Lost White Gold Ring .. Huntington Beach .. Found in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Monday night .. 6-01-15 .. 10:30pm

I got a call Monday night about a white gold wedding band lost in the grass. Danny had been given my information from a guy that recommended TheRingFinders and my name. We talked about when I could meet him or his wife tomorrow. They had another detectorist look for the ring the first evening but it was late and Danny’s wife, Fallon was not available to narrow the search area.
I talked to Fallon setting up a 3pm meeting, because we had chores to take care of before then. It was not so important as this not a public park, it was just a large green grass area inside a gated community. Before meeting Fallon, I saw another park where the gardeners were mowing the lawns. I started to panic thinking I was too late. When Fallon arrived she took me to this other grassy park. Telling me that her 4 year old son Cody had his Dad’s ring in his hand when he got distracted he dropped it in the grass.
Fallon showed me an area half the size of a basketball court that Cody could have dropped it. Then she asked Cody, who said it was another 50 yards towards the trees. It looked best to break the area into four separate quadrants. I picked a starting point to start gridding diagonally. I like to start in the center and do a spiral type grid pattern. On my first quadrant I made two 60 ft. passes, 15 ft. after starting my 3rd pass I got a strong gold tone. Bamm! One white gold wedding band. The ring was hidden deep in 3 inches of grass. It could have never be seen by eye. Danny’s wife Fallon was ecstatic, but the two kids were busy doing kid things. It was another special Day in Huntington Beach.

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3 Replies to “Lost White Gold Ring .. Huntington Beach .. Found in Grass”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Love the sound of gold in my head phones. Great job Stan.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great find Stan…Way to go!

  3. Stan Ross says:

    I have all the respect for our members that search park and grass fields. It takes a lot more skill to find a ring in the grass than in the sand.

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