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Buried Cache Recovered In Backyard of Los Angeles Home by Ringfinder Stan Ross

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… Cache located in backyard. SPOILER ALERT ! The contents of the cache has been kept a secret as I agreed to a NDA .. non disclosure agreement. 

Here’s the rest of the story. Sara called me telling me she needed help to find a buried item in her backyard. Her father had buried a plastic tube in the backyard with valuables to be given to his four daughters. He has past away unexpectedly. 

He had given Sara verbal directions and told her the items were in a black pvc tube that was wrapped in plastic. It was buried in a garden area and most of it was under the concrete deck. 

The sisters had tried digging all along the garden and a couple feet under the cement deck. They had no luck finding the buried tube that she knew contained metal items.

We agreed to meet at the residence on a week day afternoon. When I accessed the area it was 90% dug up with piles of dirt along the patio deck. I chose to use my detector with a small probe type coil, several pinpointers with extension handles and a 4 foot bottle probe. 

There was at least one metal pipe that was a bit troublesome but I proceeded to check all the excavated hole. Secondly I decided to do some preliminary probing with the bottle probe. “BINGO”.. as I probed the beginning of where they had started the digging, I felt the probe hit plastic. From Sara’s description of the tube and how it was wrapped, I knew this had to be the treasure.

Three of the sisters were in the house making lunch for us ( part of the deal I made) .. They were excited about the find and called the fourth sister. They had agreed beforehand that every one would be present when the treasure was opened which would be tomorrow. I had already agreed to a non disclosure of the cache or its contents, so I didn’t get to see its contents. That OK with me. It was an awesome recovery and the ladies were very nice. Lunch was awesome .. Thank You for the Lunch !!

I’m available to help you now. Please call I can answer any questions you may have about how this service works.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call or text Stan .. 949-500-2136

Two Cartier Rings Recovered from the Sand using a Metal Detector Service .. Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Lilly called me just before sunset. She and her friend were on the sand in Newport Beach, CA. All I needed to hear was that she felt her ring come off her finger and disappear into the sand. We needed to get on this right away. I told her I was only a mile away and I could find if she could stay there till I arrived.

I met her 20 minutes later at the location on the dry sand. She said it was a yellow gold ring, pointing out a 10’x10’ square area. Boom!  A few swings and I got a great signal. After scooping up the target I could see a beautiful 18k Cartier Love ring. She was overwhelmed. 

Then she told me that another ring was lost while searching she was searching for this ring. I didn’t take the time to ask her what kind of ring. This area was a bit larger but not a problem as I set up a grid area to begin scanning with my metal detector. Boom ! Again I had another yellow gold ring in my scoop. To my surprise it was another Cartier Love Ring. 

Lilly and her friend were so happy after spending several searching the sand believing it was impossible to find such a small item in tons of sand. Also they were returning to Seattle he next day. I love making smiles.


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Lost Gold Necklace in Sand at Newport Beach, CA .. Metal Detecting Mobile Service

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… Sean’s family is visiting Newport Beach for a week He went surfing and put his gold necklace with a Gold Cross pendant in his backpack. Later that evening the chain and pendant were not in the Back pack.

His Aunt contacted me 3 days after the loss. They believed the jewelry may have been pulled out of the backpack when taking the towel out.

She met me on the beach telling me that the missing necklace was a gift to her nephew when he was very young.

I told her it could be findable even though several days had passed. Chains can be a challenge with most detectors. I proceeded in a large area that she showed me. Still aware that they were not sure where the loss occurred. The item wasn’t missed until they returned to their rental house four blocks away.

The recovery was made on the beach in the dry sand. It was such a broken up signal in my earphones I almost didn’t dig it..

Sean was just coming out of the water just after I found the necklace.. It was a pleasure to hand it to him. He was more than elated and very appreciative for my help.

If you or anyone you know has  lost a precious sentimental item, I can help you. Besides metal detectors, I have tools to search cars, inside buildings, in the water, etc. Call for information ..”I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Stan the Metal Detector Man … 949-500-2136


Spring Break Tourist Loses Sentiment Ring at Beach ..Found and Returned by TheRingFinders Member

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*** Avery called me about 11:30 pm asking for help to find a very sentimental ring she had lost in the sand. She was hoping to meet me in the morning as it was so late she didn’t think I would be available now.  I know the beach well and told her our chances of finding her ring would be best if she could meet me at the location in the next 30 minutes.

