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Lost White Gold Wedding Band.. Corona Del Mar, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Monday .. 5/25/15 .. 6:15pm

Kristin called me after somebody at Corona Del Mar Beach told her about TheRingFinders website. It was the end of Memorial Day, she and her husband were going to enjoy the evening with a fire at the beach. When they arrived Kristin cleaned a little of the trash out of the fire pit, taking the trash to a garbage can 15 ft away. After throwing the trash in the can she walked back to the fire pit. She took a second to shake the sand off here hands. That’s where she thought her ring flew off her finger. Her and her husband thought it could be anywhere within a 20 foot radius of the fire pit.
As usual they had a lot of help from other people on the beach. This could be disastrous for a small ring like Kristin described.
I was able to get to her location within 20 minutes. After asking a few questions I started to worry that the ring could be hiding in the fire pit or the trash can. My experience has been that shaking her hands might be where it was lost. I started there first and I got a great gold signal from the thin white gold ring surrounded with small diamonds.
Smiles and hugs with all the other beach goers congratulating Kristin. It was definitely a community affair. I stayed around for a few minutes telling everybody about and passing out cards. Summer is here, I hope we can help more people find their lost valuables.