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Wedding Ring Lost Abbottsfield Neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


After a long three weeks of brutal – 30 Celsius weather, yesterday the temperature rose to -4 Celsius and people took advantage of it.   Stuart called me requesting my service to locate his ring which he lost while on a toboggan hill.  Stuart told me he had raked the area where he believed  the ring was lost and that he also had the kids looking but had had no luck.

Stuart called me to say he would be late so I went ahead and checked the hill. The hill was covered with footprints  but I walked  to where Stuart had raked and that’s where I found his ring.  Stuart arrived within ten minutes and as usual I asked a lot of question.  Stuart began telling me how his hill experience started and said the ring could be anywhere on the hill. I pulled the ring from my pocket and asked him if this was his ring.  He was lost for words and could not believe I had found it so quickly – another happy client.

Thank you Stuart for entrusting me to find your ring.


Wedding Ring Lost in Surf .. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

The white gold diamond wedding ring was lost in the surf about 11:30 am at a 4.1′ high tide. When Shawn’s wife , Ashley was in the surf in approximately ankle deep water, her ring slipped off her finger into water saturated sand, disappearing immediately. Shawn called me from their home 40 miles away.
I got to the approximate location that same evening as the tide was coming back in. Beach closes at sunset. As it turned out, Crystal Cove State Beach has four entrances,  I went to the wrong part of Crystal Cove , because Shawn said it was the first lifeguard tower to the right of the tunnel ( 2 entrances have tunnels under PCH).  Texted him a photo of the lifeguard tower and he told me it wasn’t the right location.
Returned to my car, drove one mile south,  parked then walked a quarter mile to the location. Twenty feet to the left of the lifeguard tower I started a grid to and from the incoming waves. Second pass, first target was Ashley’s wedding ring.. I sent them a photo of the ring in my hand. They came that evening to pick up the ring. It was great that she didn’t have to lose a nights sleep or worry about losing her ring forever. Another nice note was this next week they will be celebrating their fourth year wedding anniversary. A very nice couple who were elated and in disbelief that they could find their ring using the Internet and a smart phone while at home 40 miles from where it was lost.. Maybe a good tag would be: ” How to find a ring 40 miles away remotely from the comfort of your couch”. You’ve got to love it !



White gold ring recovered from Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Troy was playing with his two young daughters in the lake at Boy Lake State Park when his ring slipped off his finger. Troy and his wife used the diving mask that their daughters had with them to search for quite a while. They did recover another ring during their attempt to find Troy’s ring, this ring was turned into the ranger station. But their efforts to find Troy’s ring were not successful.

Troy contacted me and we set a date and time to perform a search. Upon arrival and a quick talk about the circumstances that lead to the rings loss, I grabbed my equipment and headed toward the beach. Troy thought he was in waist deep water when his ring was lost, but his daughter (10 years old) remembered being in chest deep water. So my search area was a bit larger than I had hoped for. I took my search out to chin deep on me and started searching into shallower water. Troy was beginning to give up hope when I got a good signal on my CTX in waist deep water and sure enough it was Troy’s ring. We made our way to the beach and that is when I noticed that Troy’s waist is about the same height as his daughters chest.

Ring recovered July 14th, 2015

Troy and ring Troy's ring - 1

Wedding Ring Thrown off Balcony .. Mission Viejo, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Monday .. August 24, 2015

Yvonne called me asking if it was possible to find a wedding ring lost in ivy outside her condo in the landscaping. I explained that I would have to see the location, but assured her that I could at least give it a try. Arriving at her home I could see that the ivy covering the ground was very low which should not be a problem. She told me that her husband borrowed a metal detector and had a lot of problems using it.
I then asked how the ring was lost. She hesitated, so I interrupted her, saying, was it thrown, it happens all the time. She then explained that it was thrown in the heat of the moment.
Showing me the direction towards the pool area. I searched the planted ground cover first, but could see some thick larger bushes that could probably hold a ring in the foliage. Also, if the ring made it to the cement deck of the pool, someone may have found it in the 4 days since the loss.
Keeping my head thinking about only making sure it wasn’t in hidden in the landscaping. I searched the whole slope and all the plants in the pool area.
Spending more than three hours with my detector and a pinpointer, sometimes on my hands and knees, I was running out of places to search. I went up to give Yvonne the bad news. As we looked out off the balcony, I explained exactly where I had searched. Telling her that if it wasn’t picked up by somebody that it may be hung up in those thick bushes. I had searched much more area than she had laid out, but I should take a few minutes to show her where else she could look. Then, I decided to finish that last bit of ivy, 50ft to the left from the original search zone.
As Yvonne walked around to meet me at the bottom of the slope she spotted the ring on clear ground. (the ring had green and black paint on on side and was camouflaged as pictured)
It doesn’t matter who finds it. We eliminated those other areas first then went to the most unlikely location. I could not believe the angle or the distance that this ring traveled. For me it was a “believe or not moment”. What a happy lady, she told me she did a lot of praying also. It works.

Lost White Gold Ring .. Huntington Beach .. Found in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Monday night .. 6-01-15 .. 10:30pm

I got a call Monday night about a white gold wedding band lost in the grass. Danny had been given my information from a guy that recommended TheRingFinders and my name. We talked about when I could meet him or his wife tomorrow. They had another detectorist look for the ring the first evening but it was late and Danny’s wife, Fallon was not available to narrow the search area.
I talked to Fallon setting up a 3pm meeting, because we had chores to take care of before then. It was not so important as this not a public park, it was just a large green grass area inside a gated community. Before meeting Fallon, I saw another park where the gardeners were mowing the lawns. I started to panic thinking I was too late. When Fallon arrived she took me to this other grassy park. Telling me that her 4 year old son Cody had his Dad’s ring in his hand when he got distracted he dropped it in the grass.
Fallon showed me an area half the size of a basketball court that Cody could have dropped it. Then she asked Cody, who said it was another 50 yards towards the trees. It looked best to break the area into four separate quadrants. I picked a starting point to start gridding diagonally. I like to start in the center and do a spiral type grid pattern. On my first quadrant I made two 60 ft. passes, 15 ft. after starting my 3rd pass I got a strong gold tone. Bamm! One white gold wedding band. The ring was hidden deep in 3 inches of grass. It could have never be seen by eye. Danny’s wife Fallon was ecstatic, but the two kids were busy doing kid things. It was another special Day in Huntington Beach.

image image

Lost White Gold Wedding Band.. Corona Del Mar, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Monday .. 5/25/15 .. 6:15pm

Kristin called me after somebody at Corona Del Mar Beach told her about TheRingFinders website. It was the end of Memorial Day, she and her husband were going to enjoy the evening with a fire at the beach. When they arrived Kristin cleaned a little of the trash out of the fire pit, taking the trash to a garbage can 15 ft away. After throwing the trash in the can she walked back to the fire pit. She took a second to shake the sand off here hands. That’s where she thought her ring flew off her finger. Her and her husband thought it could be anywhere within a 20 foot radius of the fire pit.
As usual they had a lot of help from other people on the beach. This could be disastrous for a small ring like Kristin described.
I was able to get to her location within 20 minutes. After asking a few questions I started to worry that the ring could be hiding in the fire pit or the trash can. My experience has been that shaking her hands might be where it was lost. I started there first and I got a great gold signal from the thin white gold ring surrounded with small diamonds.
Smiles and hugs with all the other beach goers congratulating Kristin. It was definitely a community affair. I stayed around for a few minutes telling everybody about www.TheRingFinders.com and passing out cards. Summer is here, I hope we can help more people find their lost valuables.