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San Clemente, CA. .. T-Street .. Third Time Finding Same Platinum Ring

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Jeremy has experience losing his ring at the beach. He has called me two other times to find his lost ring in the sand at the beach. Now he’s much more careful to not lose his ring at the beach. While on the beach with his wife and child. He took his platinum wedding ring off putting it in a bag with the rest of their belongings.

He went into the surf for a swim while his son and wife stayed on the sand. Upon returning he saw that his son had been playing with the bag. The ring was missing. More than an hour later he had not been able to find the ring. He took photos of the area for future reference and left the beach.

That evening he sent me a text with all the information and the photo. I texted him that it was unnecessary for him to meet me at the location. I could be there early that morning and it should be an easy recovery. I know my area beaches.

The ring was there about 4 inches deep in the dry sand. He put me right on the right spot.. After returning the ring later that morning, Jeremy told me putting the ring in the bag was not safe enough. He vowed not to ever take his ring to the beach, it will be left home from now on..

I’m ready to help you find your missing metal item lost at the beach, yard, park or in the water. Also I have been able to recover jewelry in cars, homes or other places where a metal detector can’t be used using endoscopes and other search tools.

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Lost Cellphone at the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Zack was on the beach near the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA. He and his girlfriend took a late night walk, when his girl friend saw a shell she wanted him to pick out of the surf. He waited for the wave to recede and when he bent over to pick it up his cellphone dropped into the wet sand. The next wave totally covered the phone. 

Zack called me after finding my contact information online. It was 11:30pm . I looked at the tide chart determining that the phone was lost at peak high tide. If the beach didn’t have much slope, there was a good chance to find it. 

Cellphones can be difficult to find on some of our beaches, but I was willing to give this one a search. Even though Zack couldn’t meet me, I know that beach well and I left to search before the next higher came.

After an hour with no success I returned home. 

The next morning I went back finding the phone within feet of my grid search that night. Night searches are successful but it is difficult to keep a straight line while trying to do a grid search.

The next thing was to get the phone back to Zack. He lives 40 miles away. We arranged for me to give it to his friend who worked a couple miles from my place.

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Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost at Newport Beach While playing with Grandkids.. Found by Metal Detector Man

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*** Colleen was visiting Newport Beach from Arizona. She and her daughter spent the day near the pier where they enjoyed playing with the grandkids in the sand. After a few hours on the beach, Colleen discovered that her heirloom white gold with diamonds was no longer on her finger.

She had no idea when or where the ring slipped off her finger. She had been all over the beach in the 3 hours they had been on the beach. Her daughter had heard about the Ringfinders, so I was contacted while they were still at the location.. 

There was quite a few people on the beach, so I had to work around their beach blankets. I knew if the ring wasn’t found, I could stay till the beach was clear of beach goers. Coming back in the morning was not an option as the beach crew will run the sifting machines early in the morning.

The ring was recovered after an hour of grid searching the area. It actually was more the 200 ft. from their beach chairs. It was in shallow water as the tide was coming in.. Colleen was very happy and grateful to have her most sentimental heirloom diamond wedding ring back where it belongs.

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Engagement Ring Lost at Playa Del Rey Beach, Los Angeles County, CA. Recovered by Ringfinder Stan Ross

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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***Melanie dropped her engagement ring in the sand while at Playa Del Rey Beach, one of the Los Angeles County Beaches. She went remove her very special ring to put in her purse for safekeeping. The ring so slipped off her finger disappearing into the sand. Her fiancé, David was right there to help her search for the ring. Two hours later, no success.

Melanie’s friend was also there to help. She gave up digging through the sand and got online, where she found my contact information. After discussing the details of the loss, I assured them that the ring was findable if they stayed in the area. I was able to meet them an hour later. 

We still had plenty of daylight which is always a plus. Melanie showed me the general area. I took a few minutes to explain how the metal detector works. Then a few minutes later we had her ring in my sand scoop.. It was another recovery that went right.. We can find it, if it’s there. Modern Metal detectors work well when you have experience using them. If you’ve lost something of value where a metal detector can be used call or text an experienced metal detector expert.

Diamond Ring Lost Throwing Leaves Off Balcony.. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Jeanny  had been on her second floor balcony when she saw a couple leaves on a patio table. She grabbed the small leaves and threw them over the side of the balcony. The action of throwing the leaves caused her gold diamond ring to come off her finger. She went down to search the ivy landscaping immediately after the loss occurred but the ring was not visible. Then she asked the gardener to look for the ring, he also had no luck finding her precious ring.

That evening Jeanny was able to find my contact information with a google search online. I made the trip the next morning and was unable to find her ring. There was a possibility that the ring could have landed on her neighbor’s balcony on the first floor. We had no access to the first floor balcony. Also there was a possibility that I could have dislodged the ring if it had been in her balcony planter. ( I should have searched that planter first ).. 

I felt that I had done a 90% search of the ivy garden. There was still a good possibility that the ring was on the first floor balcony as it had a larger planter that could hide a ring. She called me the next morning after getting access to the first floor balcony. I made the 40 mile drive just to feel good that I had exhausted all the possible areas that could be searched. 

The lower balcony planter did not reveal the ring. I then proceeded to re-check the first 20 ft of the ivy garden area. Then as I was positive the those areas were clear, I went across the side walk more than 35 ft. away from the building. A small planter area on the opposite side of the side walk. There, sparkling in the morning sunlight was the beautiful gold diamond ring. Unbelievable that it went that far. I’m learning that rings seem to go farther that expected when they are lost from balconies or down a sloping hillside.. Never give up, search outside the box,

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Rouge Wave Washes Rings Off Beach Towel into Sand.. Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Ashley’s friend called me called me after Ashley had her two rings washed off beach towel by a rouge wave. The friends were in Laguna Beach, CA. at Emerald Cove when the rings were lost in the sand. I was able to meet them soon after they called.

