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Diamond & Ruby Ring lost at Bowen Island

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This lady in this picture lost her beautiful ruby & diamond ring in the mud and water while walking on a wooden dock along side a lake at Bowen Island. I took the ferry and met her on the Island the next day and she showed me the area the ring fell off into the mud.

This was a tough search as it was deep and thick mud, my only hope was that the ring didn’t make its way down to the bottom. I started my search by lying on the dock at the edge and slowly moving the loop of my metal detector left and right and sliding down the dock inches at a time.

I was hoping to get a signal but it wasn’t looking good as the area I was searching was not the area she thought she lost it at as I worked my way down the dock on my mud grid search.

I had to push hard to get my loop further down then reach my arm down to my loop to make it flat then search, then after 30 minutes I heard the sound I was hoping to hear… I put my scoop down into the mud and after the thirdattempt I was looking at her very muddy ruby ring!

After washing it and giving it back to her, well the smile tells the story!

I love my job!

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Lost my gold wedding band by a log at Kits Beach… Help!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get call one evening a few summers ago and this man tells me that he and his wife were enjoying a beautiful day at Kits Beach in Vancouver. Before he went into the water he took his ring off and put it on his towel as he was afraid he might lose it while he was in the ocean.

After his swim he came back to his towel and had a nap, when he awoke he and his wife got ready to head home to Maple Ridge which was a good hour plus drive from the beach.

Half way home he notices his ring isn’t on his finger… Then he remembers that he took it off and put it on the towel, when he got up to head home he picked up the towel and the ring must of fell into the sand.

He drives back to the beach and searches around the log that they were sitting by and after an hour he gives up. As he was heading back to the car he sees a lifeguard and decides to ask if anyone found his ring.

The lifeguard said no but call this guy and hands him a flyer. Heading home he decides he has nothing to lose so he calls the number and he tells me where he was on the beach when he lost his ring.

I get to the beach and find the log he described to me over the phone, I start up my metal detector and the first signal is his ring. A couple sitting by a log beside me where in shock as no more the 10 seconds I find a gold ring. I wonder if they bought a metal detector the next day?

He did the right thing by calling that day as someone would have found that ring that night as everyone who treasure hunts checks the logs as that’s where everyone sits.

I had a search the next day near Maple Ridge so I dropped off the ring to its happy owner…

I love my job!

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Help…White Gold Ring…Lost at Spanish Banks Beach

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

When I get calls to search for someones lost ring they are usually calls of distress… Help! or , I lost my ring can you find it?, I searched for hours, I rented a metal detector but couldn’t find it…
I’m the Finder Guy and I love the search, put me in the area the ring was lost and I will find it! The lady above lost her white gold ring at the beach and searched for hours but couldn’t find it.

She saw where the ring fell into the sand and started to search for it but it was gone…?

How could that be you ask, well its like quicksand, the more you dig the deeper it gets, almost to the point where I can hardly get a signal with my detector.

It was late when I got the call that summers day and I met up with the young lady and she showed me the area she new the ring was lost in so I started my search.

Due to the fact it was an extremely high trash area and that she had dug the ring much deeper into the sand, this search that should of taken only minutes… took me 1 1/2 hours.

The picture above of her holding the ring is like looking at someone who is looking into their lovers eyes. Every persons ring has a story and this story gets to be continued.

I love my job!

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Ocean Diamond Lost in sand, Kits Beach, Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This is a story about a young lady who lost her diamond engagement ring and wedding band that were soldered together, last year at the beach while putting suntan lotion on her son.
This was a tough one as it was a large area that I had to search, also we had to wait for the low tide to be right in order to get out far enough to search for it, and that was a week after the ring was lost.
As I set out to meet the lady and search for her ring on a beautiful sunny day, my truck broke down about five blocks away from the beach… I had it towed to a repair shop and I walked to the beach.
I met the lady at the beach and she gave me the area it could be lost in, I started my grid search and after 11/2 hours… still no ring.
I asked if it could be out a little further then my grid that I did and she said it could be.
I extend the grid further out and I was under pressure as the tide would be making its way back in shortly.
Within 5 minutes I received a good signal, as I bend down and scooped up the sand I could see the glint of gold in the bottom of the scoop.
Just then the lady who was about 15 yards away looked at me and yelled… Is that my ring!
I walked to the waters edge and cleaned the ring off and held it up and said, I believe it is.
I’m sure you could hear the screams of joy for miles! Wish I would of had a video camera to show you the reaction…
I love my job!
You can read the ladies testimonial on my website… www.lostjewellery.com
(Look for the ring on the testimonial page).
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Steveston BC/First ring of 2009/Happy New Year!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Its snowing out and cold and I get a call to search for a man’s lost wedding band here in Vancouver. We meet and he takes me to an area where he was at a house party, he tells me that he walked out of the house to the street and flagged a cab.

