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Lost Ring Recovered In Park St Louis Park Minnesota

from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-612-998-7850

Robb Reimer had taken his daughter to the park for some fun last weekend in the wet slushy sloppy melting snow. He was attempting to get her over the snow banks and to the park in his arms, Robb didn’t get to far before he went down. His ring hand went in the snow to save his fall. Robb had gotten everyone back to safety on the cement   and knocked the snow of themselves. This is when Robb noticed he lost his wedding band goneIMG_20140314_160121 IMG_20140314_160132. Prior to calling The RingFinders he rented a metal detector, I suggest people not do this, because you can actually make things worse like step on the ring and drive it deeper into the muck. Well after a bazillion beeps he gave up and then contacted the Ringfinders. It took Robb and I around 30 minutes to find the ring. While Robb was shoveling out the snow in the park on the side walk I was checking the other side of the walk in the place he shock of the snow, sure enough it was just under the snow a little about a half inch. Robb sure was happy, Every time I find someone’s wedding ring I feel like I saved another marriage. Thanks Robb for calling the RingFinders and letting us help





Platinum Diamond Ring Found on the Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Julie-bridgeJulie was enjoying a day at the beach at Crissy Field in San Francisco with friends. Then the suntan lotion curse hit: She removed her diamond ring to apply lotion to her son, and the ring disappeared into the sand.

The first thing she did was to search for metal detector rentals in San Francisco and San Jose. But when she rented the metal detector and brought it back to the beach, she discovered that it isn’t so easy using an unknown metal detector when the pressure is high. After searching without luck for a few hours, she returned the metal detector rental and started over.

That’s when she found TheRingFinders. I met her at Crissy field, right in front of where the America’s Cup races would be held the next day. She showed me where she had been sitting, and I marked out a search zone about ten yards long by 30 yards wide. My main concern was the size of the ring: small platinum jewelry can be hard to detect.

The good news was, there was very little junk in the sand. In the first 30 minutes, all I found was a penny, a hair pin and a small American flag lapel pin. Then I got a faint signal with the right tone. About three inches down, there was Julie’s ring, right near the limit that I could detect such a delicate ring.

Everybody went away happy!


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Lost Diamond Ring Found in Sunnyvale CA

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

svale-ring-smJennifer spent an entire day landscaping her backyard in Sunnyvale two months ago. She worked on the new grass, planted vegetables and flowers, and even spent a little time in the chicken coop. At one point, to keep her wedding and engagement rings clean, she rolled them up in her shirt. Unfortunately, she forgot they were there, and by the time she did remember, they were gone.

Jennifer and her family searched the yard immediately. The next day, she found the wedding band on the patio next to the grass. Jennifer was pretty sure the matching engagement ring would be nearby, but despite searching very hard they could not find it.

Yesterday, when Jennifer told her husband that she couldn’t find a replacement ring she liked, he suggested, “Why don’t you search the internet for someone with a metal detector.” She typed Ring Finder into Google, and sent me an email a few minutes later.

I made it to Jennifer’s house this morning with my metal detector. Her landscaping is beautiful, with a large vegetable garden and even larger chicken coop in the back, plus several other planter beds. Unfortunately, these areas would be very hard to search, because the plants get in the way of the metal detector, and the fencing, planting boxes and trellises all contained a lot of metal. But Jennifer still felt that the missing ring would be somewhere in the grass, so that’s where I began the search.

Jennifer had done a great job with the new lawn, because it was thick and healthy. Unfortunately, when I tested her wedding band, I was only able to detect it reliably out to about three inches, so the thick grass also made the search more difficult. So I patiently dragged the coil of my detector directly across the blades, keeping it as close as possible to the soil.

For the first hour, all I found was construction nails and two aluminum pull tabs, which had very similar signals to the wedding band. Then a third similar signal appeared, shallower than the rest. My pinointer said it was on the surface of the soil, but I couldn’t see anything through the grass. After almost a minute of plucking through the grass and roots, I found the engagement ring buried just under the surface. It’s a beautiful ring, and a perfect match to the wedding band.

Everybody went home smiling today. Thank you, Jennifer!


Lost Ring Found at Erin’s Snug Irish Pub, Madison WI

from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-608-492-1070


I typically look forward to getting calls from The Ring Finders directory for lost rings, lost keys, lost cell phones, you name it.  However, on this day I was a little hesitant to answer the phone.  You see, it was not just a typical WI winter day … it was -10 degrees below zero outside!  Brandon had lost his ring in the parking lot of Erin’s Snug Irish Pub and Restaurant in Madison, WI.   On the call, he explained that he was wiping the snow off his windshield wipers when he lost his ring.  He did not have any gloves on (what was he thinking!) and when he went to flick the snow off his hand … he ring flew off.  He knew right where it was, but after digging for awhile gave up.

