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Lost ring found by Metal Detector at Cardiff beach CA

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)





TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped reunite a lost wedding band at Cardiff beach. OPEN NOW; Call 760 889 2751


I received a call from John Hughes a fellow member of Theringfinders asking if I could do a search for a lost Platinum ring in the surf. I was already scheduled to hunt at 3:00am for another lost ring close to this location so that was no problem.

Upon arriving to the scene of the first lost ring for the 3rd time it was evident that the beach has naturally pushed in sand burying it even deeper. I swung the whole area & did not dig 1 target. So on to the next Beach I went…

By 4:45 am during low tide I was at Cardiff beach swinging my Metal Detector in the location given by the owner of the ring via google maps.I had already been bit several times by mosquitoes in merely minutes and also to make this search seem inevitabley painful is that this Ring was lost 3 days prior in 5’-8’ surf! I guess you could say it’s a shot in the dark but after the 15th mosquito bite I heard a signal that made my ears ring..I took 1 scoop in the wet sand while begging the sea gods & king neptune for this to be Johns platinum ring…((Boom)) good Karma had prevailed!

Me,John Hughes and his daughter met the owner of this special ring also named John,later in the day.He was so relieved and very greatful to have this sentimental item back on his finger where it had been for over 20 years of marriage! Irreplaceable a ring can be.

This search did require luck,Knowledge,Good Karma but I must thank the Gods of the sea for their help in this recovery.

Wedding Ring Lost in Waves Throwing a Frizbee .. Santa Monica, CA. . Recovered Next Day

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

This call began with a text message from Kirby: Hi. Found your # on ringfinders. My wife lost her wedding band in the water yesterday at santa monica beach. Just south of lifeguard 25. She was about 25 yard in from high tide line when it happened.It is very distinctive, simple but custom symbols. Are you available to hunt for it?

I text him back telling him I would be there at start of the 2pm low tide to search in the water. When I arrived they were on the beach in the location. They explained that Rita felt the ring come off while throwing a Frizbee in knee deep water the day before. They have matching white gold wedding bands, so Kirby showed me his. He also had bearings on the shore that he remembered turned out to make this a successful recovery.
They had basically resolved that the ring was lost forever, but I assured them we still had a very good chance to find it. The sand conditions looked perfect. It only took 20 to 30 minutes to find this sentimental wedding band. The second target I dug in knee deep water was Rita’s white gold ring. I walked back towards the two of them sitting on the beach holding my hands up with the ring. Then I tossed it to Kirby as he walked towards me. For the next half hour they kept telling me how they couldn’t believe we found the ring.. They are from Vancouver, BC. enjoying a vacation at Santa Monica Beach. Their vacation was not starting out very well the first day. We were able to change that because they were able to find and they had been able to get me in the general location. It was a pleasure to meet this beautiful couple and we had an awesome day. I love this service, I’ll keep doing this as long as I am able to.


Wedding Ring Lost in Surf .. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

The white gold diamond wedding ring was lost in the surf about 11:30 am at a 4.1′ high tide. When Shawn’s wife , Ashley was in the surf in approximately ankle deep water, her ring slipped off her finger into water saturated sand, disappearing immediately. Shawn called me from their home 40 miles away.
I got to the approximate location that same evening as the tide was coming back in. Beach closes at sunset. As it turned out, Crystal Cove State Beach has four entrances,  I went to the wrong part of Crystal Cove , because Shawn said it was the first lifeguard tower to the right of the tunnel ( 2 entrances have tunnels under PCH).  Texted him a photo of the lifeguard tower and he told me it wasn’t the right location.
Returned to my car, drove one mile south,  parked then walked a quarter mile to the location. Twenty feet to the left of the lifeguard tower I started a grid to and from the incoming waves. Second pass, first target was Ashley’s wedding ring.. I sent them a photo of the ring in my hand. They came that evening to pick up the ring. It was great that she didn’t have to lose a nights sleep or worry about losing her ring forever. Another nice note was this next week they will be celebrating their fourth year wedding anniversary. A very nice couple who were elated and in disbelief that they could find their ring using the Internet and a smart phone while at home 40 miles from where it was lost.. Maybe a good tag would be: ” How to find a ring 40 miles away remotely from the comfort of your couch”. You’ve got to love it !



