Prescription Sunglasses Dropped Off Dock into Bay .. Newport Beach, CA. Recovered by Ringfinder

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** I was at my favorite taco shop having lunch when Eric called asking for help to find a pair of expensive prescription sunglasses. My first question was, where are you? He told me Malibu Farms Resturant. I thought it would be located in Malibu. I told him could not drive that far as I had another appointment this afternoon.

He called me back saying the Malibu Farms Lido is located in Newport Beach, CA. near Lido Island. I was two miles from his location, so met him a few minutes later. He told me he set his sunglasses on his dockside table. A few minutes later he knock the glasses off his table into the water..  I wasn’t sure what the conditions were or how deep the water was.

When I got to the floating dock. I had difficulty seeing the bottom because of the reflections and glare on the surface. I did know the tide was falling but the bottom was still too deep to retrieve anything without getting in the water.

I took time to go back to my car for my sand scoop which is about 5 ft. long. Meanwhile the tide is receding about one foot an hour.  By the time I returned the bottom was only 3 feet deep. I could see the sunglasses. I did not use the scoop to retrieve the glasses for fear I would damage them. There was a random stick floating nearby and that’s what was used to get the glasses out of the water. We were lucky to have the tides working in our favor. When the glasses were dropped it was close to 7 ft. deep. The water level dropped about 4 ft. saving the trouble of diving for the loss item.

Eric was very happy to get his favorite glasses back. He told me a lady at the resturant gave him my contact information.   I had found two rings lost at a park in the lake four years ago.

If you have lost something that is important to you. Call or text me at 949-500-2136 … I can answer any questions you may have about my recovery service. Available to help you 24/7 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man

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