We met just before midnight in a safe place of Newport Beach, CA. She had her boyfriend with her and we took off to a location 2 blocks south. They were disagreeing on the location where the loss seemed to occur. Within a few minutes her girl friend came up to us saying that we were 3 blocks south of where they had been on the beach. 

I went to that location because her girlfriend was more confident than the other two. This is not uncommon people that aren’t familiar with the beach get mixed up especially in the dark. Avery was very upset and in tears. I started a grid search with my metal detector and within 20 minutes had her ring in the sand scoop. 

You can see that it was an emotional moment when I returned the ring to Avery. This is what I like about doing these searches. I wish everyone could see as many happy moments as I have seen.

Ready to serve you now.. I Will Try Anywhere .. Please contact me ASAP .. Timing is an important factor to getting your sentimental keepsake back to you …. Call or Text  949-500-2136

Easter Egg Hunt at a Park goes wrong when two heirloom ring were lost in grass, San Dimas, CA.

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*** Tony and his family went to a San Dimas, CA. park for a picnic and Easter egg hunt. After 4 or 5 hours they got ready to leave and he realized his two gold heirloom rings were missing. They had to be somewhere in the grass. The main problems were the grass was very thick and he had been playing with his kids in a large area of the park.

He took his family home and went to the Harbor Freight store buying two metal detectors. Tony then returned to the park searching till 9pm. After an unsuccessful attempt to find either of the rings, found me on TheRingFinders website. 

We met early the next morning at the park. I decided that we should start we’re he felt they spent the most time. After a short time the two rings were recovered. Tony was so ecstatic and relieved to have these two rings back. He was very discouraged that a metal detector could find a ring in the grass because the detectors had purchased were giving faulty signals constantly. 

After finding his rings I was able to give him ideas on how the metal detector works. He is going to look into getting a better detector so he can start getting into the hobby.

I WIIL TRY ANYWHERE .. Call or Text as soon as possible, available 7/24 … Stan   949-500-2136

Lost Ring at the beach in Malibu, CA. .. found with a Metal detector expert

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*** Abby and her friends had spent the day at a small beach in Malibu, CA. When they started to pick up their beach stuff, she realized her favorite silver ring was not on her finger. They spent over an hour searching the dry sand because she had not been in the water or any other location on the beach.

   One of Abby’s friends found my information with a google search for ideas on how to find a ring at the beach. They called me and I asked a few basic questions. The most important question was can you wait at the location till I get there?  

It was going to be dark but that is not a problem. Getting there tonight would save her another trip to the location. From what she told me, I assured her that once I got there the search should not take much time.

We met about an hour later. After seeing the 40’x50’ area I began a grid search. There wasn’t much metal trash signals, but it was black sand which can be a nuisance as can interfere with most metal detectors. 

It wasn’t looking good when I neared the end of the search area. Then a strong high conductor signal broke through the black sand. YEP! Digging up one scoop of sand and shaking the scoop we could hear the heavy silver ring clanking in the scoop. Total time of the search was about a half hour.  If I started at that end of the search area it would have been 5 minutes. 

Abby and her friends were very grateful. 

Call ASAP.. 24/7.. Timing Important and can make the difference to find your valuable keepsake. .. I an available Now and I WILL TRY ANYWHERE. … Stan   949-500-2136

Sentimental Wedding Ring Recovered in Sand at Seal Beach, CA. .. Using a Metal Detector

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*** It was a Wednesday after a day at work, Jared and his took his son to Seal Beach, CA. for a walk on the beach just before sunset. It’s winter and the city has a 20ft. sand berm built up to protect beach front homes from high surf.

They took a few minutes to play around on the steep sand berm while leaving the beach. Jared felt his ring slip from his finger immediately disappearing in the sand. It was cold, getting dark and  they had to get home for dinner. Jared felt he may have a better chance to find his ring the next day as it’s only a couple miles from his home. 

Using the internet to get ideas on how to find a ring in the sand, he found my information on TheRingFinders website. He called right away, which I recommend for items lost on the beach. Jared told me where and what had happened. I knew exactly where the loss had happened because I lived a block away for over 20 years. 

