White gold ring recovered from Denver volleyball court

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Nate was running late for his volleyball league game, so when he arrived at the courts he just hopped right in to the action. Within a minute of his joining the game his wedding ring slipped off his figure and landed in the sand of the volleyball court. He didn’t see the ring leave his figure but he noticed it was missing shortly thereafter.

Nate searched for his ring but would not find it as it had quickly sank out of sight in the loss sand. A few days later he found The Ring Finders and my profile, he contacted me and we set a date and time for a search.

I began my search pattern by running over the side of the court that he was on playing on when he lost his ring. I came up with a few targets but no ring. I then searched the opposing side hoping the ring flew to that side, no luck. I then switched machines and started another search pattern perpendicular to my original pattern. Within a couple of passes my MXT sounded off on a signal, I dug the sand out with my scoop. With in a few seconds the Nat’s ring was in my scoop. Nate was pretty darn happy, his wife had given up hope 30 minutes into the search. So she had a wonderful surprise when I dropped Nate off at home.

Nate’s ring is a unique one with wood and meteorite insets in white gold.

Ring recovered 10-13-2015

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