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Lost platinum eternity ring found in Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Kathleen was out planting flowers in the yard of their home in Centennial, Colorado. While shaking open a garbage bag to put old, dead plants in her 3 ring platinum eternity ring slid off her hand. Kathleen had seen people searching with metal detectors in the past and knew that the newer machines would be expensive to purchase and complex to understand. And that rental machines may not be good enough to get the achieve success and with no knowledge of how to set up a detector. So Kathleen decided to find an expert detectorist and ended up calling me through TheRingFinders.

I was out at a wine tasting when Kathleen called and I did not hear my phone ring so she left me a message. Upon seeing I had a message I returned her call. We talked for a bit and set up a search for the following morning.

After arriving at their house Kathleen and Michael (Kathleen’s husband) led me to the location where Kathleen was working. We discussed the possibilities of the rings hiding place and I began my search. After searching the area in front of where Kathleen was standing a twice with no success I started searching behind where she was standing. My MXT gave out a faint signal (my sensitivity was turned down due to edging and pipes in the area and the plantings were deep). I pulled back the plantings and there sat Kathleen’s rings. She was quite happy to get her prized rings back.


Rings recovered 5/30/2015

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