We met at the beach a half hour after the call. Jared showed me the general area. I turned on my metal detector backing away 15 or 20ft. to get a few practice swings. BOOM! The first two swings produced a positive signal that was his wedding ring. Jared was surprised that we had a successful recovery in such a short time. I give him credit for calling me ASAP. Metal detectors are a great tool to find rings but it takes a little experience to be able to use one. Timing is more important for rings lost in public areas. I love being able to use my experience using my metal detector to help others who have lost sentimental keepsakes.

How to Find a Ring Lost in a Car .. Call a Southern California RingFinder

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***Hubert and his wife were driving from central California to Riverside, CA. when his wife lost her white gold diamond engagement ring came off her finger. She was sitting in the front passenger seat rolling the ring with her fingers on her right hand. Hubert had to hit the brakes when the car in front of him suddenly stopped. Her ring few somewhere in the passenger side of the car.

They spent three days looking all over the car. The ring had to be there but it was not to be found. They called me after seeing on line that I did car searches for lost rings. I have been able to find rings in vehicles using a endoscope camera because my metal detectors are useless in cars because of all the metal. It’s not easy to find a ring in a car because there are more nooks and crannies for a ring to hide. The cost to have a seat removed by the service center mechanic can be ridiculous and they might not have a incentive to find the ring.

I can search a large area in sand or grass in a couple hours, but it may take a couple hours to probe many of the hiding spots in a car with a endoscope camera. It’s a tedious endeavor. After talking with Hubert explaining how and what I can do to help him, I drove 50 miles to Riverside, Ca. 

We met in the parking lot of his hotel. I grabbed my endoscope camera walking to his car. He told me that he was going crazy searching such a small space without finding the ring. I consoled him explaining how many hiding spots and how these rings can find their way into these places while driving. He opened the two passenger side doors and pushed the front seat forward to show me the heater vent. We both saw the ring laying on the carpet in plain view. Even though he had thoroughly search that spot several times, the ring must have been up under the heater vent. So time in his last couple drives the ring worked itself out of its hiding place.  You never know, it could have been intangled in his wife’s clothing and dropped outside the car when she got out.

Happy couple after three upsetting days of trying to find a most cherished and irreplaceable ring.

Call ASAP .. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about how the service works.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Stan … 949-500-2136

Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA.

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How to find a lost ring at the beach using a metal detecting service.. Call or Text  Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

*** Brandon’s bother called me asking if I was available to search for a ring his brother lost at Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, California.  He said his Brandon could not meet me till late this evening. 

I explained, it always increases our chance for a successful recovery if he could get me close to the area of the loss. For now, I would drive to the location to give it search, because it was a public area and may get found by someone that doesn’t know how to find the owner. 

The ring was lost out of a baby stroller in the dry sand at the towel line. When I arrived at the location that Brandon’s brother had given me, I located a silver colored ring. I didn’t even check it for the inscription because I was told it was a tungsten ring.

After gridding the area for almost a hour, I couldn’t locate a tungsten ring. Returning to my car to call Brandon for more information, I looked at the silver colored ring which was marked Plat. and had the exact inscription that was given to me. It was Brandon’s ring . 

I made the call and he met me an hour later to pick up the ring.. 

I WILL TRY ANYWHERE.. Call now for information on how the service works.. Glad to help you.

Lost Ring Recovery While On My Vacation in Waikiki, Hawaii

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*** Stan the Metal Detector Man available to help you find your sentimental keepsakes .. Call or Text  949-500-2136

*** I got a chance to visit my daughter and her husband who has just moved to Waikiki, Hawaii. I only had five days to check out the beach for future metal detecting trips. The last afternoon of my vacation detecting on the beach a man walked up to me asking for help to find a ring his wife dropped into the sand. 

I was able to help them find the ring and tell them about TheRingFinders directory. It was the second best thing that happened on my short vacation. The best thing that happened was that I was able to visit with Joe Au-Franz who is our Ringfinders member for Oahu,Hawaii,

It was a awesome trip and now I’m home available to be able to help people find their valuables in SoCal.. 

I Will Try Anywhere .. Just call or walk up to me if you see me detecting on the beach. I will answer any questions of how this service works. So many people don’t even know this service exists.. Stan   949-500-2236