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Family heirloom ring recovered in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

A couple of weeks ago Susan lost a family heirloom ring while doing yard work. She rented a detector and didn’t have luck finding her ring. She then purchased a detector so that she could take her time searching the yard, still no luck. Then she contacted me to hopefully get an experienced detectorist to help her. She called me and we set Tuesday morning for my search.
Upon my arrival at her house she showed me the back yard with a couple of piles of yard clippings and a large trash can half full of yard refuse. We search the clippings and the contents of the garbage can, with the same result she had. I looked over her yard and told her that it will take a little over an hour to search that large of a yard. Susan was starting to head in doors as I began my search near where the piles of grass clippings were, that area was near the metal yard edging. My CTX was giving me a smear reading from the edging but there was a definite signal in the gold range. I peered down into the grass and there laid Susan’s ring. I had found it on the first pass of the coil. Susan was all hugs and shed a few tears when I handed her the ring.

Ring recovered 5-9-2017

White gold ring recovered from Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Troy was playing with his two young daughters in the lake at Boy Lake State Park when his ring slipped off his finger. Troy and his wife used the diving mask that their daughters had with them to search for quite a while. They did recover another ring during their attempt to find Troy’s ring, this ring was turned into the ranger station. But their efforts to find Troy’s ring were not successful.

Troy contacted me and we set a date and time to perform a search. Upon arrival and a quick talk about the circumstances that lead to the rings loss, I grabbed my equipment and headed toward the beach. Troy thought he was in waist deep water when his ring was lost, but his daughter (10 years old) remembered being in chest deep water. So my search area was a bit larger than I had hoped for. I took my search out to chin deep on me and started searching into shallower water. Troy was beginning to give up hope when I got a good signal on my CTX in waist deep water and sure enough it was Troy’s ring. We made our way to the beach and that is when I noticed that Troy’s waist is about the same height as his daughters chest.

Ring recovered July 14th, 2015

Troy and ring Troy's ring - 1