Wedding Ring Lost Abbottsfield Neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


After a long three weeks of brutal – 30 Celsius weather, yesterday the temperature rose to -4 Celsius and people took advantage of it.   Stuart called me requesting my service to locate his ring which he lost while on a toboggan hill.  Stuart told me he had raked the area where he believed  the ring was lost and that he also had the kids looking but had had no luck.

Stuart called me to say he would be late so I went ahead and checked the hill. The hill was covered with footprints  but I walked  to where Stuart had raked and that’s where I found his ring.  Stuart arrived within ten minutes and as usual I asked a lot of question.  Stuart began telling me how his hill experience started and said the ring could be anywhere on the hill. I pulled the ring from my pocket and asked him if this was his ring.  He was lost for words and could not believe I had found it so quickly – another happy client.

Thank you Stuart for entrusting me to find your ring.


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  1. Johanne Yakula says:

    Norm: My name is Johanne Yakula and I am doing a class called “the Hunt for Amazing Treasures” for the Edmonton Lifelong Learning Association (ELLA) at the U of A in May. ELLA is a sort of Senior’s University that runs for 3 weeks every May. I’d be interested in having you speak to my class (small class of about 15 people) about what you do, how you do it etc and what kinds of things you find whem metal detecting. I would pay your $50 fee to talk very informally to my class. Would you be interested in doing that?

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