Gold is extremely heavy, and when dropped into a snow bank, will drop pretty quickly to the bottom.  Even though Brandon saw the entry point, he could not find the lost ring in the 4 foot snow bank.  He searched on Google hoping to rent a metal detector the next day.  He entered a bunch of different phrases, “rent metal detector”, “metal detector rental” and “how to find my lost ring”.  Fortunately for him, he found The Ring Finders Page and my blog.  He said he couldn’t believe such a service even existed, and there was a member right in Madison.  He couldn’t believe it.  He also couldn’t believe that I was willing to head out that same day … the same day that it was -10 degrees below zero!

I brought my son along on the hunt, and after bundling up, we headed out.  We hunted in 5 min increments, because it was that cold.  I am a pretty tough guy when it comes to cold weather, but with temps -10 below zero, you don’t want to mess around.  We kept our van running to warm up.  The problem with hunting in a parking lot in the winter, is that all the junk from the parking lot is picked up by the snow plows and dropped right on the curb.  This is of course right where Brandon lost his ring.

My son and I are usually not quick to give up, we don’t like to leave a lost ring that we know is within reach.  However, did I mention it was cold.  We agreed to do one more 5 min search.  Good thing we did, because we got a strong signal on the metal detector … and pulled out Brandon’s ring.  We didn’t even look at it closely as we both ran to the van to warm up.  Our first stop was McDonald’s for some hot chocolate, then to Brandon’s house to return the ring.  He gave us a very generous reward for our hard work and an extra bonus seeing it was so cold.  He could not have been more appreciative for our hard work and for finding his lost wedding ring.

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector, rent a Ring Finder!


New couple to Calgary Canada lost Ring at motel 8

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496
14k wedding band

14k wedding band


New couple to Canada from Australia lost his 9k white gold wedding band. He lost the ring while taking stuff out of the car at the motel 8 where they were staying.He dropped it in the snow.They serached for a couple of hours.With no luck they found ringfinders and called me out.I went ot right away about 9 pm. It was very cold out -9 and windy. I sreached for about a hour couldn’t find it.I thought it might be under one of the other cars.I went back the next day and recovered it and returned it to the wife they were very happy.Another happy couple.






from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

This year alone, he has helped reunite nine couples with their rings.

Kevin Niefer uses several metal detectors to find lost wedding rings. (CBC)

Just last week, Niefer got a call from a Calgary couple that would lead him to his toughest assignment to date.

Will Hoff had lost his wedding ring in the Waiparous River near Cochrane. After about an hour of searching in the fast-moving rocky river, Niefer was able to find the ring.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Hoff exclaimed moments after Niefer plucked his ring out of the water.

Niefer says he isn’t in it for the money. Although couples often compensate him for his efforts, he doesn’t charged them a set amount.

“When you find it and people go ‘Oh no! I can’t believe you found it!,’ That’s pretty exciting, right? And to be able to return something that sentimental — that’s the biggest reward,” Niefer said.

Found wedding band in river



Wedding Ring Found in Joseph D. Grant Park, San Jose

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796


Lost Ring Found in San Jose

Lost Ring Found in San Jose


Jim competed in the Muddy Buddy competition in San Jose two weekends ago. The final obstacle was a mud pit the length of a tennis court, which contestants had to crawl through on hands and knees. When Jim entered the mud pit, his wedding ring was on his finger. Unfortunately, when he crawled out, it was gone.

Jim spent the last two weekends searching the mud pit for his ring. While the mud was still wet, he tried using a fishing net to strain through it. As the mud dried, he borrowed a metal detector and kept trying. Finally he found TheRingFinders online and called us.

By the time we got there, most of the mud pit was nearly dry (although we did lose a sneaker or two in the wet part). We searched for an hour in mud that ranged from four to eight inches deep. When mud is wet, it sticks like peanut butter to everything. When mud is dry, it’s hard to dig through. Either way, not a lot of fun to search through. But we finally found the ring right near the finish line, about five inches deep. A few more feet and Jim would have made it through with his ring on his finger!

Ring found buried deep in the mud

Ring found buried deep in the mud

The Mud Pit-Eight Inches Deep!

The Mud Pit-Eight Inches Deep!