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White gold engagement ring recovered from a Denver area park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Bethany was taking her two children to soccer within her development, she stopped and dropped off her eldest at one park. Having a few minutes before her youngest needed to be at another park she decided to put sun block on both of them and herself. In doing this she had taken off her rings (wedding band and engagement ring) and placed them in the pocket of her shorts.¬† Bethany¬† then spent a few minutes running around the soccer pitch with her oldest child and then she hopped back in the car to drop of her youngest at another park just a couple of blocks away. After dropping off her youngest she returned to the original park watched the match from the sidelines. She soon realized that her wedding band was in her pocket but her white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring was missing. She got several of the parents to help her do a visual search after the match but they had no luck. Later that afternoon Bethany and her husband Jeff did another visual search also with no luck. They thought about options and decided that purchasing their own detector wouldn’t be a feasible option. That is when Bethany found my profile on

Bethany sent me a text inquiring if I would be able to help in the search of her missing ring. After a couple of texts back and forth and then a phone call we had a location and a time to meet. Luckily I had a day off work and Bethany was working from home so within a couple of hours of our first communication we were meeting up and beginning the search. Bethany took me to the closest park and showed me the areas of the park she was in, then we went to the next park and did the same. This last park was the one that she removed the rings to apply the sunblock to her children so it seemed like the proper park to start my search in. Bethany returned home to continue working and left me to do my search. I started doing my systematic grid search of the park and within a half hour I noticed a flash of silver color as my metal detector’s coil passed over the target and sounded off. I reached down and pulled the ring from its grassy hiding spot, snapped a couple of photos and sent Bethany a picture text of her ring. She was at the park a few minutes later and she told me that the text I just sent her was the best text she had ever received.

Ring recovered 6/10/2021