I search this area to no avail and then he tells me he walked eight blocks home… Realistically we both knew there is no chance, he doesn’t know where or when it came off his finger.

I’m on my way home and I get another call that a man lost his white gold wedding band out in Steveston. I head off in the snow to meet this young man and hopefully find his ring.

When I get there he tells me that he came out of his place and was greeted by a couple of the neighbors dogs, he was petting the dogs and walking down the street where he stopped and petted them some more.

Then he carried on up the road to a restaurant for breakfast, when he was in the restaurant and waiting for his wife he noticed that his ring was gone…

After hours of searching the neighborhood with the help of everyone who was out playing in the snow, he gave up and went inside.

He told me within minutes he was on his computer searching for a way to find his ring. He typed ”I lost my ring in the snow” and up comes a testimonial from a man who had his ring found by a treasure hunter who has a service called ”Finders”

His first thought was there’s no way this service is here in Vancouver… To his surprise it was.

He showed me the area that he first was petting the dogs… no ring. I did a grid search up the street to the second location he petted the dogs… no ring. After a few hours and heavy snowfall we decide to call it a day.

That evening he called to see if I’d come back to search an area that we didn’t check. The next day I drive back out to continue the search, the hardest part is when the person isn’t sure where the ring came off, but he felt strongly about an area that we didn’t search the day before.

The walkway and area where he believed it could be had been shoveled and piled up high on the side. I started searching in the deep powder as the snow was soft and easy to search, but it was deep in spots and some places were too built up to search.

A few hours and no ring, are we in the right spot? The young man was thankful for my help and rewarded me both times I came out to search, which was so incredibly kind as I didn’t find his ring.

A couple of weeks go bye, I believe it was New Years Day, I called him to see if I could do a follow up as the snow had melted, he agreed to meet me.

We check all the smaller snow piles and no ring, we went back to the area that we checked the last time I was there and on the side of the walkway where the snow was piled up I got a good strong signal.

As I bent down to search the snow, I told him this signal sounded good and out pop his hammered white gold ring! I felt so happy for him, I get as excited as the people I find it for, I just don’t show it.

He had a good hunch that the ring would be in this area and he was right!

I love my Job!

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Lost ring with 44 diamonds at English Bay Beach…Where can you be?

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A few years ago I received a call from a young lady who lost her custom made ring with 44 diamonds. She told me she was at English Bay Beach, after work I met up with her to go over the area were she believed the ring was lost.

As I arrived at the beach and met the lady, she showed me where she was swimming and where she believed the ring came off. She was lined up with the floating dock when she realized the ring was gone, this gave me a good line on how to judge the area when the tide was low enough to search. I knew that the dock would move approximately 40 feet with the slack.

I walked with her and discussed the area of the lost ring and knowing the time and the water level she lost it in, I had to hit a very low tide to have a chance to find this ring.

As we talked more she told me that she was leaving the next day to go back home to Austria. She gave me 100 Euros and told me to keep it for my time and effort for helping her find the ring. I told her I’d do the best I could, and I would keep her updated on the search.

I had to wait a week to the tides were low enough to give me a chance to get out to the ring, I started my search of the area. I did a slow grid search up & down the beach for hours and found no ring.

The next day I returned and did a grid search in the same area but this time I crossed the grid. I found nothing and spent more then 3 hours searching. I felt confided it wasn’t in the area that I did the cross grid in, so the next thing to do was re-think the area.

Could it of been further out or closer in? The next 3 visits to the area produced no ring, just change, pull tabs, and other junk. Where could this ring be? Knowing how large of an area the ring could be lost in, and how long it took me to do my grid search, this could take a very long time.

I’m usually very successful at recovery lost jewellery for people and I don’t like to give up, but I felt it was best to offer other treasure hunters a chance to find this ring and make the 100 Euros before the ring disappeared into the sand forever. I posted the lost ring and the location on my website Finders.

I contacted a few treasure hunting friends that I know and told them to spread the word. After my many searches and close to two months with others searching now, no sight of the ring.

Then one day I got a call from a local treasure hunter I know asking if the ring had been found, I said not yet. He asked how many diamonds were in the ring, I told him 44, he said his friend found it the other day!

Close to three months later the ring was found by a treasure hunter named… Jerry Russell. What a great guy to turn the ring over to me in order for me to return it to it’s owner! I was honored to give him the 100 Euros!

We met at the beach and he showed me where he’d found the ring, it was no where close to where the lady thought it was lost, and where I and other were searching. The ring had come off her finger close to the shoreline, almost as soon as she started her swim.

As she was swimming, and when she saw her ring was gone, that was where she believed it was lost. In actuality it was lost much sooner!

Are metal detectorist finding rings at the beaches? Yes they are! And most are great people who want to help find the owners of the rings, because they know how much it means to them!

I love my Job!

