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Wedding Ring Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Saved Just In Time Before Trip Home

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Bill was taking one last swim in the Atlantic Ocean before heading back to Colorado.  Before swimming, he took off his gold & platinum wedding band and rolled it up in his shirt and placed a towel over it on the path to the beach house.  Upon returning, he noticed it was missing and his wife contacted me to help.  I headed there as soon as possible.  They were in the process of checking out of the rented beach house and needed to catch a flight back home.  Bill lead me to the area that was hand searched and I switched on my machine and made my 1st pass.  When I turned to begin a second trail, I received a very loud tone beneath the sand.  The pinpointer did it’s job and Bill’s ring was lifted up from the dry sand.  I hope they were able to make their flight back in time as it was a stressing day already.

Lost Gold Emerald Wedding Ring Recovered Along Emerald Isle, NC Beach

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Suzie & James were visiting family and celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary on the Western end of Emerald Isle, NC.

James was at the beach setting up a sunshade as he had done many times before…  Not long afterwards, it was discovered his claddagh style wedding band was missing.  The house was searched unsuccessfully and it was determined it possibly came off during the beach set up trip.

The following day, Suzie found Crystal Coast Ring Finders after performing a search to rent a metal detector.  I headed to them as soon as possible and began a search of the area James selected that day. The very first target after about 6 passes sounded loud and I knew it was not very deep in the sand.  I used my fingers to dig down to expose that wonderful golden circle of James’s ring.  Suzie had returned to the house and James was walking away at the time.  I got this attention and motioned him to come.  I wanted James to raise his ring from the 4 inch hiding spot.  He immediately called Suzie and the smiles broke out once again!

Heartbroken Girl’s Fear Is Replaced With Tears Of Joy After Lost Ring Is Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Katelyn was relaxing, just before sunset, on the beach with her fiancée, Brianna.  Katelyn has placed the first ring anyone has ever gave her on a bag they brought along.  She thought it was put in the bag.  After they left, they realized the ring was missing.  Katelyn sent a plea for help and discovered, through social media, Crystal Coast Ring Finder (The Ring Finders member).

I had a very good understanding of the area and knew exactly where to begin my search.  Katelyn’s very sentimental ring was the first target that sent an alert to my Minelab CTX-3030.  I made arrangements to meet Katelyn after she got off work.

Katelyn has had a rough run of luck lately with numerous hardships and relocating to North Carolina from Pennsylvania.  This ring was part of her strength.  She mentioned online “So when I lost it at the beach I lost a part of myself too.”  I was very happy to bring the ring back to her so the ring can still be part of future stories and hopefully a very happy future!

Congratulations Katelyn & Brianna!   They are considering an Autumn wedding

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Nicholas sent me a message very early in the morning about his wife’s wedding ring being lost on the Emerald Isle beach.  I did some investigative work ( asking for location pictures, ring description, etc.) and made a plan to head to the beach.  After some communications, I was able to find the area they were set up and started my search.  Unfortunately, after my first attempt, I only found a few items and no ring.  Nicholas’s reply was “That’s unfortunate.”  I woke up early the next morning to head back there with my CTX-3030 with a 17″ search coil to cover the area without missing spots and to hopefully gain a few more inches of depth.  I also recruited the service of my friend, Justin.  He has helped me in the past even when I was out of state.  Justin was using his Minelab Equinox with a 15″ search coil.  Again after hours of searching, we were not finding the ring and decided it was time to take a break and evaluate our next plan.  I decided to widen the search area of the slope they had set up on and thought where the ring may have fallen out of the purse it was placed for safe keeping.  Just started to work the area between from where they arrived and exited the beach, and their set up location near the water.   Finally, Justin received a solid tone and was able to pull Christina’s ring out of the soft sand.

Wedding Band Left Behind After Beach Trip With The Pups, FOUND

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Lindsey & Mike were on the Emerald Isle Beach with their son and 2 dogs.  Mike placed his wedding band in a bag before heading into the water.  Between the fun on the beach, playing with their son and the dogs, the bag holding the ring was moved and the ring fell out unbeknownst to the young couple.  After leaving the beach, Mike asked Lindsey for his ring and she had thought he had already taken it from the bag.

I was on my way later that day to recover another ring in the opposite direction.  After some communications between Lindsey and I, I headed to the beach location the next day with a friend to search.  The beach was crowded, of course, for a Saturday and this made some of the areas I suspected the ring to be located unavailable.  After some time and expanding the search area, Mike’s ring was found at the top of a slope very close to being washed into the ocean.  I took a picture as soon as possible and sent it on the Lindsey.  We met the following day for the return.