I couldn’t believe how this happened. This crazy wave came up just the one time, surprising everyone on the beach. Anyway they had a very good idea of where the two rings could be. I was looking forward to a quick recovery. The silver ring was easy but the gold ring didn’t show for about 15 minutes. It was actually buried in the sand next to a spray can of sun block. I didn’t take time to move the sunblock spay can until my second pass. 

The rings were very sentimental to Ashley and it was a real treat to see the happiness of having the rings back in her possession. We also got the attention of all the beach goers as the beach was elbow to elbow with people. RingFinder to the rescue.

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Rings Lost from Beach Bag .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found with the help of a Metal Detector Expert

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*** A nice lady named Summer called asking for help to find two rings that may have fallen out of her beach bag. Summer was at her local volleyball court in Marina Del Rey, CA. the day before calling me. She wasn’t sure but thought her two favorite rings may be in the sand. They also could be anywhere between the beach and her home a mile from where she had taken the rings off, placing them in her beach bag.

Lately I have had several calls for other lost pieces of jewelry that had inadvertently pulled out of bags or purses. I told her it’s very possible the rings could still be there. At least I can scan the area and tell her the rings are not there. 

We met at Marina Del Rey beach volleyball recreation area an hour later. She was able to put me on the exact spot where the bag had been the day before. Turned on the metal detector making a few adjustments then taking a couple practice swings. A short time later I had both rings in the scoop. The made it through the night, hiding in the sand. Needless to say Summer was extremely happy and relieved that her favorite rings were not lost forever.. 

I like it when rings are lost in sand, soft dirt or grass. That way the lost items can hide from someone accidentally finding them and not knowing how or where to find the owners. All in all it was another great day of recovering sentimental rings for such a nice lady..


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Lost Gold Ring on a Busy Beach Day at Huntington State Beach .. Doesn’t Hamper Recovery

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*** I was a very summer day in Southern California and the beaches were packed. Finlay and his family were at Huntington State Beach when he lost his gold wedding band while brushing off sand with his hand. They search a small area for more than an hour before conceding that it was an futile task without the proper equipment.

While scanning the internet for a place to rent or buy a metal detector they found my contact information. He called, I got the location and was on the road. Even though it was less than 5 miles away. The line of cars waiting to get into the State Beach was more than a mile long at all three entrances. 

Plan “B” for beach access on days like this is to use my Segway. I found parking a couple miles south and rode the Segway to the location, using the bicycle/ pedestrian path. 

We connected by using the cellphone. The search area was small so the recovery was quick. They were a very grateful couple and it was my pleasures to be available to help them. We also have to remember how modern day technologies helped make this possible.

I am ready to help you now with any questions about this service call now I will pick up .. Stan … 949-500-2136.


Buried Cache Recovered In Backyard of Los Angeles Home by Ringfinder Stan Ross

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



















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… Cache located in backyard. SPOILER ALERT ! The contents of the cache has been kept a secret as I agreed to a NDA .. non disclosure agreement. 

Here’s the rest of the story. Sara called me telling me she needed help to find a buried item in her backyard. Her father had buried a plastic tube in the backyard with valuables to be given to his four daughters. He has past away unexpectedly. 

He had given Sara verbal directions and told her the items were in a black pvc tube that was wrapped in plastic. It was buried in a garden area and most of it was under the concrete deck. 

The sisters had tried digging all along the garden and a couple feet under the cement deck. They had no luck finding the buried tube that she knew contained metal items.

We agreed to meet at the residence on a week day afternoon. When I accessed the area it was 90% dug up with piles of dirt along the patio deck. I chose to use my detector with a small probe type coil, several pinpointers with extension handles and a 4 foot bottle probe. 

There was at least one metal pipe that was a bit troublesome but I proceeded to check all the excavated hole. Secondly I decided to do some preliminary probing with the bottle probe. “BINGO”.. as I probed the beginning of where they had started the digging, I felt the probe hit plastic. From Sara’s description of the tube and how it was wrapped, I knew this had to be the treasure.

Three of the sisters were in the house making lunch for us ( part of the deal I made) .. They were excited about the find and called the fourth sister. They had agreed beforehand that every one would be present when the treasure was opened which would be tomorrow. I had already agreed to a non disclosure of the cache or its contents, so I didn’t get to see its contents. That OK with me. It was an awesome recovery and the ladies were very nice. Lunch was awesome .. Thank You for the Lunch !!

I’m available to help you now. Please call I can answer any questions you may have about how this service works.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call or text Stan .. 949-500-2136

Two Cartier Rings Recovered from the Sand using a Metal Detector Service .. Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Lilly called me just before sunset. She and her friend were on the sand in Newport Beach, CA. All I needed to hear was that she felt her ring come off her finger and disappear into the sand. We needed to get on this right away. I told her I was only a mile away and I could find if she could stay there till I arrived.

I met her 20 minutes later at the location on the dry sand. She said it was a yellow gold ring, pointing out a 10’x10’ square area. Boom!  A few swings and I got a great signal. After scooping up the target I could see a beautiful 18k Cartier Love ring. She was overwhelmed. 

Then she told me that another ring was lost while searching she was searching for this ring. I didn’t take the time to ask her what kind of ring. This area was a bit larger but not a problem as I set up a grid area to begin scanning with my metal detector. Boom ! Again I had another yellow gold ring in my scoop. To my surprise it was another Cartier Love Ring. 

Lilly and her friend were so happy after spending several searching the sand believing it was impossible to find such a small item in tons of sand. Also they were returning to Seattle he next day. I love making smiles.


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