Lost Silver Pendant Found in the Grass .. Costa Mesa, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** This was a recovery back in January 2024 .. Gary had hung his Silver Pendant on his Christmas tree. As in remembrance of his grandmother who had passed away. She had given this to him years ago.

After the holidays were over Gary took the covering the base of the Christmas tree outside to shake off the pine needles. The next day he realized he had not  removed the Silver pendant from the tree. After checking the tree that had been in the trash, the pendant was not to be found. He suspected that it could have been in the floor covering and could possibly be in his front yard.

He called me instead of renting or buying a metal detector. I met him that same morning and it didn’t take long to find the silver pendant. It was definitely deep in the grass and not visible.

I could see right away that this small silver pendant meant the world to him. It was a pleasure to be available to help Gary.

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