedding band and place it into his pocket for safe keeping. After a few games and a few beers Mike decided it was time to walk home and reached for his wedding band. The ring was no longer in his pocket. His friends stopped playing and searched both courts that they played in and the area between them in earnest for his ring for several minutes. But they had no luck the ring was well hidden in the grass. After a quick internet search Mike found me  and left me a message on my cell phone. I noticed the message on my phone and called Mike back. I was only a 15 minute drive from the park and just happened to have a couple of detectors in my truck.

Upon my arrival Mike and I talked about the series of events that happened, he took me to the location where he had played. His friends were still there playing one last game of volleyball so the location of the hunt site was not in question. I searched the area between two courts that Mike had played on only recovering pull tabs. As his friends were taking down the final net I asked them to keep some sort of indications as to the net’s and sidelines locations. They left the court boundary line staked in the ground so I decided to run a couple of quick patterns along both sides of the net location. Within 15 feet of starting this pattern my V3i gave me a nice 13-14 reading and there was Mikes wedding band. I received a crushing group hug from Mikes friends and Mike was quite relieved to have his ring back.

Ring recovered 5-17-2015

Mike & ringMike's ring

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That was a fast find and a great Smile you found! Way to go Jeff!

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