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Lost Gold Emerald Wedding Ring Recovered Along Emerald Isle, NC Beach

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Suzie & James were visiting family and celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary on the Western end of Emerald Isle, NC.

James was at the beach setting up a sunshade as he had done many times before…  Not long afterwards, it was discovered his claddagh style wedding band was missing.  The house was searched unsuccessfully and it was determined it possibly came off during the beach set up trip.

The following day, Suzie found Crystal Coast Ring Finders after performing a search to rent a metal detector.  I headed to them as soon as possible and began a search of the area James selected that day. The very first target after about 6 passes sounded loud and I knew it was not very deep in the sand.  I used my fingers to dig down to expose that wonderful golden circle of James’s ring.  Suzie had returned to the house and James was walking away at the time.  I got this attention and motioned him to come.  I wanted James to raise his ring from the 4 inch hiding spot.  He immediately called Suzie and the smiles broke out once again!

Husband’s And Wife’s Wedding Rings Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Have All Been Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Cailey’s husband Connor had placed his wife’s wedding ring with his band into a shirt pocket for safe keeping while they spent a gorgeous sunny day on Emerald Isle Beach.  Connor started to throw a football down by the water with family members and didn’t realize right away that the rings had come up missing.  The family searched in the waves and were able to locate Cailey’s wedding band.  A family member stated “You need to call The Ring Finders”

I received the call to action as the tide was coming in and headed to their location as soon as possible.  A quick detective work questioning gave me a good idea of where to search.  I was loosing the area quickly to the almost nonstop waves.  My 1st target in the water was Cailey’s engagement ring.  I tried a few more passes and realized with the current and the water depth, it would much better to return during the next low tide (4:36am).  I explained to the couple and they were very happy to just have Cailey’s rings.  We took some photographs that afternoon and I told them I would be in contact the next day.

2:30am Thursday

My alarm goes off and I begin to get ready to head back to Emerald Isle, NC.  I begin my search in the area I found the engagement ring with very little luck.  I expanded my search area and eventually received a steady signal about 30 yards away from the 1st found ring location the previous day.  Around 4:45am I had located Connor’s wedding band.

The couple had planned another beach trip later the same day and I was happy to meet with them to return his wedding band and once again get pictures.  Cailey posted on my company Facebook page “We’re extremely grateful and appreciative, we can’t even express it. We’re so happy to have our rings back and we definitely recommend Crystal Cost Ring Finders to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”