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Shaughnessy Vancouver, Midnight Diamond Ring Discovery

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get call a few years back when I was at work, this young lady tells me that she just lost her diamond ring while wiping the snow off the car window.

She goes on to say that it was a three Layer White gold wedding band with 30 small diamonds, ten in each band.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get out to her place to search for it until I was finished work, and that would be late as I work in the film industry and our hours are long.

She decides to search for it herself and call me back if she doesn’t find it. She and her neighbors search for hours in the snow between the road and sidewalk where her car was parked.

Later in the day with no luck she called around and found a metal detector to rent. After hours of searching and no luck she called me back later that day.

I told her that I would get there as soon as I could after I got off work, and that I had to go home first to get my metal detector .

I arrived at her place shortly after midnight, she showed me the area that she had searched and it was pretty easy to tell as the snow was packed down from everyone walking on it and searching for the ring.

After listening to where she believed the ring had flown off her finger and landed, that’s where I began my search. I think she was so frustrated from searching all day that she started to believe that the ring wasn’t there. It took me appoxatmently 3 minutes to find her ring, she was ecstatic!

I love my job!

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Diamond in the snow…New Westminster

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Jan 21/09

Today I found a diamond egagement ring for a young lady who lost it on Dec.31/08

This took me over 5 hours and four visits till the ring showed up in a pile of snow on the side of a road.

After grid searching and cutting back the pile of snow I knew I’d have to come back when the snow had melted.

Today was the day as I searched an area on the side of the road where the snow was piled up and got a good signal… and there was the ring!

I drove to where the lady worked and walked into the store to give her the ring, she was very excited and very thankful. I love this job as it makes people feel good and me as well…

You can see the video clip on this discovery on YouTube…


Check out the testimonial on Finders website…


Search and we will Find

Large White Gold Ring…Lost in Snow/Cypress Mountain

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

We just had a big dump of snow in mid December and the first call I get was from a young man who lost his big 8 mm white gold ring up at Cypress mountain.

He tells me that his call car got stuck in the snow and he got out and started to dig out his front tire.

All of a sudden he looked down to see his ring was no longer on his finger… Panic sets in as he spends the next couple of hours searching for his lost ring.

Cold and dark now he decides to go home and look to find a metal detector to rent. The next morning he drives back up the mountain with his rented metal detector to search the area.

As he arrives he notices that the side of the road where his car was stuck in the snow has now been plowed and the snow pushed up and over. This changes everything! He spends 3 hours searching but has to call it quits… No ring.

That day when he gets back home he gets on the computer and starts searching for a way to find his ring. Something he types in takes him to Finders and he reads the website and sends an S.O.S

I reply to his distress call…email… and we set up a time to meet and search for the ring the next morning.

I met up with the man and we take my truck to search for his ring. On the way up he tells me how sad he is as his wife is out of town and they were only married for 8 months and now he lost the ring.

I could tell how much the ring meant to him and how bad he wanted it back. I assured him that I’d do my best and if it was there, I’d find it.

We get to the spot and he shows me where his car got stuck, but now it’s been plowed and that changes everything.

I tell him to wait in the truck and stay warm as it was very cold out. I started my grid search and within 5 minutes I got a great signal about 30 feet from where he was parked. I start to dig and out pops a big white gold ring… I hold it up and he comes running and screaming…No way! You found it!

Every ring has a story attached to it and it has an amazing meaning for the person who lost it. I help continue that story by finding it for them…

I love my job!

You can read the testimonial atwww.lostjewellery.comJust look for this ring…
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Gold Celtic Ring…Found in a strawberry patch in Poco

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a gentleman early last year in regards to a lost ring, he goes on to tell me that as he was walking up the steps of his friends place when the lady in front of him trips and falls backwards, he quickly throws his arms around her and they both fall to the ground.

He saves the lady but by doing so he brakes a few ribs and as he threw his arms around her, his ring goes flying off his finger into a strawberry patch. The next day in pain he rents a metal detector and searches for his custom white & yellow gold Celtic ring .

He tells me that he spent close to 6 hours searching for it with the metal detector, and he was on his hands and knees searching the dirt but gave up when he just couldn’t find it.

That night he went on the computer to find a treasure hunter, someone that could help him find his ring. He came across my service ”Finders” and called for help, I listened to his story and we met the next morning to search for his ring.

When I arrive at the location I see the area of the strawberry patch is very small, I think to myself this shouldn’t take long. I turn on my metal detector and begin my search, within seconds I receive a good signal, I bend down and move the dirt and out pops his ring… He was so happy!

He told me how frustrated he was after searching the day before and not finding it. He started to think that maybe it wasn’t lost there, how did you find it so fast he asked?

I told him that I’ve been doing this for years and that I have the best equipment for the search, also the metal detectors that people rent are not the greatest and if you’ve never used a metal detector before and if you don’t perform a grid search, it could be difficult to find.

I love my job!

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Just look for this ring…

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