Platinum Diamond Ring Found in Surf … Capistrano Orange County Beach Park .. San Jaun Capistrano, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jaimee called me late in the afternoon. Her dilemma was, that her platinum diamond wedding ring had come off her finger in knee deep water while throwing a ball. The tide was coming in and it was going to be a 6.2 ft. high tide. Chances of finding it now would not be good. Most important now was to meet them to pinpoint the location and the circumstances that led to the loss.
When I arrived at Capistrano Orange County Beach Park, Jaimee and her husband Jason met me. They are beach people and she told me she always leaves her rings at home when they go to the beach. This time it slipped her mind.  After losing the ring in the water somebody on the beach suggested they try to find a metal detector. They went online finding me at
The surf was very violent with a quick surging shore break. The tide rises about one foot an hour. It was looking like it would be better to wait till the midnight low tide. I looked at Jaimee’s desperation and thought maybe I should just try now. I went out where the waves were hitting me about waist high. After 15 minutes I decided to give up till later. Then, my first and only signal came into my earphones . It took several attempts with my sand scoop, but I pulled up a scoop full of small cobble rocks. Right on top of the rocks shining at me was Jaimee’s diamond ring. They were watching me and I held back my emotional reaction of finding the ring.
I walked up to Jaimee with the rocks and ring still in my scoop. I told her that I couldn’t search any longer. She agreed, that is when I told her to look in the scoop. No words can express the look on her face or the feelings I saw at that moment. This too, was one of those finds that surprise me just as much as the both of them. That is one of the reasons I say “I’ll Try Anywhere”.. It’s like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.. I switch that around to say, “You can’t find it if you don’t turn on your detector and swing it. ”
I love this service, I don’t like to call it a job.. I have had jobs before, but none of them made me feel this good.


Engagement Proposal Gone Wrong .. Ring Lost in Surf .. Huntington Dogbeach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

imageimage                   Matt and Tiffany were walking the beach at low tide watching the sunset. Matt had intentions of proposing to Tiffany by presenting her with a engagement ring. It is a very flat beach and they were well away from the waterline. Matt came up with an idea to put the ring under a shell, so when Tiffany picked it up, she would find the ring. Even though they were away from the waterline, a small surging wave came up washing over the shell and the ring. The ring immediately disappeared. As soon as the sand gets saturated it is actually like quick sand, the ring sinks out of sight. Most times it doesn’t go very deep at least for the first few days. They spent a couple hours searching frantically as the tide was coming in and darkness overtook them. After returning home, Matt went online to research buying or renting a metal detector. That is where he found locating my contact information. We met for a few minutes the next day at the next low tide. After hearing a detailed story and checking the past tides, I set up my grid pattern.. Matt was very positive about the location of the loss. My concern was the size of the setting may help the waves move the ring great distances. After 4 hours with no success I had to abandon the search till the next low tide.. The next afternoon I started 3 hours before low tide working an area south of the yesterday’s search. Then reworking the original location finding very few targets. Exhausted with the tide coming in, I was making plans for the next day’s search. My plan was to return with my Excalibur detector and search waist deep at the next low tide. It was dark, so just before leaving I went 100 yards. north swinging randomly. That’s when I got the sweet sound of gold.. Five or six inches down I scooped the beautiful white gold diamond ring.. I sent a photo of the ring in my hand to Matt in a text.. He said he almost dropped his phone when he saw the picture. We met the next morning at Starbucks. Tiffany and Matt came together . I had put the ring in a jewelers ring box with a sea shell. I gave it to Matt and he gave it to Tiffany.. This was the first time she had seen the ring other than a photo.. What a beautiful day, I will never forget.. Thanks to Matt and Tiffany for sharing the special moment with them.. I love my service.. Ring Lost Thurs. 10-27-15  — Ring Found Sat. 10-30-15   —  Using Minelab CTX3030 metal detector imageimage