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Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Surf at SoCal Beach … Found and Returned to Grateful Owner

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***  Maria found my contact information on the internet a day after her white gold and diamond wedding ring slipped off her finger into the surf. She had taken her young son for his first time at the ocean. While holding him in shin deep water her ring slowly came off her finger. She couldn’t let go of her son to retrieve the ring as the next wave washed the ring out of sight.

The loss occurred at a high tide but this SoCal beach is one place that can pull a ring down into a deep trough of cobble stones. I made arrangements to meet Maria just a little after noon which is the best low tide.

When I arrived Maria her mother and sisters were all at the site. She had good landmarks that helped make this a successful search. I began my grid search approximately 20 feet below where she dropped the ring. Working up the slope to where she said the loss happened. I got the perfect white gold signal exactly where she said it dropped. The ring had not moved from that spot all night with two high tides. 

The whole family was excited as were several of the beach goers that witnessed the recovery. This never gets old for me, it’s great to see the joy and feel the gratitude from the  people I’m able to help.


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