Engagement Ring Lost In Emerald Isle Waters Recovered By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

It was a beautiful Saturday for a swim along the Southern Outer Banks, also known as the Crystal Coast.  After Melanie was in water up to her waist, she thought it best to remove her rings before proceeding.  Her intention was to attach them to a hair band.  After removing her rings, her engagement ring slipped out of her hand into the Emerald Isle surf.  Her father recommended that she contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders after he posted a plea on a social media sight and received a recommendation to contact us.  Melanie called me shortly after loosing her ring and I made plans to meet her to begin the search.  I firmly believe her quick action to notify me as soon as possible definitely helped me locate her ring in the water.  Her and her husband knew the general area of where she was standing in the waist deep water at the time of the loss ring.  The beach in this area currently has very soft sand and heavy objects such as gold can sink below detection depth quickly.  She explained to me it had been a bad day with the loss of the ring and missing a flight but I am sure I helped ease her troubles with the thing that meant so much to her

Husband’s And Wife’s Wedding Rings Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Have All Been Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Cailey’s husband Connor had placed his wife’s wedding ring with his band into a shirt pocket for safe keeping while they spent a gorgeous sunny day on Emerald Isle Beach.  Connor started to throw a football down by the water with family members and didn’t realize right away that the rings had come up missing.  The family searched in the waves and were able to locate Cailey’s wedding band.  A family member stated “You need to call The Ring Finders”

I received the call to action as the tide was coming in and headed to their location as soon as possible.  A quick detective work questioning gave me a good idea of where to search.  I was loosing the area quickly to the almost nonstop waves.  My 1st target in the water was Cailey’s engagement ring.  I tried a few more passes and realized with the current and the water depth, it would much better to return during the next low tide (4:36am).  I explained to the couple and they were very happy to just have Cailey’s rings.  We took some photographs that afternoon and I told them I would be in contact the next day.

2:30am Thursday

My alarm goes off and I begin to get ready to head back to Emerald Isle, NC.  I begin my search in the area I found the engagement ring with very little luck.  I expanded my search area and eventually received a steady signal about 30 yards away from the 1st found ring location the previous day.  Around 4:45am I had located Connor’s wedding band.

The couple had planned another beach trip later the same day and I was happy to meet with them to return his wedding band and once again get pictures.  Cailey posted on my company Facebook page “We’re extremely grateful and appreciative, we can’t even express it. We’re so happy to have our rings back and we definitely recommend Crystal Cost Ring Finders to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Newlywed Groom Looses Wedding Ring On Emerald Isle Beach. Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Ashley & Will married on the Emerald Isle, North Carolina beach Monday.  Three days later, Will was throwing a football on the beach to Ashley’s brother.  Within minutes he noticed his ring was gone and Ashley pleaded on a local Facebook page for someone with a metal detector.  Many had mentioned Steven Ray of Crystal Coast Ring Finders and after Ashley called, I came out as soon as possible to begin the search in the dark.  The couple had marked the search area very well for me and this aided in finding Will’s new ring quickly.


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Newlywed Couple Lost Wedding Band On Emerald Isle Beach Found After Thunderstorm

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Dave & Maureen were enjoying a mini vacation on the beach of Emerald Isle, NC.  Dave placed his wedding band in his hat while he was swimming in the ocean.  When he returned, he put the hat on and the ring flew into the sand.  The newlywed couple searched for 15 minutes but got rained out by a thunderstorm.  Maureen texted me later that night and asked if I could search for the ring the following day or 2.  After learning the ring was very close to a public beach access, I was concerned another person would find Dave’s ring.  Even though it was getting late, they agreed to meet me as soon as I could arrive and begin the search.  Dave & Maureen remembered the area very well and this lead to my quickest recovery yet as my first signal was his ring and using a headlamp, part of the ring was visible in the sand at night.  I think I took 8-10 steps before finding his beautiful wedding band.  It was very pleasing watching Maureen & Dave celebrate the recovery!

Ring Lost During Emerald Isle Vacation Found Before Metal Detector Purchase

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Josh’s wife and she seemed flustered that her husband’s very new ring was missing after a day at the beach.  I was told the ring was put away and during the transport of the beach equipment from the shores back to the vacation house the ring fell out.  Josh later mentioned to me he had already planned to purchase a metal detector to try is luck.  The path their wagon traveled was very well staked out and this was a huge help in finding Josh’s ring within seconds.  The small group that tried to find his ring was surprised how quickly the ring sank into the soft dry sand.  I was very happy to return Josh’s beautiful white gold wedding band and hope they can resume a joyful vacation at Emerald Isle, NC